Getting Upgraded to Windows 10

I, like a lot of others, got an invitation to upgrade my W7Pro to W10 a couple months ago.  A week or so ago, I decided to let it start.

My first surprise was that the Windows system check process.  It said it would take about 10 seconds, but it was still running 30 minutes, then an hour, later.  I killed the process, and restarted it, and this time it ran in a couple seconds, informed me that it had already downloaded the file (which I confirmed, an almost 3GB file hidden in the system32 folder).

I let it start upgrading, and went off to do other things.  After a couple questions being answered, the computer went off to think for a while and flash the hard drive light.  It took about 30 minutes, and after a reboot, the machine…. came back up with a new login screen.

I was able to log in, and the wifi connection worked.  Sound did not.  All of the apps seemed to work, except two I use for capturing audio and video.  Likely, related to the lack of sound.  All of the big apps (Office) did.

I did some customization and liked what I saw.  I use a second monitor for most work, and I liked that the task bar was at the bottom of both monitors.

I went without sound until about an hour ago.  Sound issues with W10 seem to be quite common.  One “fix” promoted by MS was to remove the Speakers object, but it didn’t work.  I ended up removing the sound subsystem using Control Panel, and when I restarted the machine, sound came right up.  I will see if my TV/audio capture device works when I get home.

There were remarkably few oddities.  The Edge browser retained all of my IE bookmarks, but it did not import the certificates I use for accessing webmail.  After a couple uses where I could not open signed or encrypted emails, I noted an option to open the page with IE, and it came up and worked fine.  I had assumed that IE would be zorched as MS was replacing it with Edge, but not so much.  So I’m good there.

So far, I’ve only seem one app crash.  That was Explorer, and it crashed when connected my Galaxy S6 to transfer photos.  That was more than a week ago, no problems since.

I loaded a DOS app (well, “app” is a strong word 🙂 ), and it ran fine.  Windows automagically downloaded a helper (probably a VM) to run the DOS app in, and it has been solid.  The program crashed when I asked it to run a system configuration report, but that’s not unexpected.  I would imagine the app, written in 1997 or 1998, probably does not interface with Windows HAL…

So far, so good.  My laptop has dual 2.5GHz processors with 4GB of RAM, and it seems to run just fine in that space.

Later On Friday Update:

I got the sound working on the machine.  I went into Device Manager and uninstalled the sound card, restarted the machine, and now good to go.

I also got my TV/audio capture device working.  It’s a Pinnacle PCTV 100e.  I usually use it to capture audio from my Dish Network for later replay, and occasionally recording TV programs for time shifting.  Under Win7, I couldn’t view it at all unless I fired up the Pinnacle TV Center app, let it display whatever the TV was showing, then I could close the TV Center app and fire up Audacity for audio capture.  The TV Center software crashed several times, but an updated VLC player would open the PCTV device and show video and audio just fine under W10.  Audacity works as well.

So I think I’m in good shape Win 10 wise.  We got Raegans Dell laptop upgraded as well.  I had issues with it doing the upgrade automagically from Microsoft, but I manually downloaded the update last night, and ran it this evening, with no apparent issues.


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