Trump and [Not] Thinking Ahead

I have been listening to coverage of various news events, and of course Mr. Trump has some commentary on them.

Listening to that commentary, I have come to the conclusion that a big problem with Trump being President is that he has no long term view on pretty much anything.

His commentary about it’s good for foreign leaders to be “rattled” about him is that it’s a good thing, as it’s better for foreign leaders to be off balance.  I think that his whole persona of “deal maker” is that he makes deals in a vacuum and then moves on, and once the paperwork is signed, that is a done deal, and he moves on to the next.

That’s not really a good model for running the United States.  There are customs and policies that have been in place for many decades, and that includes treaties and alliances with other countries.  I’m sure that his first consideration is to foreign leaders he has a beef with (think Iran, Mexico, all of Islam), but a lack of forethought leaves him to lump all foreign entities together.

This might be the reason that he hasn’t articulated much it the way of foreign or domestic policy, but instead a couple generalities.

It’s also related to his bully persona, shouting people down, calling people names (“Pocahantas”), and the like.  Not much in the way of thinking ahead.

He would make a lousy President.  He’s already a very, very bad example of an American.


One Response to “Trump and [Not] Thinking Ahead”

  1. DaVette See Says:

    I agree completely. The thing that a lot of his followers seem to admire is that “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality. Critical thinking is a lost art and he demonstrates it clearly.

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