Republican (And Media) Stupidity Regarding Planned Parenthood

National Republicans are in a froth to defund Planned Parenthood. Here is a representative passage from a CNN article:

“Republican leaders are performing the delicate dance largely because of conservative outrage to edited Planned Parenthood videos secretly taped by an anti-abortion group, allegedly showing officials from the organization discussing the sale of fetal tissue.” –, today.

Couple things here. I’ve written before about the stuff that drives the Republicans in these matters: extremist all-or-nothing policies, putting symbolism before country, and the need to do almost anything except govern.

But the passage quoted from CNN is representative of the myopia in the media regarding these sorts of “controversies”. CNN uses the media bail-out of “allegedly” to give background on something that is not reality. It’s been debunked over and over, and yet Republicans (remember, Romney’s campaign said they would not be affected by fact checkers) repeat the lie over and over, and they are using that lie as justification to drive the budget process.

A far better report would have been “Republican leaders are willing to risk government shutdown to appease conservatives that are outraged by something that Planned Parenthood does not, and has never, done”.

That’s the fact of the matter here. Conservatives are willing to put their own petty gripes before the good of the country, even if their petty little gripes are based on a lie.

Stuff like birtherism, and bullshit, howling claims about Obamacare, are bad enough. But every time conservatives do stupid stuff to shut down the Government, it costs real money, and has real effects on people, and they do it based on fantasy and lie.


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