Trump Is Not The Problem, In This Case

During a Q&A session yesterday, Republican Donald Trump took a question from an audience member, and the less-than-intelligent person stated that Muslims are the biggest problem in the country, and it was known that President Obama is a Muslim. Trump, in typical fashion, didn’t respond to that in the slightest. Trump is taking a ration of crap today from various organizations, and the media.

Trump is really not the problem, he’s the symptom of a larger disease.

I’ve written before about general Republican tactics and strategy since the age of Gingrich. In this form of political extremism, nothing a political opponent has done can be approved of in any way, and anything that can potentially hurt a political opponent is a good thing.

Since Obama was elected, McConnell and Boehner (and every other Republican so-called leader) have not only obstructed every effort put forth by Obama, but they have tacitly encouraged the mouth-breathing segment of their base that is deeply, deeply afraid of anything that upsets deepset white privilege when it comes to matters of race and religion. When Boehner and his ilk repeatedly failed to denounce birthers, or those who claim Obama is a Muslim, they are part of the problem.

While Trump is policy-light, Republicans don’t really have any policy that they are willing to run on. They would rather play to the base emotions of the easily led and easily snowed, who scare easily, especially where loss of white domination is involved. Economic warfare against the poor and middle class, and religious-based control of women and people of color are their actual policy, and they can’t stand on that.

But one thing I would like to see asked of Trump. I saw an interview with him back during the last election cycle, when he was flirting with running, and he claimed to have sent investigators to Hawaii to check on the Obama birth situation. I distinctly remember him claiming at the time that he was find out all kinds of lurid stuff that was apparently Really Bad. I do not recall him ever publicizing any results. Where are the results, Donald?

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