Another Example of Amazing Google Integration

I was running errands in Salt Lake City yesterday, and saw two examples of pretty interesting integration that Android performed.

To set this up, I booked the trip up here Saturday afternoon.  As I always do, I emailed the reservation information from our company travel booking system to my personal email, which shows up on my phone.

The first example of integration was noticing that my Android-powered Galaxy S6 had apparently raided my email and extracted a pair of .ics (calendar) files, and put the calendar entries in my phone calendar.

Now, I have twice sent suggestions to American Airlines related to this.  When you ask American on their website to send you .ics files for a reservations, it sends one .ics file for each flight on the itinerary.  Say the flights are on 12 and 15 April, and are at 0830-0930 and 1015-1245 for the outbound flights on the 12th.  American sends four ics files that have the entire itinerary in them, and the dates are at midnight in every case.  Not very useful.

Android parsed out the exact flight times and put those in the calendar as separate entries, which is much more useful.

The second example of integration:


I had fired up Google Maps to find a Target store in the SLC area.  Note the two markers for the Hilton Garden Inn and the Salt Lake City airport.  The dates of my stay at the Hilton, and my flight departure date and time at the airport, are correct.

So Google noticed the email with .ics entries, and was able to parse out the information, stash it in my calendar, and then associate it with Google Maps, without any input from me.

I find that pretty darn amazing.  I have felt for some time that location-based data is one of the best applications of technology, and this is a fine example of how location-based services can be useful.



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