Republicans and Immigration and Leadership and Not Having Balls

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, a group of 13 Republican governors got all craven and knock-kneed about the possibility that refugees from Syria might come to their state and cause terror problems.

This is part of two problems with many national Republicans: First, they don’t want any immigration, I think because they fear the loss of white majority privilege mainly; and second, they don’t want anyone coming in unless they are Christian. Ted Cruz was explicit.

This is reflected in several other things, like craven Republicans demanded that the Bush Gulag at Gitmo be left open, because “having the bad guys here and having trials might cause us to be attacked”. That’s so wrong logically that it’s pathetic.

Conservative, unthinking, no-balls Republicans can’t be off the national stage fast enough.

18 November 2015 update:

Most of the other Republican governors, and most of the Presidential candidates, have dutifully fallen into line with this craven whining.  The media went after it.  Here in OKC, they reached all the way down to the chair of the local GOP, who woodenly repeated the same bullcrap.  The GOP:  unthinking, un-American craven pansies.  Except that’s insulting to pansies.

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