Trump Supporters and Scurrilous BS

So I have posted before about the mystery of why Trump supporters like the guy, when he is a serial liar and has no policy.

But I’ve also been noting a raft of memes that Trump supporters just mindlessly repost.

While in Montana, and then again last night here in Oklahoma, the NRA is running an ad that claims that Clinton wants to take away the ability of Americans to own a handgun. They illustrate this with a woman (white, of course) hearing a noise, leaping out of bed, calling 911, then while she is opening a locked gun safe to get a pistol, the safe and pistol disappear while the ominous narrator states that Hillary Clinton wants to take away the ability of people to have self defense.  It’s bullshit, of course, but I guess the NRA knows the easily scared will believe it.

Another meme (several, actually) purport to convince people that Clinton has had people killed.  I saw another one of those this evening on Facebook.

Several posts today ask why Lester Holt didn’t ask Clinton about several topics, including Benghazi.  I would wonder why Trump didn’t bring that up if he thought it was important, but given that even the Gowdy Witch Hunt Committee finally admitted there wasn’t anything there, maybe news people realize that questions about Benghazi are no longer newsworthy.

Another one claims that the Director of the FBI asked for immunity with regards to the Clinton email investigation; I would have thought that would be explosive, but more likely it’s just crap, and so some conservative somewhere once again made stuff up out of whole cloth, and some people just fell for it.  If you have to make stuff up, your party is not worth a damn.

Another easily debunked post purports to show Hillary Clinton with Osama Bin Laden. Again, if your party has to do stuff like that, your party sucks.

I just don’t get it.  Republicans have drained money to the wealthy, and the easily scared have let them do it, while being led around by fear. The demographics of the country are inexorably changing, and at some point in the next cycles they will lose all relevancy.  I just hope the damage they cause will be minimized.

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