I’m Tired Of Hearing About Clinton’s Emails, Also

So that’s something else I share with Bernie Sanders.

As I’ve said many times, the Republicans in general, and Trump in particular, had no policy to compete against Hillary Clinton.  They have been desperately searching for something that looks like dirt on her to try to salvage the Presidential election.

So she ran a private email server, while she was SecState.  Various investigations show no violation of the law.

At some point, the FBI found more emails on a computer used by one of her aides.

That set off howls of outrage among the low-information set that is devoted to Trump and the sickly remains of the Republican Party.  In less than a couple hours, I’ve seen memes fed to those low-info types that howl that the “missing 30,000 emails were found” and “there was classified information that is a danger to the country”.  Pence got on Chris Matthews show and was allowed to run at the mouth for almost five minutes, bitching about how bad the emails were, and being given the opportunity to spout mindless talking points.  The same on CNN and Fox, a bunch of free advertising.

But little intelligent discussion about the actual effect.  What is most likely is that the emails in question are copies of some or most of the emails already looked at, since the computer in question has already been identified at getting messages from the server in questions.

The FBI (the Director, I would guess) seriously screwed up by stirring up the situation without having any indication of any new information.

Regardless, it all comes down to the fact that Trump and the Republicans still don’t have policy to run on.  Unless one of the magic emails is found to have a true national security impact, Clinton will be elected.

Republicans need to grow up to be a real party again, or they will be gone in a couple years.

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