Buying A Car The Easy Way, From Home Mostly

Had an example of being hyper-connected today. We are very close to buying a new car for Raegan, and she has settled on the model and key performance, having visited several dealers to test drive a number of cars, and then downselecting. We are USAA members, and so she hopped on their website to check out their car buying service. In less than five minutes, she had a loan approval (for about twice as much as needed, my comment “Here’s enough rope to hang yourselves”). USAA sends a certificate via email that you hand to the dealer, and you drive off the lot. We did the same for Ian’s car, it was pretty simple.

She had not even logged off the site, and in less than 15 minutes, we had a combination of *eight* texts, emails, and phone calls from dealers ranging from Ardmore to the metro area to Tulsa.

All this without her ever talking to a human at USAA. Now, USAA had some good cars for her to evaluate, but she found the best match at a dealer in Tulsa via that dealers website, and she talked to them about the car, so we are headed there Monday.

It was slightly annoying to get the flood of callers and texters (most of which repeated their contact attempts, some several times), but the response times were amazing, and I will tell you that this way to buy a car beats the heck out of the way we used to do it.

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