Even A Black Conservative Can’t Get It Right

I was listening to the NPR program “On Point”, hosted by Tom Ashbrook, over lunch. Ashbrook had a lady who self-identified as a black conservative on who was talking about the Republican convention, and the discussion was about people (mostly conservative) who reflexively  spout “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter” in response to Black Lives Matter.

The lady then made the following statement (it may be a few words off, but I guarantee it captures the point):  “Well, Black Lives Matter is funded by an ultraliberal group, and by the way, their objective is the destruction of America”.

Ashbrook, it should be noted, did not even question that bold, and stupid statement.  I’ve noted while listening to his program that he is a terrible interviewer, this is just another example.

One more point, if BLM is funded by an ultraliberal group, I need to find out who and donate to them, because good on them for helping people towards equality.

So I don’t know if the lady is ignorant (like many or most Trump supporters) or just so partisan that she has to lob nukes instead of spears.

I’ve been to the BLM website, and I can’t find anything on it that could even be remotely described as advocating for the destruction of America.

I find it horrifying that every time there is another police killing of a black, white (almost all conservative) people immediately throw memes about how cops lives matter.  The implication is a knee-jerk that any acknowledgement of how black lives OUGHT to matter somehow takes away from cops, or whites, or whatever.  It’s an example of an inherently racist attitude that is stating “you people can’t acknowledge that your lives matter without acknowledging that cop lives matter” (really, this is code for white lives, let’s be realistic).  This is the same sort of bogus argument that stated that allowing gay marriage would undercut straight marriage.

Look, folks, the recent killing of several police officers notwithstanding (and that is wrong as well), black lives have NOT mattered to many whites over the history of the country, even continuing today.

Why don’t those of you who question why there is even a BLM movement, instead question why one is needed.  If black lives mattered, then all in the country would have equal opportunity.  We don’t.  Whether for economic equality, voting equality, educational equality, it’s not there.  We can’t be “one nation” until we get there.

Note:  I’m going to find the transcript of the “On Point” program in question when it is posted and update this article.


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