Carly, Where’s The Video?

Related to the conservative frenzy over Planned Parenthood, Carly Fiorina made claims that she had seen a video where Planned Parenthood people took a living baby, and are heard on video saying they were waiting for the baby to die so they could harvest its brain. Reputable people have said the video does not exist. On Meet The Press this morning, she repeated the claim over and over, and further said that our country sucks because baby brains are being harvested. A panelist on MTP mentioned that there is a video that shows a miscarriage, but no mention on harvesting. If that’s the case, it may be another example of someone trying to fake an issue, as was done with Planned Parenthood earlier.

So, where’s the video, Carly?

Related to this, why did Chuck Todd not continue to press for an answer to that question. If her claim were true, it would be blockbuster. The video would be significant evidence, and would seem to be a huge booster for her campaign. But she would not answer the question, except to make further claims as to the act of baby brain harvesting in the country.

I wonder. After the interview was over, did she say to herself “Man, I escaped having to admit I fracked up, again”, or does she really believe she saw the video?

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