One More Blow To Republicans

Republicans have been waging a campaign of doing Not A Damn Thing since 2008 (well, except they have been promoting symbolic stuff a lot, but nothing substantial) as part of the Just Say No strategy to non-governing.

This has been extended to the wink-and-grin acceptance of the crazy wing of their party.

And it has also been manifested as a hope that Hilary Clinton would be taken out by some scandal. The so-called Benghazi investigations by Republicans (which were in addition to those undertaken by the DoD and DoS) dragged on with the specific intent of dragging down Clintons Presidential bid. That effort finally collapsed as the investigators could turn over no more stones in an attempt to find something to damage Clinton.

That left one thing: the so-called email server. Republicans predictably howled that Clinton should be in jail for supposedly mishandling classified material, and that this caused the Republic To Be At Grave RISK!!!!!!. A long investigation by the FBI has just been completed with a recommendation that the matter be dropped.

There will be frothing, wild-eyed discussion of conspiracy for a while, but since scandal that could damage Clinton is the best that Republicans have had (since they will not argue policy as that’s a loser for them), she will have an easy cruise to the election, and will likely be President.

Since the Republican Party as abrogated their responsibility to govern, and encouraged the base part of their followers with racist and xenophobic tripe, they have brought their own problems on themselves. I hope to see a center-left government next January, with all three branches in Democrat hands.

07 July 2016 update:

The predictable thundering howls from Republicans are ongoing. Most of the arguments revolve around two complaints: that Clinton lied to the FBI, and that she mishandled classified information.

Let’s take the claim of Clinton lying first. The argument is that Clinton told the FBI that she had not sent any emails that were marked as classified, but the data owners that reviewed the emails after the fact determined that certain emails were classified, so therefore supposedly Clinton lied. Somehow the after-the-fact classification shows that Clinton (and her professional staff) should have known the information was classified at the time. I have no idea what the information in question is, but “sensitive” is not necessarily classified. Regardless, since a lie is a deliberate falsehood, the claim that a statement by Clinton is a lie because of an after-the-fact decision by a data owner is specious at best.

Unless you accept that Clinton knew that the information she was handling was classified, but she sent it via the unclassified email system anyway, then the second major claim of mishandling classified is bogus.

One thing that is subtle, but has not been discussed that I have heard is the role of Original Classifying Authority, of which Secretary Clinton was one. OCAs, per law and Executive Order, have the authority to determine if information is classified or not. There can be help in the form of Security Classifications Guides (SCGs) in this, but in the end, high level people like Department Secretaries can make a classification or declassification decision on their own.

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