The Sad Case Of The Kentucky Court Clerk

So the lady in Kentucky who is supposed to issue marriage licenses does not want to issue any to gay people, and she has also denied licenses to straight couples as well.  She apparently does not want to discriminate.

So quit.  You were hired to do a job, and if your religious beliefs are not in line with the law and the Constitution, you have an obligation to quit.  It’s no different than not wanting to issue marriage licenses to mixed-race couples.  You do NOT get to stand there and tell everyone no.

You keep using that phrase “does not want to discriminate”.  I do not think that means what you think that means.  You are discriminating, period.  Denying licenses to straight couples does not relieve you of your discrimination.

It’s just silly.  If her objection is Bible-based, she should have stopped issuing licenses to divorced people long ago.

02 September 2015 Update:

A huge irony occurred to me regarding this clerk.  She claims to be following “God’s law” in denying marriage licenses to gay couples.  She has four marriages, and reportedly has had a child with another man while married.  I wonder if anyone has pointed out to her that God’s law, while quite ambiguous with respect to gays, is quite explicit in requiring both people in an adulterous relationship to be put to death.  This goes back to her practice of Cafeteria Christianity, picking and choosing what she wants to be important.  Sad, and pathetic, and quite unthinking.

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