Post-Election Not Quite What I Hoped For

I’m frankly horrified by the outcome of the election.

The worst thing to me is the continuing level of vitriol directed at liberals, the Clintons, and the Obamas by Trump supporters.

One thing about the election:  it has shown me who the worst in America are.  Unfortunately, I know a lot of these people personally. The basket of deplorables are basket cases.

2 Responses to “Post-Election Not Quite What I Hoped For”

  1. John Says:

    The vitriol is something that both parties are guilty of, your last comment about the deplorables proves you are guilty as well. Try growing up and accepting that the election is over and your team lost. People like you and the other extreme are the reason I am independent. Both parties should be ashamed that the best they had were clinton and trump. Extremists have brought the election process to the lowest level possible and decent people won’t run anymore. Of course like all partisans, you can enjoy your fantasy of superiority…

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    John, I hope you are back on your meds.

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