Ignorant Fearmongering

This is related to my previous post.

The amount of ignorant, xenophopic, myopic fearmongering that has currently infected so many conservatives is astounding.  I’ve seen people posting every conceivable insulting takeoff on things President Obama has said (all taken out of context), justifications for making immigrants pass a religious test, deflections based on how much both sides are to blame, etc. etc. etc.

And the gun nuts are on a cordite high, ready to defend ‘Murica against the vast horde of INCOMING SYRIANS OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!!!!

So in the House, which cannot seem to pass anything useful, they came up with a hastily-written bill demanding a bunch of new stuff to keep the dreaded Syrians out.  Most Republicans (who are pre-programmed to support stuff like this) voted for it, and quite a few Democrats.  The supposed law has no change of passing (and I suspect every supporter knows this, but why pass up a chance for another symbolic vote to avoid any real issues).  The media this morning proclaimed it a defeat for President Obama (how, I don’t know, he wasn’t voting on it, but the media likes conflict).

All of this is perfect for conservatives.  Something to rail against that can deflect any need for them to show any policies.

It’s sickening and un-American.

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