Selling A House

Not just any house, but the house my Mom and Dad lived in. They bought the house new back in the early 1990s and had it moved to the location in south Muskogee. They added a garage and a couple outbuildings shortly thereafter.

My Dad wasn’t there very long, he passed in 1996. My Mom lived there until she passed in 2012, and I became her executor and administrator. The nursing home near there had told me in 2013 that they wanted to buy the house and all the land around it to make more assisted living apartments, but that it wouldn’t for some time.

In the meantime, my Mom had specified in her will that a certain person would be allowed to live in the house until it was sold. He didn’t take care of it, and didn’t tell me about house problems.

Last summer, a friend of mine made a Facebook post that her niece needed a place to board a horse. I figured I wasn’t using the land around the house for anything, and my Mom had a guy who leased the land for horses for a while. I decided to offer my friend’s niece the land for the horse, for nothing. I like horses!

As I got to know the niece and her husband (and they were very nice), they started to think that the house and the land would make a nice home. After a couple months, we settled on a price.

So… I asked the guy living in the house to leave, as there were a lot of repairs to do. We (as in me and my family) and a high school friend who does home repair work took out old carpet, repaired stuff, got the power checked out, the gas checked out, leaks repaired, roof panels replaced, broken windows replaced. We found other problems, like a rotted subfloor that required a complete replacement.

In the meantime, I learned that land abstracts in Oklahoma are important. They cost a lot of money to generate. I found an attorney in Muskogee who knew how to get a house that was under probate sold. He also know how to do deeds and such.

It took months longer than I had thought to do all of this. I had budgeted money for fees and stuff, but way underbudgeted for abstracts and probate costs. I underestimated the budget for house repairs also, but not too badly. I’m not losing money on the sale, but I sure didn’t make much either!

Today we closed on the sale. It took about 20 minutes. Our attorney (Ron Wright) I can tell you can be highly recommended. He knows this stuff inside and out.

The probate process isn’t done yet, but the end is in sight. I need to do an “inventory”, but quite a bit of that is the house sale.

The house still has work I am responsible for. But I need to get the homeowners permission now! 🙂 The main work that needs to be done is finish cleaning up trash that the guy who used to live in the house left behind. Ian and I have already filled up a total of 60 cubic yards (yes, sixty!), and we have a 15 yard container coming Friday, and hopefully we will get that this weekend. Part of the budget is new finished flooring. The couple who bought the house will put the flooring down, while I am buying the flooring, and they are painting.

As I drove home after the closing, naturally my thoughts turned towards what my parents would have thought of this. It’s natural to feel a little guilty about selling my parents house. I think I spent one night in that house, ever, when I was helping Mom with a garage sale she was having (my other visits to the area, I usually stayed in a hotel in Muskogee).

My overwhelming thought is that I’m glad that the house is in the hands of people who will take care of it. They are good people, a veteran and an animal lover, I like them.

I will be taking care of the rest of the probate, hopefully by the end of April.

Then I can move on to working on my own house, which has kind of been neglected for a year or so.

One Response to “Selling A House”

  1. Vince Says:

    Hopefuly new homeowners will take good care of it, and do neccesary home renovations.

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