About Bill Hensley

I am Bill Hensley.  I live in Oklahoma City most of the time, but travel quite a bit for my job. When I’m not traveling, I like to hang out at the house and work there. Or hang out at the school that my wife teaches at (and our daughter and son graduated from), and fix stuff and work on the computers. Really!

I love to eat. My favorite foods are BBQ (a great pork rib is an art form), brisket, steak, pork chops, breakfast, cheeseburgers, lunch, spaghetti, tex-mex, curry, casseroles, breakfast, pizza, and chicken. And some other stuff also. Food, is good.

I love to be outside. Hiking, walking, camping, playing golf, tennis, etc. I even like working out in the yard.

I’m a bit opinionated, but pretty much centrist/moderate in my views. I appreciate public discourse that is respectful.

I work for a large defense contractor (for which I most certainly do not speak), my office is at the contractor facility, but I spend a lot of time with my team members on Tinker Air Force Base. It’s a fantastic job, always something new, and it’s a good chance to help ensure that taxpayers are getting the best value for their (our) money. I’ve been doing the job for more than 30 years.

I have a spouse of 26+ years; we have an almost 21 year old son and a 17 year old daughter. Both kids are Scouts (Ian is an Eagle, and now an adult volunteer for Troop 15, while Erin is a Senior Girl Scout with her Silver Award) and school. I have a volunteer job at St. John’s Episcopal School keeping the school computer and network infrastructure up and running. The school has about 60 workstations, most are Windows, some are Linux. I try very hard to use Open Source software where possible. Our servers are Fedora based Linux, and are extremely reliable.

I was born and raised in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I graduated from Muskogee High School in 1978, went to Oklahoma State University for two years, took a year to work in Tulsa and raise some money (doing computer operations and data processing and some programming on a PDP 11/78), get in some trouble, get married and do a bunch of other stuff, then back to OSU to spend the money, until 1984. While there I worked for the Fluid Power Research Center (FPRC) writing software for some very interesting Army projects, and I also freelanced software development for several other departments and a newspaper ad firm. I moved to OKC in 1984 and continued my professional work life.

My email address is billhensley@earthlink.net. I am on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BillHensley, and LinkedIn. I’m on MySpace also, I think, if that is still around.

I have found other friends with blogs and pages online. Here are links to them.




These are to St. John’s Episcopal School, which as a big part of my weekly life:


2 Responses to “About Bill Hensley”

  1. Cal Underwood Says:

    Hey dude!!

    I got your blog link from Paul Duncan over at the SIL. read some of your blogs, as usual 70% FOOD…..25% Politics and 5% BS!!
    Just kidding!! but pretty close hey!!

    I am still doing Staff work ….Airworthiness Policy and process for the Center. Nice easy work, no stress, but the fun meter is getting low so I am looking for a job to move onto within the Center. Not sure where that is going to take me next but looking pretty seriously.

    We are having a great year despite the economy, but the Govt workers turn is coming I fear with all the pay freeze talk, but hey having a dependable job is just about 99% of my job satisfaction. And i think if they do a pay freeze it will stimulate a lot of people to go ahead and retire opening up more job opportunities.

    James is a Paramedic for Muskogee EMS, and lives in Warner, OK for now. has been there just over a year. Lots of interesting stories we never hear in the news. Muskogee is a pretty tough town in some ways. He was part of the EMS team that went into the Mall after the shootings there and before they knew where the shooters were. He is an adrenalin junkie so that stuff really excites him!! He has a serious girlfriend (his medic driver) and she has a 2 year old boy so we could become instant GPs but not sure yet. She is a very nice and competent young woman and we are hoping that the serious part keeps on but even though they are bascially living together, we would like to see them seal the deal.

    Sara is married and living in Fayetteville, AR. Ben is finishing up his masters. She has a teaching degree but can’t find a job there.

    Anna is at the Kansas City Art Institute in KC, 2nd year. I stilll don’t know how we are going to pay for it, but she is getting a great scholarship. which helps.

    I just updated our TV room…new wood floors (put in myself) , new entertainment center and new 55″ vizio LED LCD. all hooked up to my 7 speaker system Klipsch) yamaha kick some reall sound ass receiver. Also TV has internet and we are learning more about thinggs like Pandora….pretty incredible site especially for FREE!. Netflix etc. this is some real cool stuff. I also picked up a wireless rocketfish speaker system on ebay to gets sounds in other parts of the house. Works great and cheap on ebay. I am now looking for some small Bose speakers to go with it…another ebay trip. also a Blu-Ray player which is another cool thing with wireless. So that is our xmas come early this year.

    So give me call and we can grab some JTs. also I want to see your blog on Oklahoma Joes in KC! Could be better than JT’s but maybe just a tie!


  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Great to hear from you, Cal! 5% BS, huh? Only? Sounds like things are pretty busy as usual at Casa Underwood in Stillwater. We’ll grab some great ribs PDQ and catch up! Cheers!

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