Why Does This Stuff Get Passed Along?

I’m sort of picking on this item at random.  It took me about 1 minute to prove false.


The image is just as posted on Facebook, except that I cropped the name of my friend who posted it.

After he posted it, at least three other people I know re-posted it, and several others “liked” one of those.

The problem:  the claim in the article is completely bogus.  If you click the link, you get a medium length article, dated today, 16 August 2016, talking about how the House is passing bills for Trump, and how it is “taking down Obama”.  Note the “Republicans Just Passed” tease.

The bill in question was in fact introduced in the House, in July, 2015, not 2016.  The vote quoted in the article was not “passed”, but it was vote advancing the bill in question to the House floor for a full vote, which was never taken.

So the question becomes, did the writer of the article screw up, or is it deliberate just to keep up an anti-Obama drumbeat?  It literally took me one minute to find out what about the bill.

I’ve pretty much stopped trying to fact-check things for people that post even the most outrageous stuff, it doesn’t seem to make a difference to people that re-post stuff without having the integrity to know whether it is true.

Having opinions is great, right, left, or center.  But people shouldn’t just mindlessly repost stuff that isn’t true, no matter their politics.

One Response to “Why Does This Stuff Get Passed Along?”

  1. redstateokie Says:

    I am a Trump supporter, but I agree with you.
    Now and then I take the time to ask FB friends “Did you actually READ this before sharing it?” Most of the time I just shake my head and go on.
    The sad part is the nation.is so divided
    And both candidates are monopolizing on that, playing up to it, and encouraging it. NOT good.

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