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Sheesh Mahal, Oklahoma City, OK

4 March 2016

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We had dinner at Sheesh Mahal back on 15 October 2015 with friends from St. John’s. It was great!

I do not recall everything that each person got. But I know that Raegan got Daal Chicken; she liked it but thought it was too spicy (I have a much higher tolerance, I thought it was mild and very good). I had Chicken Curry, a green curry and very tender chicken, great stuff. Erin had a chicken kabob and ate all of it. Others at the table had other stuff, and not much was left. The rice with the meals was all very good, as was the tea.

Service was very friendly, and we all had plenty of time to talk. This is not an eat fast and get out kind of place. The check for eight of us was just over $80, and I think it was great value. I want to go back.

Blue Moon, Edmond, OK

3 March 2016

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This is not the Blue Moon in Ada, rather the Asian restaurant in Edmond.

We had dinner at Blue Moon back on 28 July 2015. I started with Egg Flower soup, which was egg drop. It was very good.

For our meals, Raegan got Boneless Chicken, which was sorta the kind of breaded and deep fried chicken used in sweet and sour, but instead tossed with veg. She liked it. Erin had sweet and sour chicken and thought it pretty good, although she was not hungry enough to finish it. I had curried chicken and liked it a lot. The default is with bell peppers, I had that taken out.

The iced tea was good, but the glasses were kind of small and we ran out a couple times. We don’t eat a lot of asian food, but I think we would like to. This was pretty darn good. Our check was $49.40. We’ll be back.

Grand House, Oklahoma City, OK

2 March 2016

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We are trying some new places along the Classen corridor, and last night decided to give Grand House a try. My friend Spencer joined us, which was great!

Raegan started out with some shrimp egg rolls that she and Erin put completely away. I started with some excellent egg drop soup.

Ian had a sashimi dinner, which at $20 was twice as expensive as any other meal. He has eaten a lot of sashimi, and his opinion was that it was not nearly as good as it should have been. He ate most of it, and shared a part of each fish piece with Raegan.

Erin had sweet and sour chicken. It was a lot of food and she could not finish it. I tried the chicken, it was excellent, really tasty, and the sweet and sour sauce was very good.

The same chicken was used with the lemon chicken that Raegan and Spencer got. I tried some of Erin’s chicken in the lemon sauce, it was OK (I didn’t think it had much flavor).

I had the curry chicken which was thin-sliced sauteed chicken with long strips of onion in yellow curry. Excellent. The default meal comes with bell peppers as well, but I asked for none and they were not cooked in. The only thing I could count down on the meal is that the onion pieces could have been more finely chopped and cooked just a bit more.

So overall, a really good meal. Our check for five was $79.66. That seems a bit high, but if the sashimi and the appetizers are accounted for, it is closer to the mid-$60s, which is reasonable. Service was friendly and just the right level of attentiveness. I look forward to another visit.

Ling and Louie’s, DFW Airport, TX

13 February 2014

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I was heading out on a business trip 31 January, it was early afternoon, and I needed lunch. I wasn’t in the mood for my usuals, and as I walked past the newish Lings, decided it might hit the spot.

I liked it enough that I repeated the meal about a week later.

I got chicken fried rice and egg drop soup. The soup was perfect antidote for the chilly temps, hot and thick and tasty. The fried rice was great, just the right amount, wonderful flavor, and again very hot. The only thing I could count down was the chicken. It was grilled and cut into strips and put on top of the rice, instead of being sauteed and tossed in with the (frying) fried rice.

The iced tea was great, and after the server for my table apparently missed me for five minutes, another server jumped in, and she was great! My check was $14.92.

The second visit was just as good, BTW. Same table, and great service. I like this place.

Fat’s Asia Bistro, Folsom, CA

12 October 2010

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Fat’s was recommended to us by one of the employees of the company we were working at in El Dorado Hills. We went there for dinner last Thursday evening. We got there around 1750, and left around 2000. The place was uncrowded when we got there, and when we left.

Fat’s is sort of family style. You order your meal, and it all gets put on a Lazy Susan to be shared.

I got Genghis Beef, which is sort of like broccoli beef, with some onions and green peppers thrown in (which I had removed when I ordered). There were other meals with jalapenos in them (which I do not believe are grown in China, or for that matter anywhere in Asia). I “upgraded” my rice to chicken fried rice (from either white or brown), and was glad – it was good, but it was $9 (!). Kind of expensive for $0.75 of ingredients.

The iced tea was OK, and one of the two problems here was that the restaurant ran out at some point and had to make some more; the other was that the tea was slightly fruity tasting.

My check was $29.31 – pretty expensive. The service was so-so. The meal was tasty if not terribly large portions. I’d go back again, but only with a group.