A Little Bit Of History Was Made Yesterday…

… and it is far past time.

Hillary Clinton became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for the Presidency of the United States.  While the couple instances of having female Vice Presidential candidates was a good thing, having a woman at the top of the ticket for a major party is long overdue.

Regardless of the years-long attempts to cover her with mud, her career of public service has been good training for her to reach this milestone.  I think there is an almost certainty that she will be elected our first female President, and will continue the work that her husband started and Obama built on.

I have been impressed with her path to the nomination.  Starting with her work in the health insurance reform plan in the [Bill] Clinton administration, then on as a Senator and Secretary of State, she has formed alliances to work with people to get stuff done.  That is an essential skill that is required of a true leader, and is critical to being the leader of the entire country.

Congratulations to Ms. Clinton for sticking to the plan and winning the nomination.  I hope she continues her work, for all Americans, as part of the [Hillary] Clinton administration.



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