Some Good Android Connectivity

Last week, I was in Glacier National Park. I had traveled up there pretty light electronics-wise. I had my Galaxy Tab S2 and my S6 phone with me, and that was about it.

It occurred to me that I had checked the memory use of the phone, and it had about 18GB of pictures on it, out of 32GB. The tablet had about 4GB used of the internal 32GB, and another 16GB unused in an SD card. I didn’t want to run out of space, so I really wanted to transfer the photos from the phone to the tablet. I didn’t have any cables, but I remembered that both had Bluetooth, and that Bluetooth could be used to transfer files.

I talked to Jason, who told me that once the devices were connected, there was a Share With… option. I turned on BT for both, paired them, then fired up the Gallery picture file app on the phone, and there was a Share option, which when pressed came up with the tablet. I highlighted all of the photos and started the share. The first time failed to transfer anything for some reason, but I tried again, and both the phone and the tablet put up status banners “Sharing xxx file of xxx via Bluetooth”.

It took about two hours to transfer the 1500 photos from the phone to the tablet (a little slower than I thought it would be). I just let the devices sit overnight. The next morning, I turned off Bluetooth on both, then looked around on the tablet, and after a bit of looking sure enough there were the photos.

I deleted the photos on the phone (always a bit nerve-inducing), and went off tot he trail knowing I wouldn’t run out of space for photos.

I just looked at a couple discussions of file transfer rates:

Bluetooth: 2Mbps
USB 2: 480Mbps
WiFi (N): varies 7 – 72Mbps

It’s apparent that USB would be the way to go, if you have cables. I may have to experiment a bit, since I’ve got a lot of pictures on the phone again :).

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4 Responses to “Some Good Android Connectivity”

  1. Tom Says:

    no ability in Android to set up a direst wifi link?

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Yes, and that’s why I reference the WiFi N in the comparison of transfer rates.

  3. Tom Says:

    Yes, you did have the numbers for wifi, but that appears to have been after the fact. I guess my real question should have been: why not start with wifi? Unless you have a USB cable, of course…

  4. Bill Hensley Says:

    Mainly, because BT was the first thing I though of, and it worked.

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