The Right-Wing SCOTUS Boots It On Gerrymandering

In yet another example of the adage “Stolen SCOTUS seats have consequences”, the SCOTUS completely showed the conservative stripes that were bought by Mitch McConnell stealing the nomination that was rightfully President Obamas.

Gerrymandering is a way for incumbents to keep themselves in power by voter block suppression.  It should be illegal, no matter which party practices it.  Districts should be subject to judicial checks and balances.  The Roberts SCOTUS ignored it.

I note for the record that in the past several cycles, only Republicans have pushed wide-spread, significant voter suppression and manipulation, including having the Republican  Georgia candidate for Governor being in charge of clearing the voter rolls of… Democrat registrations.

I’ve written before that districts should be drawn in a strict mechanical process for every state.  That keeps politicians from trying to write their own districts.

But the gerrymandering Republicans, the SCOTUS, and McConnell should be ashamed.  I’m sure they are not.

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