An Odd Linux Install Problem

I have been trying a couple Linux distros recently in anticipation of building a dual-boot disk for a new laptop computer I will be using a lot. I’ve been using a Fedora-developed tool to put the bootable ISO files on a 16GB USB drive.

But three (so far) of the installs have made it past the BIOS phase, but stopped cold at the point of loading the Linux OS. In each case, the GRUB bootloader can’t find the default menu to load. In each case, the menu is there.

The workaround is simple, but you have to have been using GRUB for a while to know what it is. Press the Tab key, and the loadable images will be listed. In most cases, the one you want is the default, which for Fedora is “linux”. The others I’ve seen are some variation, for example, “korora-2.xx-linux”. Type the name, and you are off to the races, er, installation.

But I think that GRUB should tell the user that, or even better, look around a bit harder for the menu, which would allow pointing at the images that were available.

FWIW, if you search for the error message using Google, you will find a lot of advice as to how you can use editors and other tools to fix the problem. You’ll also find some outlandish “solutions”. Just hit Tab.


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