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Granny’s Kitchen, Huntsville, AR

8 September 2016

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This wasn’t the only restaurant in town (in fact, there are a couple others that look worth checking), but it’s good.

We cruised through Huntsville on the way to the Ozarks last Saturday on our NW Arkansas drive. There’s a creek right below the place that I really liked.

I had chicken fried steak. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was FAR from the worst. I rated the CFS a 9 out of 10, mainly because a 10 is 100% fork tender and just bursting with flavor. There were a couple tougher places on this one. I had a cup of chili also, it was OK. The green beans and mashers with gravy were OK.

But… Raegan and Erin got pulled pork sandwiches. Oh my gosh, that was the best pulled port I’ve ever tasted. Fortunately, I got to eat about a third of Erins sammich. Wow, that stuff was tender and had amazing flavor. I liked the fries as well.

The iced tea was excellent, and the service was very friendly. Our check was $41.56. Good stuff.

Sammy’s BBQ, NYC, NY

31 July 2016

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Erin and I dropped Raegan off at the Majestic to see Phantom of the Opera, and there was Sammy’s right across the street.

We got in there at 1920 and had immediate seating.  First of all, very good iced tea (for me) and lemonade (for Erin)!  We had buffalo wings as an appetizer, and again, very good.

Erin had a Sammy Special, which is a thick sandwich with brisket and cheese.  It was very good, but too much for her to finish.  She had chili cheese fries, which were really good. The chili had no heat but decent flavor.

I had a two-meat combo of pulled port and brisket.  The pulled pork was pretty darn good, tender, but not as smoky as it could be, and a little dry.  The brisket was great, tender and smoky, and cut a little bit from the wet side of the brisket. My sides were mac and cheese (EXCELLENT!) and beans.  The beans might as well have been chili.  There was as much brisket in there was beans (a darn good thing, in my view), and they tasted great.  The mac and cheese was baked, and just perfect.

The only issue I had was getting refills.  The tea was served in a small mason jar, and I go through the stuff pretty fast, so I was waiting with an empy jar several times.

Regardless, this was pretty good BBQ.  It was kind of expensive at $57.55 for the two of us, but it is in NYC.  I would not mind going back.

Smokehouse Bob, Muskogee, OK

12 June 2016

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Ian and Erin and I were taking a lunch break from working in Muskogee and headed to Smokehouse Bob.

They were out of chicken, ribs, and pulled pork, so we all got brisket. It was excellent. Cut a bit wet, it was tender and smoky and so flavorful. The kids both got fries. They were rough cut, deep fried, and had a bit of salt on them, and they were perfect. All three of us thought those were some of the best fries we had had. I had potato salad and slaw. I finished the salad but not the slaw, I just ran out of room.

Service was very friendly. The iced tea was excellent. Our check was $32.00. This place was great! I look forward to eating there again and trying the stuff they were out of.

Hickory House BBQ, Marietta, OK

6 June 2016

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Of the hundreds of times I have been down I-35, I don’t think I have ever stopped in Marietta. When I was coming back from a trip to Richardson back on 30 April, it was early afternoon and I needed some lunch. I saw a sign referencing Hickory House, and since I’m always up for BBQ…

First mistake, they seated me in a room full of OU stuff. When I hit the restroom, I passed a room full of OSU stuff. Oh well ).

I had my usual, a two-meat dinner with chopped brisket and ribs. The ribs first. Decent smoke flavor but a little on the tough side, with a lot of meat. About an 8 on a scale of 1 to JTs. The brisket was excellent, more coarse chopped than fine chopped, and very juicy but not swimming in grease. Really good. I think I had slaw and fries for my sides.

Regardless, the iced tea was great and service was very good. My check was $17.87. Hopefully, I won’t wait another 30+ years to visit Marietta.

Butcher BBQ Stand, Wellston, OK

3 June 2016

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Ian and I were headed to Muskogee back on 09 April, it was a nice day, and it was near noon. We decided to hit Butcher BBQ as we were only about five miles from Wellston.

First of all, it’s only outside dining. It was kind of windy, so eating outside was a bit dicey.

Ian and I both got two-meat dinners, both with brisket and ribs. I had mac and cheese as a side, I don’t remember what Ian had (probably fries). The brisket was pretty good, but the ribs had little flavor and were tough.

They don’t have iced tea, just bottles of drink. The dining area had some games. Our check was $37.21. If I was headed into the OKC area, I would wait for Earl’s. If I was headed for Tulsa, I would wait for Five Star in Stroud.

Five Star BBQ, Stroud, OK

27 March 2016

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Ian and I are headed to Muskogee, it was near lunch, and we were passing through Stroud, so Five Star seemed like a good choice.

He got the small (3 ribs) dinner, and I got a two meat with ribs and choppoed brisket. The ribs first. I think they were smoked fast or finished on a grill. That being said, they had decent flavor and were tender. They had little bark and little smoke flavor. I rated them as an 7.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs.

The brisket was chopped a little finer than I usually like (which is 1/2″ or so chunks), but it was tender and had great flavor, without a single piece of gristle.

Ian had fries as one side, and I had green beans. Both were OK. We both had “baked beans” as our second side, but they were really pintos cooked with brisket, and a distinct flavor of chili. REALLY good!

Service was fast and friendly. Our check was $31.16. Pretty good BBQ if you are in Stroud.

Bob’s BBQ, Paul’s Valley, OK

15 March 2016

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As I was headed from OKC to Dallas, I looked for a place to eat. I really wanted BBQ, and the couple places I looked at first were closed Monday. Bob’s wasn’t, though.

I had the three-meat combo, which was a couple pork ribs, some chopped brisket, and some roast pork loin. So, the brisket was the best. Largest chunks, very moist, good flavor, and tender. The loin next. Very good flavor, the largest part of the meal. Unfortunately, sort of dry and not very tender. Last, the ribs, since those are hardest to do. They were not the most meaty ribs I’ve had. They were tender in part of the meat, but there was also some very tough parts I could not chew through. There wasn’t much bark, and not a lot of flavor.

The meal came with some decent slaw, and my sides were pinto beans (very good) and potato salad (OK).

The iced tea was great, and service was right on the money and very friendly. My check was $16.46. I don’t know that I would rush back for the BBQ. But… the guys at the table next to me got some Mexican food that smelled great, and there were a number of other menu items such as burgers that have promise.

Serious Texas BBQ, Durango, CO

4 March 2016

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Can you tell I have some time on my hands this evening? Cranking out a bunch of catch-up posts. I’m going to end the evening with a trio of posts on meals we ate “out” while on the Girl Scout High Adventure Team (HAT) Durango Adventure last summer.

On Monday of the trip (20 July) the Scouts went whitewater rafting. Since I don’t find that appealing, Steve and I ran some errands for the crew, and since that was very tiring ( 🙂 ), we had to fill up on BBQ.

I had a half pound of brisket and an add-on rib. The rib was OK, surprisingly pretty good. The brisket was excellent, tender and smoky. I had cheesy potatoes (yes, that’s the name) for my side, and they were really good, especially after I mixed a little BBQ in.

Service is order at a counter and pick up from there. The iced tea was great! We picked a table next to an open window, we could see the Animas River and rafters cruising by. My check was $17.50. Great stuff.

Elmer’s BBQ, Tulsa, OK

26 February 2016

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Back in October, I was on my way to the Ozark Mountains to backpack the Butterfield Trail with the Girl Scout High Adventure Team. I had lunch at Elmer’s as I passed through Tulsa. I’m glad I did.

I ordered a two-meat plate (hey, I was going backpacking, I needed protein 🙂 ) of chopped brisket and ribs. The ribs first: they were about 9.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs. Nicely smoked, with a good texture of bark, and wonderful flavor. Nothing tough about them in the slightest. The brisket was pretty darn good as well. Not as much flavor, but very tender, and there was quite a lot of it. I had baked beans (outstanding) and green beans (very good) as my sides.

This place did not disappoint, in fact, it was very, very good. Service was friendly. My check was $23.45. I would be happy to go back.

Cowboy’s BBQ, Muskogee, OK

26 February 2016

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I had not been to Cowboy’s in a long time (10+ years) when I had lunch there back in October 2015. Ian and I had lunch there 19 February. It was pretty good both times.

Both times I had a two-meat with ribs and brisket. The first time, both the ribs and the brisket were excellent. The second time, the ribs were a little on the less-than-meaty side, and a little tough, but the brisket was great again. I had sides of baked beans (OK, but bland), and fries (great).

Ian had a chopped brisket sandwich, and said it was really good, not greasy but juicy. He had fries that were good.

The iced tea was good, and the service very friendly. My check the first time was $15.40, and the second time, Ian and I ran up a check of $33.25. The check the second time was a little high as we both scored cane sugar Coke and DP. My only complaint is that the bottled drinks needed to be a colder cooler. But the BBQ was really good.

Black’s BBQ, Lockhart, TX

22 February 2016

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This installment of Blog Catch-Up takes us to 13 April 2015 (yes, almost a year ago). I was on a business trip to San Antonio, and had heard great things about “The BBQ Capital of Texas”, Lockhart. I have to say, the food lived up to that hype. We got to SAT and blasted east on I-35 immediately, getting into Lockhart about 1320.

Black’s ordering concept is to specify how much meat you want by poundage, then get sides. I ordered a half pound each of brisket (wet) and spare ribs. Later, when I’m still eating after everyone else was done, I realized they had given me 1.21 lbs of brisket (!) and almost 0.6 lbs of ribs. THAT IS A LOT OF FOOD. I also had some beans and deviled eggs. Those were good, but the reason to go is the meat.

And it was sooooo good. The ribs were tender and smoky. They had less bark than I like (for texture), but they were 9 on the scale of 1 to JTs. They had a lot of meat on them, and were not drenched in sauce. But very, very good.

The brisket was on another level altogether. It was the best brisket I have had, anywhere, ever. It was that good. Tender, yet held together. Flavor, just bursting, great texture and bark. Juicy without being greasy. In a word, perfect. As noted above, there was a heck of a lot of it. I was eating and eating, and I ate all of it. I took a couple ribs back to the hotel, and had them for dinner. Loved that brisket.

The iced tea was perfect. The company was great. The staff was super friendly. It’s probably better that Black’s is so far away from OKC. But I guarantee, any time I am anywhere near SAT or AUS, I will make time for a Black’s stop. It’s that good. My check was $32.36 (the brisket was just short of $20, the ribs a more reasonable $7.76). Make the drive if you are anywhere near, it will be worth it.

Ten 50 BBQ, Richardson, TX

11 February 2016

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This place is pretty good! It is based on the same concept as Black’s in Lockhart. You go through the line, select your meat(s) by the pound(s), thengo through and get other stuff.

I had a half pound each of ribs and brisket (wet). Damn fine brisket, tender and juicy, great smoky flavor. The ribs were pretty good (7.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs), they seemed to come apart in odd ways when pulling it off the bone. The flavor was decent.

I was not a huge fan of the BBQ sauce, but the ribs and brisket were so good I used the sauce sparingly. I had some OK mac (mostly) and cheese (less). The tea was pretty good, and all serve yourself. My check was $28.08. Pretty expensive given the lack of sides.

I would go back, though, with a group. I lament the closure of Soulman’s, but this is pretty good.

Cooper’s BBQ, Fort Worth, TX

29 January 2016

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A couple weeks ago we were doing a lot of stuff in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.  Ian and I had driven by what was claimed in Google to be an El Pollo Loco (but wasn’t).  We found ourselves in the Stockyards area, and drove past Cooper’s, and had to stop in.

Cooper’s has a lot of potential.  You order your meat first, then some sides, then sit down at long tables family style.  Your Q is on butcher paper.

Ian got ribs, I got brisket and BBQ chicken.  The brisket (wet) had decent flavor and was very tender, but it was almost too salty to eat.  The chicken was very good on the first eating, but got quite dry on the inside, so it had been smoked a little too long.  The ribs were very good.  They had decent bark, and were very tender.  I think they were the best part of the meal.  The sauce was pretty thin but was a good addition.

The beans were OK but bland, and the mac and cheese was pretty good.  The iced tea was killer good.

It was a HECK of a lot of food.  The check for the two of us was something like $40.  It was pretty expensive for non-perfect BBQ.  I think that brisket could be excellent, but it was just too salty.  So I would try it again if we were in the area, but I would get about half of the food that we got.  We didn’t finish the sides, and darn near had to be hauled out of there on a two-wheeler.

We’ll Smoke U, Gretna, NE

21 May 2014

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I was looking for BBQ for dinner, and saw that We’ll Smoke U (a silly name, I know) had very good reviews, so I decided to check it out. I was joined by three friends who have also been working in the Omaha area this week. We got there about 1845; they close at 1900, but it was no problem.

The menu is kind of odd. It seems that every one of the items is essentially a sandwich. It’s kind of limited as well, in that there doesn’t seem to be any chicken. There is a double meat, but it included sausage, which I’m not a big fan of. I asked if I could get brisket and pulled pork, which was agreed with.

I uploaded a picture of my meal to UrbanSpoon. The meal came as a bun with a decent amount of pulled pork topped by a good amount of brisket. I also got some fries (excellent!) and baked beans (not my favorite, had quite a bit of jalapeno). The brisket was very good, with good smoke flavor and very tender. I thought the pulled pork was a little less flavorful than it could have been, but it was tender, and there was a lot of it.

The sweet sauce was a bit overpowering, and the hot not too hot. I mixed the two together and it was a good combination. They also have a mustard-based sauce.

There was “tea” out of the soda machine, it wasn’t good at all. I had some DP and some Coke, and they were OK. My check was $11.66, which was decent value. I will be glad to go back. Chalco Hills has a lot of trails near by, hmmm….

The Smokey Pokey, Stillwater, OK

3 February 2014

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We were headed home from Stillwater back on MLK day, and we stopped at the Cowboy Travel Plaza to get some ribs from the Pokey. I didn’t even know the place had a name different than the Travel Plaza, and that’s what’s printed on the receipt.

I got a half slab of ribs and some sauce. We went home. The next day, I took the foil-wrapped ribs, put just a little water in the package, and popped it in the over at 150F for about two hours. I made some iced tea, and some mac and cheese, and sat down to lunch.

Those were some excellent ribs! They had a bit of a rub on them, hardly noticeable, but they had an excellent crust, a lot of meat, and they were tender and smokey. I ate about half of them, and had the rest for lunch the next day. Still great!

So that place has potential. Ribs are the hardest thing to get right. I already look forward to hitting the Pokey again. My check for the half slab was $12.01. Pretty good value, I think.

Earl’s Rib Palace, Oklahoma City, OK (Memorial)

6 July 2013

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We had dinner here this evening after getting back into town from our trip. Ian got ribs (very good), Raegan a baked potato with bacon, I got one with brisket, and Erin got smoked turkey. All of this was very good at least. Earl’s is very consistent BBQ, and it was even so here. We also ordered BBQ wings; they got to the table *after* dinner was served (they had to be cooked, I imagine).

Service was pretty good, as expected; the tea was excellent. Our check was $48.68. Yum!

Dickey’s, DFW Airport, Gate C6, TX

27 May 2013

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My friend Harold and I have a running status when we are able to go through DFW around a meal time. We can just text “C6” to the other, and then we know that there is some fine BBQ being had.

I came through DFW a week ago Friday around lunch, and walked from A30 around to C6 to get some BBQ. My meal was a half pound of brisket, mild sauce, and mac and cheese (I usually get the cheese potatoes). This was accompanied by a large iced tea (which is the perfect drink with BBQ). All of this was excellent; the brisket was cut right in front of me, and it was tender and tasty.

I got a refill of the tea to take back to my departure gate. My check was $11.93. Great stuff.

Famous Dave’s, Bellevue, NE

20 February 2013

Famous Dave's on Urbanspoon

I’ve been to this location several times over the past couple years. It is consistently decent BBQ. Last night I had dinner here with my friend Ron.

I ordered a dozen wings to start. They were OK, but a little on the small side, and had little meat. I had a two-meat special with brisket and BBQ chicken. Both of the meats were excellent. Both were tender, had great flavor, and were just the right amount. I particularly liked the chicken, it was moist all the way through.

I had beans (very good) and fried potato wedges as my sides. The iced tea was great, and kept refilled. Service was perfect, very friendly and always available. My check was $29.39 (the wings were almost $10 of that).

I generally do not get the ribs at FDs, but the rest of the menu items are pretty darn good, especially for a chain.

Leo’s Barbeque, Oklahoma City, OK

8 February 2013

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The last time I was able to eat at Leo’s was back in the mid-90s; I met my Mom there after she had an errand to run in the OKC area. I recall it was very good; it still is.

I had lunch here today. I got there at 1145 and was seated immediately; 15 minutes later the place was packed. I purused the menu a couple minutes, and didn’t find what I was looking for, but when I asked my server she said that a combo of ribs and brisket was no problem. I got potato salad and baked beans for my sides.

Those first: I am not a huge fan of potato salad, since people tend to put a lot of weird (to me) stuff in them; I like potatoes, mayo and mustard, and some pickle relish. This stuff was close to that, and I liked it a lot. The baked beans had brisket in them, including a couple pieces of beef fat. YUM YUM YUM. Those were some of the best BBQ beans I’ve had.

The brisket was outstanding; just the right amount of tender, a nice smoky flavor. The ribs were an 8 on a scale of 1 to JT’s. They didn’t have quite as much meat, and there were some tough parts to them, but the outside was a nice crisp, and the meat had a decent, smoky flavor to it.

The BBQ sauce was OK, but not one of my favorites. It was way sweet, and had no bite to it at all.

I got the famous strawberry and banana cake, with some icing on it. A nice end to the meal.

Service was perfect. The iced tea was perfect. My check was $12.99, good value.

I will not wait 10+ years to go back.

Kojak’s House of Ribs, Tampa, FL

7 December 2012

Kojak's House of Ribs on Urbanspoon

This was a wonderful find! I chose Kojak’s for lunch based on reviews on Google. It was close to MacDill, which was also nice.

I got the two meat of ribs and chicken. In short, on a scale of 1 to JT’s, those ribs were a 9.8. They had a smoky taste that was unique to me. Tender and flavorful. They were just a touch greasy (I think they were short ribs, instead of spare ribs, maybe?). They didn’t need much sauce. The chicken was perfect, with wonderful flavor, moist all the way through. Great stuff. I got green beans (great!) and something new, parsley potatoes. While these red skin-on potatoes had some chopped parsley, they were in pure butter, and had just the right amount of garlic. Wonderful. I liked the BBQ sauce also. They had excellent sweet tea.

We got there at 1115 and were back at work at 1210. My check was $16.48, excellent value. Service was prompt (we had to wait TWO minutes between our order and delivery of our food :). I would be happy to return.

A postscript: As we were paying, I saw the business card for Kojak’s. It had the motto “Famous Oklahoma Style”. This is the second Oklahoma connection I’ve run across in Tampa (the first being Square 1 Burgers last week). I asked, and it turns out Kojak’s was originally along 29th street across from Tinker Air Force Base! They had a photo of the place, and it looked like where the Bomber Club now is across from the golf course. Pretty cool!

Ribs N More, Newcastle, OK

14 October 2012

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Ian and I went down to Girl Scout camp this afternoon to help out with some stuff. It was near lunch, and we decided to check out the BBQ at Ribs N More.

Ian got the rib dinner with a double side of curly fries. The ribs were OK. I think they were partially smoked and finished off on a grill. Decent flavor, fairly tender.

I got a two meat dinner of pulled pork and brisket. The brisket was very good, tender, and some smoke flavor. The pork was kind of stringy and just slightly less tender than I would have liked. The sides were pretty good green beans, and baked beans that had what I think were red bell pepper pieces, so those didn’t get finished. The tea was good, and the service was very good and friendly.

We got there around 1230 and left at 1316. Our check was $26.99. Decent BBQ, could be better, but I would not mind eating here again.

Mr Sprigg’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q, Midwest City, OK

2 September 2012

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I used to eat at Mr. Spriggs quite a lot when it was farther south on Air Depot (now there is a lube place there). When they moved north of 15th, they sort of fell off my radar. My friend Willie was coming back from lunch a couple weeks ago, he had been to Spriggs, and liked it, so I decided to go the next day.

I ordered a two-meat dinner with ribs and chicken. After the meal arrived, I remembered the sign at the old location, that the chicken was “italian”. It wasn’t smoked, it was marinated and roasted. Kind of odd; I didn’t finish it. The chicken was OK, but a bit dry. The ribs were decent, about a 7 on a scale of 1 to JTs. There was a lot of food. The meal came with baked beans (good) and mac and cheese (really good!). The iced tea was excellent. My check was $15.93.

I probably ought to go back and try the brisket. I remember from eating at the old location that I usually got a brisket sandwich, and liked them.

Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant, Jackson, WY

24 July 2012

Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After dropping Erin off at her week of Girl Scout adventure, and checking out some of Teton National Park, we wanted to get dinner before heading to Idaho Falls, so we checked out Bubba’s. Great stuff!

Raegan got a pulled pork sandwich, and Ian got the rib dinner. I got those and more: a four-meat with pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and smoked chicken. This was all great stuff. The brisket and pulled pork was tender and smoky, and the chicken was wonderful, moist all the way through and flavorful. The ribs were decent; they were not as tender as some I have had, nor as meaty, but I ate all of them.

The BBQ sauce was, surprisingly enough, mustard-based. I got o-rings as a side; they were pre-fab and so not very good, so I didn’t eat much of them. The BBQ beans were pretty darn good. The iced tea was excellent; my only comment is that it was served in very small mason jars.

We got a slice of “chocolate pie” for dessert. It was really a brownie mashed into a graham cracker crust.

Service was OK. Our check was $58.84. I like Bubba’s, wouldn’t mind eating here again.

Gary Dale’s, Midwest City, OK

18 May 2012

Gary Dale's on Urbanspoon

I used to eat at Gary Dale’s BBQ more than 10 years ago, when it was in a former gas station at MLK and Reno. I liked the BBQ OK, but not the sauce, which was very odd to me (like a mustard/vinegar base). The place disappeared at some point. A couple weeks ago, I ran into a guy at Braum’s who was wearing a Gary Dale’s T-Shirt, and he told me that the place had opened again.

Today at lunch a couple work friends and I headed there for lunch. It’s close to work, just a half block east of Douglas and 29th. I got a two meat combo, with chopped beef and BBQ chicken. The chopped beef was excellent, tender and not fatty, and there was quite a lot of it. The chicken. There was a lot of it also, a quarter chicken. The thigh was excellent, juicy and flavorful. The breast was also pretty good, but got dry towards the outside to the middle; there wasn’t nearly as much flavor in it. The two sides were green beans (with bacon and onion, excellent), and pinto beans (good). The BBQ sauce was a decent deep red sauce that had a low bite to it.

The iced tea was excellent, in both sweetened and straight versions. The restaurant was only about1/3 full when we were there (about 1110 – 1155). My check was $16.12.

I noticed that the daily special was fried chicken.

This evening, after work, school, and piano lessons, Raegan mentioned that she would like some fried chicken. I mentioned Gary Dale’s, and so off we went.

For my second meal of the day there, I got a CFS. It was breaded up right there. It was pretty good. The breading was a bit sweet, and didn’t adhere 100% to the meat. I’d rank the CFS as an 8. I got green beans and mashed potatoes. Those and the gravy were pretty good. Erin got a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches, and ate both of them. Raegan got the fried chicken, and said it was good. Ian got a half rack of ribs, and pronounced them excellent. I had one, it was a big rib with quite a lot of meat on it; I would rate the rib as a 9 on a scale of 1 to JTs.

Gary Dale’s was about 50% full when we got there at 1807; it was the same at 1850 when we left. Our check was $52.87.

Good stuff, I would gladly go back any time.

Carolina Brothers Pit Barbecue, Ashburn, VA

18 May 2012

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This is a slight catch-up post. I was coming back from the DC area last 19 Apr, and I ran across an ad for this place. It was near IAD, and so I headed over there for lunch.

It was kind of disappointing. They server chopped sandwiches on (oh, and baby back ribs, but I don’t like those). I got a chopped beef sandwich and some plain beans. They don’t have tea, but only bottled drinks. The chopped beef was OK. The sauce didn’t have any heat and little flavor. My check was about $7. I won’t be back.

What kind of BBQ place only serves sandwiches? Even the trailer places I have been to on the side of the road will sell you a platter.

Not recommended.

Abbeys BarBQ, San Diego, CA

31 March 2012

Abbey's Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

I chose Abbey’s based on reviews from Urbanspoon, and the fact that it was close to my hotel. I got there last night at about 1815 and left about 30 min later.

I got a two meat dinner, with brisket and chicken. The chicken first. It was a smallish chicken breast, smoked, and with good flavor, but really dry on the inside (I wondered if it due to the small size of the chicken). Not much left, though. I did like the brisket. It was a bit on the fatty side, but very tasty. And there was quite a bit of it. The sides of pinto beans and potato salad were pretty good.

So the check was $21.85. Pretty darn expensive. The tea was Gold Peak, and it was bad. They have Coke, fortunately.

Side note: I wish Gold Peak would go out of business. It is not good.

So I might go back to Abbey’s. Decent brisket, but I would try the ribs next time, maybe.

Jimbo’s Pit Bar-B-Q, Tampa, FL

21 January 2012

Jimbo's Pit Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

Wow, this was a good find! I was driving to my hotel-near-the-airport and had just filled up my rental in anticipation of turning it in tomorrow morning, and looking for a light dinner. As I drove along, getting ready to head to a Chipotle, I saw Jimbo’s, and just turning in to the parking lot. Light dinner? That’s not even close to what I got, but it was very good.

I got there around 1830 and left at 1922. It was uncrowded the entire time, but about 40% full when I left.

I ordered a three-meat dinner, chicken, beef, and ribs. All – great! It came with two sides, I got baked beans (OK) and mac and cheese (very good). The chicken was wonderful, a light quarter bird that was smoked to perfection. It wasn’t dry in the middle, but not greasy either. Excellent. The beek was thin-sliced beef brisket. A wonderful smoky flavor, and tender. The ribs has that red crust on them, were tender, had outstanding good flavor. I rated the ribs as 9.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs. They were great. The meal came with three hush puppies, which were nice and light and not greasy.

The iced tea was excellent. Service was casual but prompt.

Did I mention that there was a heck of a lot of food? There was enough to feed me, Raegan and Erin. Ian would have to get his own.

My check was $16.74. For the amount of food I got, that’s excellent value. If I hadn’t been flying out in the morning, I would have brought it back to the room for dinner tomorrow. Instead, I brought the beef and chicken to the hotel and left it for the kitties that live outside.

I would gladly go back to Jimbo’s. Great stuff.

Boss Hogg’s, Pagosa Springs, CO

24 November 2011

Boss Hoggs on Urbanspoon

We ate at Boss Hogg’s last year during our Thanksgiving ski trip to Wolf Creek Ski Area. We liked the place enough that it displaced our previous favorite, Junction.

We ate there last evening. Raegan got a burrito and loved it. I got a pork tenderloin, it was excellent. Erin got chicken fettuccine alfredo, and both she and Raegan liked it (Erin could not eat it all, so it was lunch for Raegan today). Ian got a chicken fried steak on my recommendation.

The meal came with a loaf of wheat bread and honey butter; both were really good.

The salad bar was really good; it had excellent clam chowder on it.

Service was a little slow; our server seemed to be focused on several other tables. Our check was $52.27. Recommended.

Back Country Barbeque, Dallas, TX

14 October 2011

Back Country Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

I drove past this place last week coming back from Ozona, and decided to give it a try. I went here for dinner last Wednesday. It was a mixed experience.

I ordered a combination dinner, with ribs and chicken. The ribs were OK at best. They didn’t have very much flavor, and were really fatty. I discarded one altogether as it was small and tough. The chicken started out well, not burned, and had good flavor (I got light meat, a breast). But the deeper I went, the dryer it got, and finally it was so dry that the chicken was tough and stringy. I didn’t finish it.

There were limited sides. I got baked beans and brown beans. The baked beans were good, white beans and BBQ sauce. The pintos were decent. They were flavored with significant chili powder, but they also needed a bit more cooking time.

The sauce was sweet (very sweet) hickory sauce. Almost two sweeet.

I would have liked to see some more sides (like green beans, mac and cheese). There were a number of cold sides like potato salad.

Overall, an OK experience. Some of the other meats looked good, so if I were to go back, I would try them. I got there around 1745 and left around 1845. It was mostly empty. My check was $14.30.

My Place Bar-B-Q, West, Muskogee, OK

4 September 2011

My Place Bar-B-Q West on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here with Ian during our trip to Muskogee.

Ian got ribs. He ate every scrap (except the decent sized piece I pulled off one of them 🙂 ). The ribs were tender. Not so much smoke flavor, but enough.

I got a couple things. First, chopped brisket. Some places, My Place included, take the chopped brisket and try to turn it into sloppy joe by adding BBQ sauce. It was even so here. I would have preferred it “dry” so I could add sauce to my liking. The sauce was decent, not too spicy. I got fries and baked beans as my sides (I don’t know that we had any other choice). The fries were pretty standard, but the baked beans were excellent. I also got half a smoked chicken and ate the leg and thigh (the breast came back home for lunch tomorrow, or breakfast). That chicken, while small, was excellent. Not dry at all, good flavor, no charring. Great stuff.

The tea was good. Service was decent. Our check was $29.54, not bad considering how much food we got. Yum.

Budro’s Rib Joint, Ardmore, OK

7 July 2011

Budro's Rib Joint on Urbanspoon

I stopped here Tuesday on the way from Oklahoma City to the Dallas area. I got there around 1145, and left around 1230.

First of all, this was a HUGE amount of food. I got a combo, and asked how much it was; my server said you could get either a half pound or a pound. I aksed for the half pound, with brisket and pulled pork, and it turned out to be a half pound of each. A full pound of meat. Way more than even I could eat.

The brisket was pretty good, mostly tender and smoky, but a bit tough in places. The pulled pork was fairly tough overall, and didn’t have much taste. They meal came with a scoop of potato salad (very dense, and pretty good), and cole slaw (really good; I think it has something like marshmallow creme in it). The meal also came with some pinto beans (OK). Like I said, a huge amount of food.

The BBQ sauce was really, really good, with just the right amound of bite.

Service was very good. My check was $12.92. The place has wifi that is fairly quick.

The only downer is that this restaurant has a large bar area, and there were people smoking over there. You have to go through that smoky area to get to the head. Otherwise, not a bad BBQ meal.

Spring Creek Barbeque, Richardson, TX

30 June 2011

Spring Creek Barbeque on Urbanspoon

This was a very good BBQ experiece. I ate here for lunch today; I got there around 1310 and left at 1350.

I ate at a Spring Creen somewhere in the Dallas area about 15 years ago. I want to say it was in Plano, and I don’t think I was terribly impressed, and I haven’t been to another one since. Too bad, I’ve missed out.

I started with iced tea, which was self serve and excellent.

I ordered a combination plate with two meats, smoked chicken and briset. The chicken was pretty darn good, a quarter of a bird, smallish. The smoky flavor was just right, and the chicken was just moist enough. The brisket was outstanding! Tender, smoky, great flavor, it was some darn fine beef.

The meal came with two sides, which are serve yourself. I got green beans and mac and cheese, and both were really, really good. The BBQ sauce was good, a little thin. They ladle it on the meat at the counter, and there isn’t any on the tables, which is surprising. Maybe it was somewhere on a serve yourself table somewhere in there.

One thing of note: they serve a little loaflet of bread with the meal, and I had two visits from a server with a whole basket of the loaflets. The bread was really, really good! I would have eaten three of them with butter, honey, jam, or most anything else you can put on bread, just delicious. And I’m not a big bread eater!

They have a cobbler and ice cream area towards the front of the restaurant, which I will check out next time I’m there.

My check was $14.77. The restaurant was mostly empty the entire time I was there. Recommended.

I just can’t end without a comparison. In the Dallas area, I’ve been a big fan of Dickie’s. I have to say, Spring Creek is just as good. I would not pass up an opportunity to eat at either. And with regards to the other Dallas institution, Sonny Bryan’s, I’d have to put it second behind the tie of Dickie’s and Spring Creek.

Clearly, more research is needed. Yum.

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ, Lake Forest, CA

9 June 2011

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ (Lake Forest) on Urbanspoon

This was a great find. I have low expectations for West Coast BBQ, but I keep trying. This was a fine find. I picked it by noting it as I passed by on the way to a hike at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.

I got there about 2115, and left around 2215. The place was pretty much empty. I ordered the chicken and two meat platter, which means a half chicken, and the two meats I selected, pulled pork and brisket.

A couple opening notes. I saw that they had fried chicken on the menu, unusual in this day. The chicken was advertised as coming with pan gravy. I asked my server to bring me some for a taste test. That stuff was GREAT. Excellent! It had small pieces of chicken in it, was perfect consistency, and was clearly made with real drippings and flour. Great stuff. Almost as good as my very cute and outstanding gravy chef roommate makes.

The meal came with a biscuit (baked on site, and excellent) and some apple butter. Not the dark apple butter I am used to, but lighter and slightly sweeter, very good.

The meal. The pulled pork was pretty darn good, about a 7 out of 10, as was the brisket. The brisket was very tender, and had a good smoky crust on it. The pulled port was a little less tender and a bit fattier. Either would make a good meal. There were two sides: the baked beans had jalapenos and bell peppers in them, and were not good. The other side was mac and cheese, but it had been baked to the point that it was not edible. The lowest layer of mac was the only stuff worth eating.

That chicken. It was some of the best I have every had. From the skin all the way in, it was tender, smoky, and tasty. Moist all the way through the thickest part. I would drive 50 miles for some more of that chicken.

I tried the hot (and it was hot, left my tongue slightly burning for several minutes after the bite) and the the mild sweet. They were best mixed 50/50. The chicken was enhanced even more by that mix.

Service was outstanding, the server was super nice. My check was $24.99. I would like to try the fried chicken; it it is as good as the gravy, it’s got to be pretty darn good. Or the BBQ chicken again.

Or both…

Lefty’s Bar B Que Unlimited, Waldorf, MD

12 May 2011

I had tried to eat at Lefty’s on a previous trip to Waldorf, but it was a Tuesday, and they are not open Monday and Tuesday. Left’s had a number of recommendations.

I got there last night around 1800, and left around 1900. Service was very good.

I started with iced tea. They have sweet tea only, and it *was sweet*! Classic southern sweet tea. I ordered chicken and ribs. This was a quarter chicken (I specified light) and three good-sized ribs. The chicken was smoked in a most wonderful way. Most of it was moist and tender, but towards the middle it was a little tougher. The flavor was great, a full hickory.

The ribs were also really good. A bit greasier than I prefer, but the flavor was full and the things were falling-off-the-bone tender. They could have used a bit more of the dark red crust I like, but there wasn’t any meat left on those bones.

The meal came with two sides. They were out of mac and cheese, so I got green beans and cole slaw. The green beans had good flavor, but were really mushy, like they were really overcooked. The cole slaw was creamy, and was good. Nuff said.

My check was $19.80. You could do far worse than to eat here.

Ozark Smoked Meat Co, Omaha, NE

6 April 2011

Ozark Smoke Meat Co on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here this evening with six work friends. We got there around 1720, and left around 1900 after a good dinner and a good conversation. There was one other table occupied while we were there.

What I wanted was a two meat dinner with brisket and chicken. They didn’t have that, but they had a dinner for two (BTW, it’s not on the online menu if you look at their website) for about $21.00. It has three meats, and four sides. Eddie and I got that; the meats were brisket, spare ribs, and a chicken breast. It was darn good! The ribs were not the meatiest I have had, but they had good smoky flavor and were tender. The brisket was pretty good also, and tender. The chicken was good as I started eating it, but it was a bit dry towards the middle. Overall, a really good meal.

They didn’t have any iced tea. I got DP instead, it was OK.

I would gladly go back again, this was good BBQ.

Bone Daddy’s, Dallas, TX

17 February 2011

Bone Daddy's House Of Smoke on Urbanspoon

Today at lunch it was suggested that we head over to Bone Daddy’s. The last time I ate at BD’s was probably 10 years ago; I seem to remember it was good then.

Now, it’s important to note that if you or your lunch/dinner companion would be offended by the servers dress in a Hooters, then offense will be taken at BD’s as well. The servers are all young and beautiful and scantily clad. The BBQ is first-rate, though.

There were nine of us, and we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table (given how many people were standing around waiting, I think that was pretty good). The place was CROWDED!

We ordered a bunch of appetizers. There were some tortillas filled with chopped brisket and jalapenos, some deep fried jalapanos, and I got two orders of chiken wings. The wings were very large and the BBQ sauce they came with was very good.

I ordered a two-meat dinner, with pulled pork and chopped brisket. That was some very, very good BBQ. It was tender, smoky, and was a lot of lunch. I got mac and cheese and some ranch-style beans. Both were very good, the beans especially (they were thick and had brisket in them).

The iced tea was very good, in both sweet and unsweetened configurations.

All in all, a very good meal and excellent company. Service was outstanding considering how full the place was. My check was $44.12, but the two appetizers I got for the table were $18 of that, and that includes an 18% forced tip. Our server busted her butt, and so I won’t complain about the forced tip, and I even added a couple extra bucks since she worked hard not only on our table, but at least several others.

Larry’s BBQ, Del City, OK

27 January 2011

Larry's Rib Pit on Urbanspoon

Larry’s is on Sunnylane just south of I-40. I had it recommended to me by a work friend. Another work friend and I went there and checked the place out for lunch yesterday.

It was pretty darn good. I got a rib dinner with a half order of chopped brisket. The ribs were tender and had good flavor, and each “rib” was actually *two* ribs that were not cut apart. So the total of three ribs was really six. The ribs were tasty, and they were a bit greasy. They didn’t have the crust that I like to see on the best ribs. But I would eat them again. The brisket was excellent. It was also a bit on the greasy side, but not too much.

The meal came with three sides. I got mac and cheese (which had some biggish peppercorns that I would rather not have had), green beans, and baked beans. All of the side were pretty darn good.

The iced tea was good; you had to go back to the counter to get refills. The meal was HUGE. I could not finish it, which is the first time that has happened in a long time.

I don’t remember the exact cost, but it was about $11.00. For the amount of food, it was a great value. For the quality of the food, it was too.

Swine Dining, Bellevue, NE

3 December 2010

Swine Dining BBQ on Urbanspoon

This place has real potential. The history I got is that they used to sell their BBQ out of a truck at various locations in Bellevue, mainly along Galvin Road. They recently opened up in a newish building just east of downtown on Highway 370.

A couple friends and I went there for lunch today. We got there around 1230. The place was about empty.

The ordering concept is a bit odd. There is a paper menu and a bunch of pencils, and you check off what you want. It looks like pretty much sandwiches only for lunch, and I think you can get dinners in the evening.

I got “The Whole Hog”, or something like that. It’s a hoagy roll with a fair amount of chopped everything they have, including sausage. That was some pretty darn good meat! I didn’t have much of the bread, there was so much meat. I tried both the mild and hot sauce. The mild was OK, little taste or heat. The hot had some good flavor enhancement and wasn’t too spicy at all.

It came with two sides; I got baked beans (decent), and cole slaw (creamy, also decent). The tea was self serve and good.

We left about 1310. My check was $7.10. I look forward to going back, that’s some of the best BBQ I have had in Omaha.

Robbs’s Smokehouse, Shawnee, OK

15 November 2010

Robb's Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

This was an outstanding BBQ dinner. We were coming back to OKC from picking Ian up from St. Crispin’s. We wanted to eat at a sandwich shop in Shawnee, but they closed at 1500 and were not inclined to let us eat while they cleaned up. We picked Robb’s from Google Maps, and good reviews.

There was no one there when we got there at 1450, and no one there when we left. A couple to-go people had come and gone.

I got the two meat special, with brisket and ribs, Ian got a half rack of ribs, Raegan got a smoked half chicken, and Erin got a brisket sandwich.

I do not say this lightly, but Robb’s is as good at JT’s. The ribs were perfect – a great red crust without being burned, great flavor, not greasy, and tender! Oh so tender. The bones were positively denuded.

The brisket was tender and full of flavor. It wasn’t stringy. Great stuff.

The only slight disappointment was the chicken. It was well smoked and tasted good, but it was just a bit on the dry side.

We left *nothing* on that table. The tea (both sweet and unsweet), the fountain, both great. The mild sauce was good and added flavor to the meat. The hot sauce wasn’t too hot, and really enhanced the meat. I ended up using a 50/50 blend of the two.

This was a superior BBQ experience. I like Van’s in Shawnee, but given the choice, I would take Robb’s over Van’s. Or do both!

We left around 1600. Our check was $38.58. Great value.

Billy Sims BBQ, Edmond, OK

12 October 2010

This was a great BBQ place! I had heard of this restaurant in the Oklahoma Gazette, and it showed up on Google Maps, so we gave it a try. We ate there last Saturday.

Ian ordered a half rack of pork ribs – real short ribs. I looked at them, and upgraded his order a a full rack. They were GREAT! I think these were some of the best ribs I have had this side of JTs. I graded them 9.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs. They didn’t have the same full, smoke flavor that JTs ribs have, but they had a nice red-brown crust, and they were tender and just juicy enough. They were also well populated with meat. Great stuff!

Raegan got a chicken caesar salad. It came with a packet of Ken’s caesor dressing, which was pretty good. The smoked chicken on top of it was excellent.

Erin got a frito chili pie. The chili was very good, even with a couple beans in it.

I got a two-meat dinner with chicken and brisket. The chicken was perfect, juicy (not dry in the slightest), and tasty. The brisket was moist and tender, and had a lot of beef flavor. My sides were BBQ beans (good) and green beans (OK).

The manager came around and asked if all was OK. We told him it was, and when he found out it was our first time, he recommended getting turkey the next time, and brought us a slice. It was also excellent – and will be ordered next time. Great stuff.

Tea was good and refill-yourself.

We got there around 1820, and two tables were occupied. We left around 1920, and three tables were occupied. This was a superior BBQ experience, I recommend it. Our check was $47.99.

As a side note, we were driving through Midwest City Sunday morning, and drove past another Billy Sims BBQ! It was either just opened (south of 15th on Air Depot) or is close to opening. This location is way too close to the office!

The County Line, San Antonio, TX

25 August 2010

The County Line BBQ on Urbanspoon

I started off this evening not terribly hungry, and very sweaty after my hike. A quick shower left me hungry, so I drove out to find something close and fast.

I drove past The County Line and thought I would check it out. It’s decor is an old saloon. Now, there is a County Line in Oklahoma City, and I thought from the different decor that they were not related. After checking the website, turns out they are the same place. Another location that I have eaten in is at Austin, with friends Jamie and Jim.

So since I had BBQ for lunch yesterday, I thought I would get a steak. I settled on a chicken fried steak. It was excellent! The basic CFS is $9.99, and the large is $12.99 (the large is TWO of the basic CFSs!). The CFS was mostly fork tender, but I had to cut through a couple tough places. There were also a couple voids in the breading, but not too big. The breading was not too sweet like it is a lot. I did have to ask for extra gravy. The gravy was interesting. It had some garlic in it, but you could also taste the flour, so it was made locally.

The meal came with two sides. I got mac and cheese, and it was cheesy and yummy, Erin would have approved. I also got pinto beans, and they were pretty basic. One thing about the sides – they were in a big soup cup.

I got iced tea – it came in a big plastic glass and was kept aggressively refilled.

I got there about 1810 and left about 1848. They have wifi (it’s WPA, the key is “Barbeque”). Service was good. The place was probably 50% filled the entire time I was there. My check was $12.95.

Rudy’s, Norman, OK

22 June 2010

Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

Raegan and the kids and I ate at this Rudy’s a couple years ago. We didn’t even know it was there, and we decided to eat there while in Norman to visit the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (a really, really cool museum, by the way). I seem to remember that Rudy’s was pretty good. I’ve seen Rudy’s in a number of places since then, and my good friend Jamie and her husband are fans.

I was taking Ian to summer camp and decided to take State Highway 9, which runs through Norman and then to Seminole; the camp is right off 9. So that was a good excuse ^H^H^H^H^H^H reason to hit Rudy’s again.

We got there at 1400. We had to wait 20 min to get served, as they had one register open, and the lady being served was getting a BOX of BBQ, and service was serial only. After about 15 min, they opened up two more registers, and the line started moving again.

Ian ordered the pork [spare] ribs, a bag of chips, and a drink. I got the pork ribs, a half pound of “wet” brisket, some Rudy’s beans (pintos), and tea.

The ribs were not bad. They were fairly tender, but they didn’t have a lot of flavor to them. I think they needed to be smoked just a little longer. They were also kind of short, but they had enough meat on them.

The brisket was excellent! Tender, juicy, and with a lot of flavor. Easily the best part of them meal.

The beans were pretty good, hot and with pieces of brisket cooked in.

There were two bottles of sauce on the table: “Sissy” and “Original”. The Sissy was very bland. The Original had a bit of spice and taste to it, but was not at all hot. I mixed the two 50/50 and they were pretty good.

The tea was good, in big cups, and serve yourself.

This was a good visit. I am going to always have the “wet” brisket with future meals, and try some of the pulled pork and other stuff. We left about 1445. Our check was $26.52 for the two of us. Kind of expensive. All the stuff there is ala cart – you order meat, and then if you want a side, they are extra. Good BBQ, though.

Hickory Hut, Salina, KS

20 April 2010

Hickory Hut on Urbanspoon

Oh my, this place was great! I found it via Google Maps. I had lunch there with two work friends today.

The sign out front says “Serious Barbeque”. After eating here, I would have to say that I think that is truth in advertising.

I got a two meat meal with brisket and chicken. It was a half plate of brisket, with the other half being baked beans and cole slaw. That would have been enough. There was a second plate with a half a smoked chicken!

The brisket was excellent, smoky, tender, and lean. There was one bit of tough gristle that I fished out. The slaw was somewhat creamy and had just a bit of bite to it. The beans were excellent, had a bit of some kind of meat (sausage, I think), and some brisket. The sides were really good.

The chicken was excellent. The only gripe I would have about this meal is that the chicken was just a little less moist in the middle of the breast meat. That’s not even really a gripe; the chicken was excellent.

The sauce on the table was dark red and medium-thick. It had good flavor and just a hint of spice. Truly mild.

Eddie gave me half his potato salad – it was plain but good. I was eyeing his ribs – they looked really good, I will get them the next time I eat here.

The iced tea was excellent, and self-serve.

We left about 1245. My check was $13.39.

I have to say that I think that Hickory Hut is a tremendous value. The sheer amount of food was amazing; for a person with a normal appetite, this way too much, and this could easily have fed two Raegans and an Erin. After some thought, I think that Hickory Hut is in my top 10 places to eat BBQ. On a scale of 1 to JTs on a restaurant head-to-head comparison, I’d say the Hut is a 9.8. I look forward to trying the ribs next time.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, Richardson, TX

14 January 2010

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

I first ate at a Sonny Bryans a couple years ago when I was at a conference near downtown Dallas. I went to the “original” SBs about a mile away, and found it closed (out of meat) at about 1400. I went back earlier the next day, and had a good meal. This location is tiny, and you literally sit at school desks – it’s quite uncomfortable.

Today a couple work friends and I went to the Sonny Bryans location on Campbell in Richardson, TX. It was a pretty good meal. I got a combo plate – one difference is that it was by weight (mine was 3/4 pound), and up to 3 meats. I got sliced brisket, pork ribs, and pulled chicken. The brisket was good, tender and without a lot of fat. The chicken was excellent. The ribs were… OK, about a 7 on a scale of 1 to JTs.

The combo came with a couple sides. I got cole slaw (creamy) and BBQ beans, which are pintos. Both were OK.

There was enough room to sit. One thing I liked – they had a series of bottles of BBQ sauce sitting on a warmer. It was good sauce, and warmed made it better. I had an iced tea, it was good, not strong, and there was lots of it.

The place was about 3/4 full when we got there at 1210, and about 90% full when we left at 1300. My check was $15.67. I would not mind going here again if somebody wanted to. I think that Dickey’s is better BBQ and certainly better sides, but Sonny’s isn’t bad.

Stevenson’s Barbeque, Pauls Valley, OK

1 December 2009

Stevenson BBQ on Urbanspoon

As I cruised down I-35 on my latest trip, I was getting hungry. I pulled off at Pauls Valley with the intention of grabbing a burger and pressing south, but I saw a big “BBQ” sign on a former Braum’s building, and decided to check that place out instead.

This place was pretty darn good. I ordered a two-meat with chicken and brisket. There was enough there to feed two people, or three if it was me, Raegan, and Erin.

The brisket was really tender. It was a little fatty, but not too much. There was really nice flavor to it. There was a LOT of it.

The chicken was huge! It was a full half chicken, truly smoked, and good!

I had slaw (creamy, not vinegar), and pintos, kind of sweet, both really good, and in good quantity.

Stevenson’s had mild and hot sauces. Both were thin. The mild had a taste I could not place. It was not overly flavorful. The hot was not immediately hot, but had an “aftertaste” that was more spicy. Not too much to detract from the food. I tried the two mixed 50%, and it was just odd. So I would recommend using just the hot to enhance the flavor of the meat. It was especially good on the chicken.

The tea was OK. There was a very slight odd taste to it, but it was also really hot since it had just been made. I drank the first glass of it straight, but the second glass went about 80% unsweetened, then about 5% sweet, then the rest unsweetened, and that was really good. On the way out, I got a DP, and it had the same slight odd taste! I think that it was the water in the place, maybe Pauls Valley did funny things in the water treatment plant.

My check was $14.65. A little high for one, but for a two-meat that was big enough for 2-1/2 people, not bad.

Salt Lick BBQ – Will Rogers World Airport

20 October 2009

Salt Lick BBQ on Urbanspoon

The food choices at OKC have not been terribly good ever, but improved a bit when the terminal was rebuilt a couple years ago. They got better again over the past month, when a mediocre pizza place got replaced by a BBQ place.

The Salt Lick is decent. I have heard of the original down near Austin, but haven’t made it there. The OKC location is not bad at all.

The menu included brisket, hot links, chicken, and some other stuff. I got a brisket platter, which included slaw, fries, and beans.

The slaw was… odd. It was not made of cabbage (although I think it had some cabbage); it was made of very small bits of chopped up raw broccoli. Now, I like broccoli, but I like it cooked (preferably steamed). There was some other stuff in there also. The dressing was, I think, very good. I didn’t eat much of it since I did not like the slaw.

The fries were good; they were home fries that weren’t too greasy. The beans were pretty standard pinto beans.

The brisket was another thing altogether. There was a lot of it, for one thing. The carving chunk was clearly smoked somewhere – no boiling or grilling here. The meat was tender and moist. There was not a lot of beef taste to the meat, but there was enough. The sauce was a thin mustard-based sauce (this is only the second mustard-based that I have tasted; the other one is at a place in O’Fallon, IL). The meat was medium-rare.

Salt Lick had a fountain, but didn’t even have fake iced tea. I went next door to Schlotskys, which had not only iced tea, but a machine out to get free refills of Dr. Pepper.

My total bill was $16.66 and some change. This was from $14.41 for the dinner, and then $1.99 and tax for the drink next door.

One note: Apparently Pepsi raided Will Rogers and got the soft drink contract. I’m not against Pepsi, but I do not like it as well as I did back in college. They do have Dr. Pepper in the machines. The Sonic next door still has Coke.

I noticed this at DFW a couple years ago. Pepsi is everywhere, except McDonalds. I don’t drink nearly as much Coke/whatever as I used to, but I still notice.

Bedlam Bar-B-Que

18 September 2009

Bedlam Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

Oh, this place was good. Really good. As an aside, I really enjoyed the Western and Native American themed paintings in the place. It was a very welcoming restaurant.

I ordered the Combo Dinner, which is two meats. I got smoked chicken and chopped brisket. The chicken was a bit (just a bit) dry, but really good. The brisket was really good. I got green beans (EXCELLENT) and mac and cheese for the sides. The mac and cheese could have used a little more cheese, but that’s trivial. The chicken, BTW, was breast meat that had been cut off the chicken, which made it a lot less messy (I try to reduce any BBQ to a pile of bones; preferably, the bones should look like they had been bleaching in the desert for a couple months).

I also had part of one of Ian’s four ribs. This was a Good Thing. On a scale of 1 to JT’s, that taste was a 9. Yes, 9 out of 10. It was GOOD. That good.

Erin got a kids meal with smoked turkey. It was tender and good.

Raegan got a Combo Dinner as well, with pulled pork and turkey. Both excellent, she said that the turkey was the best part.

They had two sauces. The “mild” was very sweet, and very, very mild. The “hot” was not all that hot, but was very tasty. I ended up mixing the two, about half and half, and it was a perfect mix.

Raegan got carrot cake for dessert, and she reported it was OK. A philosophical comment: do not go to a BBQ restaurant for carrot cake. A brownie, maybe. Cobbler, sure.

A note about the iced tea: The unsweetened tea was just what I would expect. Strong. The sweet tea? My very cute and tea-loving roommate said that the sweet tea was “exactly the way sweet tea is supposed to be made”, or words to that effect. It was good also (I don’t mind sweet tea, after all I drink Coke and Dr. Pepper), but it was really sweet.

This place was good. I look forward to my next visit.

Bedlam BBQ is just east of Lincoln on NE 50th. Our check was $47. The place had one family there when we got there around 1745, and we were the only ones there at 1845.

Boss Hawg’s, Topeka, KS

22 August 2009

Boss Hawgs Barbeque & Catering Company on Urbanspoon

I picked this restaurant more or less at random using the Google Maps app on my Blackberry. I was headed home from Omaha after a short trip there.

Boss Hawg’s is in a strip shopping center across from a nice park in Topeka. I got there around 1245, and was immediately seated. The place was about 50% occupied. There is wifi from the coffee shop next door!

The iced tea was good. One funny thing: one of the servers refilled my tea on the way by, and I took a big hit of it, and almost spit it across the room! Turns out it was raspberry tea. The server came back and asked if something was wrong, saying she had seen me make a horrible face. Then she looked at the pitcher she was carrying and went “Oh, I gave you the wrong stuff…”.

I started off with a cup of chili. It was OK. The chili was mostly beans (I think kidney, pintos, and some other kind). Very little meat flavor. The chili was served with a plate of tortilla chips, which was a nice change.

Since it was my first time, I got a three meat special (called The Hawg Heaven). It had a quarter chicken, a quarter rack of ribs, and a quarter pound of one of the other meats. I chose spareribs (baby back was the other choice) and brisket.

The ribs had potential. They had the same kind of dark crust that JTs ribs have. They had OK flavor, but almost no meat on them. I left a small pile of denuded bones behind. The brisket was decent. It was shaved very thin, was tender, and had a decent smoke flavor. The chicken was really, really good. It was juicy and smoky and just damn good. The next time I eat here, I will include chicken in the meal.

The lunch also came with cole slaw. It wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t bad. I really liked the french fries. Cornbread rounded out the meal, and it was a sweet cornbread that I brought home and had for a late snack.

There were two kinds of BBQ sauce on the table, one labeled sweet and the other labeled hot. The sweet was OK, but the hot was perfect. I wouldn’t even call it hot, it did not raise a sweat on my forehead. As usual, I disdained the ketchup and even dipped the fries in the BBQ sauce.

I would eat here again. My check was $25. The service was good. I think I would get chicken the next time, and maybe something else. I would not get the spareribs, since I do not think they provided good meat value for the money.

Van’s Pig Stand

20 June 2009

Van's Pig Stand (Shawnee) on Urbanspoon

We picked Erin up from St. Crispin’s camp outside of Seminole today, and joined an old friend and her kids for dinner at Van’s. We ate at the location in Shawnee, OK, on Harrison.

This is the fifth or sixth time we’ve been to this location. We have also eaten at the location in south Shawnee, and I’ve been to the one in Moore. All were good, but the Harrison location is best, I think.

I got a two-meat with ribs and chicken. The ribs were good, but seemed a bit dry and were fairly tender. The chicken was very tasty, although also a bit dry. The green beans were excellent, and the baked beans were also.

Raegan got a two-meat with turkey and pork. She also got a some pecan pie, so I got about half of hers. I really liked both the pork and turkey, although again, the turkey was a bit dry.

Ian got the rib dinner and liked it, and Erin got the turkey dinner and liked it also. The total tab for the four of us was right at $50.

I wonder if we had the last of the meat, since we got there around 1300. Maybe the stuff had been sitting in the warmer for a while and got a bit dry. I’ve always had good meat there before.

The iced tea was great as always.

We ate a lot of meals at the location in south Shawnee, but the quality was variable. A couple years ago, we tried the Harrison location, and aside from today, the quality has always been good (it wasn’t bad today, it should be noted, just things were a bit dry).

The “Dam” Smoker, Eustis, FL

19 June 2009

Dam Smoker Barbeque on Urbanspoon

As I cruised from Ocala National Forest towards Orlando this afternoon, and getting hungry, I was on the lookout for one of the “Fat Boys BBQ” restaurants, on the recommendation of fellow meeting attendee. I zipped past this place, and decided to check it out.

Oh my, oh my, oh my. On a scale of 1 to JT’s this place is about JT’s-0.5. The ribs were that good. The only thing I could count them down on was that the skin of the ribs wasn’t smoked quite as dark as JT’s does them. I think that’s why the ribs were just a touch juicer than JT’s, and just not quite fall-off-the-bone, but they were really close. They were truly smoked, and very, very tender. The smoke taste of the ribs was very interesting, a subtle but really good taste and aftertaste. I asked what they smoked with and got told it was a secret. Whatever, it was really good.

My order was $12.90, and for that, I got five ribs (three large and two medium), two sides, a huge drink (great iced tea!), and a slice of white bread (which got fed to the squirrels).

The BBQ beans were OK. The green beans were outstanding! A wonderful taste.

This place does take out and eat in; the eat in part closed at 1930, and the take out at 2000. One strange thing, they take either cash or a debit card (not a credit card). The debit card reader is on the take out side, and you get charged a $0.90 surcharge for using a debit card.

This place is just north of Eustis proper, at the intersection of FL 19 and FL 19A. The “DAM” comes from the small levee just to the north of the building.

If you like BBQ and are north of Orlando, check it out, it’s DAM good.

Billy Craig’s BBQ, Del City, OK

8 June 2009

Billy Craig's BBQ on Urbanspoon

A couple work buddies ran across this place, and talked me into trying it instead of going to JT’s for lunch today.

It was pretty good. The restaurant is in a former Subway sandwich shop at SE 59th and Sooner Road in Del City. I got a two meat lunch with chopped pork and chopped brisket. The meat was tasty and was not greasy. I got baked beans (with some brisket pieces in the mix) and mac and cheese for the sides. The beans were good, and the m&c was bland. The cost was pretty reasonable (about $10), and the drink is included in that price.

I’ll try the ribs the next time, but I would also not mind going back and getting brisket or pork again.

Dickeys BBQ, Dallas

20 May 2009

Dickey's Barbecue Pit on Urbanspoon

I like Dickeys. They started in Dallas, and are all over the Metroplex, and even in a number of other states.

I had lunch this afternoon at the Dickeys on Plano Road in Richardson, TX. I got a three-meat with ribs, chicken, and brisket. The ribs were not bad, but the chicken was really dry. The brisket was excellent. The sides at Dickeys are always good. I had green beans and potatoes au gratin. The iced tea was excellent.

13 Aug 2009 Update:

Ate lunch at the same place. Got a two-meat special with pulled pork and brisket, with sides of green beans and potatoes au gratin. All just outstanding. Wanted to get ribs for dessert.

Dickeys BBQ Pit, Dallas

23 March 2009

DFW airport has a couple of Dickeys. The one outside of Gate A16 has an “indoor” sitting area, which is nice.

I got to eat lunch there today while passing through. I got brisket, which was perfect, and sides of green beans and potato casserole. These also have real iced tea, instead of the concentrate stuff most of the airport restaurants sell.

Update: 27 June 2009

Since I wrote the original post, I have scarfed at two Dickey’s in the NE Metroplex.

A couple weeks ago, some work friends and I ate at the Dickey’s on Plano Road in Richardson. I got the brisket and turkey. The brisket was pretty good, the turkey was outstanding. I got my usual green beans and potato au gratin, both great.

On Thursday my very cute roommate and I joined two work friends at the Dickey’s on 15th Street in Plano, TX. I got the brisket dinner, and it was excellent. Raegan got the smoked turkey and pronounced it very good.