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My 1000th Post!

19 April 2012

I’m surprised at this milestone of posts! My cute and very encouraging roommate suggested many times that I start “Bill’s BBQ Blog” to chronicle my search (and occasional discovery of) great brisket, ribs, pork, and chicken. So eventually I came to the conclusion that I would like to write about cool finds not only of food, but my occasional observations about politics, living, doing fun stuff in the outdoors, and the like.

I’ve largely managed to avoid constantly griping about stuff (although there is a bit of *that*!). I’ve enjoyed the occasional interactions with people who read the blog, and I’ve been amazed at the readership stats.

One thing I would occasionally post was a fix for something that vexed me, for computers or mechanical devices. I was astounded for a long time that the most popular post on the blog was how to replace the primer bulb on a law mower (or many other small gas powered devices).

I also like following like-minded blogs that others write. I follow a number of them that address science, tech, politics, and outdoors.

Having never imagined that I would ever write 1000 posts, I can actually see me getting to 2000 eventually. Pretty cool. I like the WordPress site, writing tools, and support. I’ve not tried any other sites, except when I have commented on other people’s blogs. If I help WordPress make a little money in exchange for tools and disk space, I think that’s a good trade.

Onwards! I’m looking forward to more posts about good places to eat, fun things to do, and interesting activities in life.