A New State License Tag? Seriously?

Lots of reports today about the Great Unveiling of a new design for the state car license tag.

It’s more expensive, of course.

So our state has a terrible budget foisted on us by the supply-siders in the Legislature and “Governor” Fallin. They can’t get education funded, but there is apparently plenty of time to get a new license tag out.

From KFOR:

“Most of the additional revenue will go into a newly created State Public Safety Fund that will be available for the Legislature to spend to “support public safety” in the state.”

So… we are already hugely over-policed, but now there is a new tax (er, fee) for a tag we don’t need, for more “public safety”.

Clueless and incompetent does not even begin to describe the Bozos running the state government. In fact, that’s an insult. To Bozo.

2 Responses to “A New State License Tag? Seriously?”

  1. Jonathan Marshall Says:

    I’m beginning to get really frustrated. I feel like we have seen over and over again in recent years that our legislature in this state is straight up broken. Yet, no matter how evident they make it, the populace of our state keeps electing anyone who spouts the “right” rhetoric.

    I don’t understand it.

  2. redstateokie Says:

    And it is the dumbest looking tag I ever saw. The Scissortail looks more like the Twitter bird.
    I don’t see how it’s going to make people buy insurance. They will just do the same thing they do now. Pay down on insurance, get the new tag, and then drop the insurance for a year.
    Truth and s it’s just a fund raising sing scheme for OHP . The Dept of Corrections won’t get any of it. They say they will, nut OHP is already whining about having to lay off troopers, so I’m guessing NO.

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