Republicans Reaping What They Have Sown

The disruptions in the Republican party this week are sort of just desserts for them, but unfortunately, it only continues to hurt the country.

Since Obama was elected and the Republicans made the decision to not work with him and the Democrats, they also made the decision to hurt the country to try and advance their petty political agenda. That’s not treason, but it also completely unethical.

Republicans also made every argument they could to scare the easily led who are their base. One of the things they did was to encourage the mouth-breathing part of the population to be so-called Tea Partiers. Some of them got elected to form the supposed “Freedom Caucus”.

A side note. Republicans are intoxicated with symbols (substance not so much), and so they try to use “freedom” or some similar symbol in every way.

Now those fanatics have come back with a vengeance and caused John Boehner (the worst Speaker ever, maybe, even worse than Gingrich) to resign, and have torpedoed the current second in command from assuming the Speakership.

One related thing is that the Republicans don’t want to get any support from Democrats in electing the Speaker. Their own party members can’t come to an agreement because the Tea Party types are even more “my way or the highway” than the establishment Republicans.

This would all be very amusing, except that it does nothing except hurt the country. Not that it matters to Republicans.

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