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Calico County Restaurant, Amarillo, TX

25 February 2016

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You can probably tell that I’m in serious catch-up mode today, as I’m bouncing around all over the place.

Back over Thanksgiving, we were headed to Santa Fe on the way to Pagosa Springs for a ski trip. We managed to get out of OKC around 1600 and pulled into Amarillo at 1930 (hooray for the 75mps speed limits in Texas). Calicos was a great find!

I had the pot roast: perfect. The potatoes and gravy in particular were fine. Ian had a CFS: perfect. The cream gravy was excellent, the CFS hand breaded, thick meat, great flavor, and fork tender. Erin had CFC: perfect. Raegan had catfish: perfect.

You might get the impression we liked the place. I think it’s like Cracker Barrel used to be when they were sorta local. Every food item was clearly cooked right there with good ingredients.

Service was extraordinarily friendly. The iced tea was excellent. We would have had dessert but we were stuffed, and about to climb back in the car for another four hours. Our check was $56.12. I look forward to going back, this place could be our go-to restaurant in Amarillo.

They do breakfast. One gripe: when we came back through, we stayed in Amarillo due to an ice and snow storm in the eastern panhandle and western Oklahoma. We got out of the hotel mid-morning Sunday (we were in after midnight), and got to Calico’s at 1045 Sunday, the exact time they shut breakfast down. I would suggest that maybe Calico’s does breakfast a little earlier on the weekends at least. Maybe noon? Regardless, we will make it there for breakfast at some point.

Ye Old Pancake Station, Amarillo, TX

19 February 2016

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In the latest installment of me playing “catch up the blog”, we go to Amarillo, TX. We went skiing at Wolf Creek Thanksgiving week 2015. We had dinner on the way west at a most excellent place called Calico County; they had a heck of a breakfast menu, so that where we were headed this fine morning of 29 November. BUT, they stopped seating for breakfast 15 minutes before the official stop time for breakfast, and since we wanted breakfast, we quickly found Ye Old Pancake Station. It was very good!

We got a bunch of juice and milk and tea to start, and the four of us had all sorts of eggs, pancakes, ham and cheese omelet, grits, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, bacon, sausage, etc. Every bit of it was excellent! And every bit of it was eaten. We waddled out of the place.

Service was a bit slow, but the place was packed. Our servers were very cheery and nice. Our check was $61.46, which was pretty good value given how many extra sides we had, and all those drinks.

I’m sorry the folks at Calico lost our breakfast business, but we had a heckuva meal at Ye Old Pancakes. Great stuff!

Blue Sky, Amarillo, TX

12 January 2014

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While on the way out of town last Saturday in the early afternoon, we drove by Blue Sky, and I saw a sign “Hand Breaded Chicken Fried Steaks”. Well… I pulled right in.

We got there about 1220. About five minutes later, there was a line 20 people long that lasted the whole hour we were there.

Ian and Raegan got burgers. I tried a piece of Ian’s, and it was pretty good beef, well cooked. Erin got a HUGE plate of bacon cheese fries. I got the CFS. It was not the best CFS I’ve had, but it was far from the worst. It was clearly hand breaded, was mostly fork tender, and had decent flavor. It came with very good gravy, and nice fries. Raegan got onion rings as well that were excellent. Note: it’s a LOT of food. The kids got some shakes they really liked, and the iced tea was very good.

This place is order at the counter, then pick up your food when the number is displayed above the counter. Our check was about $52. If you are passing through, you could do worse than stop at Blue Sky. I will again.

Great American Grill, Amarillo, TX (In Hilton Garden Inn)

12 January 2014

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We generally try to stay at this Hilton Garden Inn when we pass through Amarillo. We had breakfast here last Saturday.

The food at GAGs is cooked to order and usually a small buffet line. That’s the way it is in Amarillo. The scrambled eggs on the buffet were more chunks. I got a ham and bacon and cheese omelet that was very good, and some bacon as well that was well cooked without being cremated. This was rounded out with milk and juice. Everyone liked their breakfast just fine.

The main problem here, as in past visits, was service. It wasn’t bad, but the place was understaffed for the number of people in the restaurant. They were both friendly, but there was just too much going on for two servers. So eat the breakfast, just be prepared to pitch in yourself if needed (I went and got my order after it sat for a couple minutes, so it wouldn’t get cold). Our check was about $48.

The Garden Inn is a fine example of the HGI chain. We got two rooms, and both were good sized rooms that were very clean, nice large beds, and a largish bathroom. The TV was a little 27 in flat panel that was kind of hard to see from the beds. Wifi was decently fast, even with the pretty full hotel. The front desk staff was very good. It’s a nice hotel.

Cool Things From The Air, SMF-DFW-OKC

28 August 2010

When I was coming back home from Sacramento week before last, I saw some neat things from the air.

Just after taking off, we flew a bit farther south than usual out of SMF. We flew south of Mather Field, and I saw this, and it looked interesting.

Well, after I got home, I went back to Google Maps and started looking, and that interesting thing is… (drum roll…) a landfill. Yes, a trash dump. Big woo.

Later there were some more interesting things. I am always interested in seeing mining operations. They leave such holes and scars on the ground. This one is the Round Mountain Gold Mine in Nevada.

I’m always up for geologic stuff. This looks clearly like an old volcanic flow. It’s in Nevada just north of US 6.

The pilot announced we would be flying over Cedar City, UT. That got my interest, since Cedar City is the turnoff for a very scenic drive through the Utah mountains over to Bryce Canyon. I think I caught a flew glimpses of hoodoos, but it was through clouds, so none of the photos really turned out.

After overflying the Lake Powell region, we got into mountains, and I saw this nice little lake and town.

I did a lot of Google Maps searching, and the closest I came up with was Farmington Lake outside of Flora Vista, NM. It’s about 35 miles away from the next thing I took a photo of, which is about three minutes flying time. But the problem is that it does not look just right. I’ll keep after it.

Speaking of that next thing, we flew over the dam for Navajo Lake. The dam is in New Mexico, but the lake runs up into Colorado.

Soon we got to the area of Taos NM, and the deep canyon where the Rio Grande flows just to the west of Taos.

Just past Taos is the group of mountains that include Wheeler Peak, the tallest in New Mexico.

This flight took us to the south of the valley that Angel Fire lies in, and just to the south of Philmont.

Now, I have an obsession with Philmont Scout Ranch, the backpacking camp for the Boy Scouts. The following batch is a group I took of Philmont as we flew WNW to ESE just south of there.

Mount Baldy, tallest on the ranch at 12Kft+, is to the left.

This is Cimarron Canyon, home to the Cimarron River, which is roughly the north-south dividing line for the Ranch.

This is Tooth Of Time Ridge, which runs west of Base Camp. It is dominated by the Tooth of Time.

This is the base camp area. We were too far away to see buildings.

This is the south end of the Ranch.

And finally, Black Mesa of Anasazi legend.

Soon we flew out into the Texas Panhandle and saw Amarillo.

This was just southeast of Amarillo. The black smudge is, I believe tornado damage (from vegetation being stripped from the ground). These tracks don’t last more than a growing season. I saw similar tracks from the air after the May 3 1999 Moore tornado.

As we continued into north Texas, we saw Wichita Falls, home of Sheppard AFB.

As we descended into DFW, we passed the through the temperature inversion layer. In this case, it is characterized by dust and smoke trapped underneath the layer, and clear air on top of it. Hence, brown underneath, blue above.

Finally, as we came into OKC, we passed west of the Museum of the American Indian just southeast of downtown Oklahoma City. It’s make progress.

That’s it!

Baker Bros. American Deli, Amarillo, TX

31 May 2010

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We basically picked this place at random as we drove from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque this evening. We had pulled off the Georgia Street exit, and there it was.

It was pretty darn good. I got a cup (a big cup!) of Texas chili, and it was excellent. A couple beans, but mostly meat, and spiced perfectly. Raegan and I both had the turkey, ham, and bacon sandwich in the regular size. It was warmed up and very tasty.

Erin had a personal pan pizza, and ate most of it. I had a couple bites, and it was a nice thin crust.

Ian had a bowl of the potato soup (Raegan had a cup also). She and I thought it was really good, but it did not appeal to Ian for some reason.

We got tea (good and strong), and the kids got a couple brownies that they scarfed down. I refilled with DP on the way out; it was OK.

All in all, this was a good meal. The place was empty when we got there around 1740, and about 10% full when we left at 1830. THe check was $34.95.