Trump and Being Thin-Skinned

I listened to the first debate between Clinton and Trump, and it pretty much affirmed what I have been thinking, and why I will vote for Clinton.  For the most part, Clinton talked about policy, and Trump about generalities, while he lied flat-out many times, compared to Clinton on a couple occasions using weasel words.

But one thing thing I am fairly amazed by.  When Clinton pulled out the accusation involving Alicia Machado, I thought it was a great example of a debater laying in wait with a very strong example to prove a point (and Trump asking the completely non-relevant “where did you find her” was a very poor response on his part).  But now, days later, Trump is just on a tear, on constant attack about Ms. Machado.

I presume that the Clinton campaign was smart enough to vet the accusations made by Ms. Machado.  I have read numerous articles quoting Trump saying more uncomplimentary things about her weight, her personality, and how somehow he was able to persuade the pageant organization to not fire her.  But he has also attacked her for being in a “sex tape” (which does not exist, according to

It makes me wonder just how insecure he is to do that.  I would have thought that he/his campaign would have refuted the claims if possible.  After all, his opponent in the race is Hillary Clinton, not Ms. Machado.  Or maybe he could have tried to claim that Clinton dug up old stuff, and he could trot out some examples of women saying how nice he is.

And to make it worse, at the very least he appears to be lying (again) while attacking (the “sex tape”).

I continue to be astounded that so many people support this very poor candidate. Republicans have been dumping policy in favor of symbolism since the 1990s, and it has naturally devolved into scaring the easily led.

Trump is a new low in mendacity, but it really does not seem to dissuade his followers.


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