The Benghazi Hearings, Lots of Smoke But Nothing New

I didn’t watch all eleven hours of the Benghazi hearings yesterday, but I managed to catch about two hours.

I think that the smoke from the committee Republicans just covered up a lot of bulls#$t.

There was a lot of smoke, all from Republicans, but nothing new was raised. Republican questions were mostly poised as accusations against Hillary Clinton. I’m guessing the emails from Clintons email server were expected (hoped) to yield contradictory information from what had already been testified about, but I don’t think there was anything there.

I have long thought that the drawn-out Benghazi hearings was just a way for the Republicans to damage Clinton and her presidential bid. Hopefully the ridiculously artificially drawn out process will wrap up know. Republicans should be embarrassed by their chosen representatives.

If Trump or Carson is the Republican nominee, Republicans having nothing to attack Clinton on, Republicans not able to run on a platform that is positive for the country, and Biden not running, Hillary probably ought to schedule a time to get her interior decorator to the White House to start planning.

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