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Skillet & Grill, Arlington, TX

26 May 2014

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This was a great find! We picked it after driving by and deciding it looked good.

I got a chicken fried steak; it was a 10! Fork tender, great flavor. The gravy was very good. I had mashers and pintos as my sides. Ian and Erin both got burgers; I tried a bite and was impressed with the flavor and texture. Raegan got a grilled ham and cheese that was just perfect. The dessert was chocolate pudding that we all enjoyed.

Service was friendly and the iced tea was great. This was a wonderful diner experience, and recommended. Our check was $34.99, I think very good value. I would eat here any time.

A side note. I mentioned to Erin that the restaurant was like any of dozens I had eaten in growing up in the OK/AR/TX area. She had made a comment that the place was essentially “tired”. My take on it was that it was classic! 🙂


Hamburger Hamlet, Crystal City, Arlington, VA

22 April 2011

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I have been eating at the Hamlet for probably 20 years. They make a consistently good burger.

Yesterday I went there for lunch with a couple work friends. I got a hickory burger, which is a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce on it (as opposed to true hickory sauce). The burger was perfectly cooked, with a nice crust, and medium well, so it had a bit of nice juice. It came with the usual stuff like lettuce. The fries were pretty good also, fried just right and just crunchy enough.

The iced tea was strong and more or less kept refilled.

We had one problem – a late arrival to the table didn’t get his order put in by the server, and so he had to get his to go. The server didn’t give any discount, but after John spoke to the manager he comped the lunch, and gave John cards for two free lunches to boot.

We got there around 1155 and left at 1300. My check was $16.85. Good stuff!

Cafe Italia, Arlington, VA

8 February 2011

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Tonight I got into DCA pretty late, after a longish day of traveling here from OKC. I checked into the hotel, dumped my stuff in the room, and literally ran a couple blocks to meet work friend Jay who was staying into another hotel. We met at the intersection of 23rd and E in Arlington (the Crystal City area), and picked the Cafe Italia basically at random, since it was across the street.

We got there about 2140; the restaurant closes at 2200 but we were welcomed. There was a party of about 10 leaving, another party of two, and another party of six there.

Service was quick. The iced tea was good. The salad course was a very plain lettuce salad (a mix of several kinds) and dressing; the ranch dressing was thick but tasty.

I ordered a variation of chicken alfredo primavera, sans premavera. The noodles were al dente, the chicken was sauteed. The alfredo was very good. There was a largish amount of food; I was filled up and then some.

We left around 2230. My check was $18.75. I would go back there again with no problem.

Some Cool Things From The Air, DFW-SLC

1 April 2010

I flew from DFW to SLC yesterday morning. I was in 3F on the Super 80, and saw some pretty cool things from the air.

As we departed DFW, we overflew the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It’s HUGE.

Right west of the DFW Metroplex is a large mine. I rooted around on the net, and found that it is Texas Industries. They dig up sand, gravel, and crushed limestone. From some of the relief (the shadows) there are some really tall walls in that mine.

There was a lot of cloud cover as we went NW, but it started clearing a bit out over the Texas Panhandle.

We flew over this mountain. I really enjoyed the way that the snow was on the elevation but not on the plain below. I was also excited since I thought this was Capulin Volcano National Monument. After some Google Mapping, turns out that this is Sierra Grande; more than 9K altitude, 2200 ft above terrain. Sierra Grande is an extinct shield volcano. The Capulin volcano is off to the northwest, behind the clouds.

This is Trinidad, CO.

The only bad part of this trip was that we flew just north of Philmont Scout Ranch. I needed to be on the other side of the airplane to see that.

These two peaks were just stunning; Spanish Peak, and East Spanish Peak. Off in the distance it Pike’s Peak.

This was a really nice ridge running north from Culebra Peak, CO.

This is Fort Garland, CO. The reason I thought this was interesting was what looks like an airstring up in the mountain behind the town.

This was really neat once I realized what it was. This is Great Sand Dunes National Park.

This park is really amazing. The sand comes from the rivers that flow through the basin west of the park; the wind picks up the sand deposited on the ground as the rivers move around, and gets blown east and piled up at the foot of the mountains. The dunes are as high as 750 ft (yes, seven hundred and fifty).

A bit farther west, this is areas of clear cutting.

This was just a really nice view. The mesa just south of picture center, with pure snow on it.

This next series of of a really cool feature. It is Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The first picture is Blue Mesa Reservoir, near Gunnison. From there, the next couple shots are of the rest of the canyon. It’s really impressive from the air.

As we flew across Colorado, there was a pretty good view up the canyon. This is the frozen Gunnison River.

This is a closeup of the Chasm View area of the park.

The next thing was a stretch of the Colorado River just over the UT border. I really liked all the oxbows. Maybe they are not oxbows, but they are clearly places where the water is more powerful than the rock.

This was a little farther along, north of Arches National Park and I-70. The photo really does not do the actual view full justice, but the crenelated surface was amazing.

This last set was as we were approaching SLC. There was a plume over the SLC area. The wind that day was really strong 35-50mph at the surface) out of the SSW, and it was picking up dust from the desert of central Utah, and lofting it over the Salt Lake area. Even though the plume was fairly distinct, I could not get a good shot of it as we turned from the downwind leg onto the base leg.

There was a lot of stuff to see on this trip. I love flying over the American West, it’s always beautiful.