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Papa Reno, Bellevue, NE

25 August 2016

Papa Reno's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This restaurant is in the location once occupied by my beloved Mama Alvino’s. I will try very hard not to compare the two.

I had lunch here today with a work friend. We both had calzones. Mine was pepperoni and sausage. The calzone was not that large, and I thought that it was very light in the stuffing (read: there wasn’t much pepperoni or sausage). There was quite a lot of cheese. I would like to make a recommendation to the staff: you might not want to cut the calzone in half before serving, as it spills its cheese guts out; I think it should be plated and served uncut. The crust was pretty good, just the right amount of chewy and decent flavor. The marinara was OK, and each calzone comes with some on the side.

They don’t have real iced tea, but the Dr. Pepper wasn’t bad. Service was pretty fast. The food was OK. My check was $10.64. I will go back, and probably try the pizza next time.

Siam Cuisine, Bellevue, NE

3 May 2014

Siam Cuisine on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here last Tuesday with my friends Wendy and Wes (I just noticed that the receipt was off by a day). We all got the buffet. It was a smallish buffet, but the items were pretty good. I particularly liked the red curry, which was marked as spicy but really wasn’t. I got some chicken items as well.

The iced tea was good and kept refilled. My check was $9.00. Not bad at all.

Imperial Palace, Bellevue, NE

28 March 2014

Imperial Palace Express on Urbanspoon

I was looking for fast lunch food close to Offutt, and decided to hit Imperial Palace. I haven’t been here in years. It was extra pleasant since I ran into a buddy of mine there.

I got #13, the chicken fried rice. It had a goodly amount of chicken, was perfectly tossed, and just the right amount for lunch. It tasted very good. I got excellent iced tea with it.

My check was $8.03, excellent value. Recommended.

Sam and Louie’s Pizza, Bellevue, NE

28 March 2014

Sam & Louie's New York Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here yesterday. It’s not bad. I got a small (12″) pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and hamburger. And then I ate all of it. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was pretty darn good.

The iced tea was Gold Peak and not very good, so I switched to Coke. My check was only $6.39. In and out pretty fast, and decent pizza.

Don and Millie’s, Bellevue, NE

15 May 2013

Don & Millie's on Urbanspoon

It’s been a while since I was at this Don and Millie’s location. It was very good.

I got a Double Don, which is a double meat bacon cheeseburger. I got the fries with chili (very good!) and cheese (nacho queso). The fries were pretty darn good. The cheeseburger was very good, with a nice crust and texture, and very good flavor; just the right amount of juicy.

The iced tea was pretty darn good as well, and service was outstanding and friendly. My check was $10.36. Good stuff.

Lil’ Burro, Bellevue, NE

15 May 2013

Lil' Burro on Urbanspoon

I haven’t eaten at the Lil’ Burro for a while, so we went there for lunch yesterday. It was excellent. The last time I was there, the place was cash only, and now they take credit cards, which is nice.

I got the ground beef chimichanga. It comes with green chili sauce poured over it, and I asked for chili con carne instead. We had a language issue, at the end of which it was suggested that I try a spicy pork gravy over the chimi. I was warned that it was pretty spicy, but when it came, I thought it was only moderately spicy, and was hugely flavorful. The chimi was excellent, with the right amount of seasoned beef and cheese, and cooked up perfectly. The sides of beans and rice were very good also.

Service was right on the money, and the iced tea was excellent. My check was $11.05. Great food!

Culver’s, Bellevue, NE

13 May 2013

Culver's on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here today with two work friends. I got the two piece chicken dinner (both breasts) with cole slaw and mashers. Great meal! The chicken was plump and juicy and tasty. The mashers and gravy were very good, and the cole slaw was pretty much perfect. The iced tea was very good.

My check was $10.11. Service was prompt and very friendly. Good stuff!

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Bellevue, NE

8 May 2013

Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

I’ve had lunch and dinner at this location several times over the past couple years. Brad and I had dinner here this evening after a couple sets of tennis at the Offutt Field House.

First, I’ve never seen this location as crowded as it was. We got there about 1815, and the line was out of the door. It moved more slowly than I am used to at other Chipotles locations.

I got one of my two “usuals”: a burrito bowl, white rice, black beans, barbacoa, hot salsa, lettuce, and cheese. It was just as I expected, hot, tasty, and filling. I thought it needed a bit more barbacoa (but not a double order).

The tea was great as always. My check was $9.15. Inexpensive, *not* cheeseburger, pretty fast, and tasty.

That’s Amore, Bellevue, NE

29 March 2013

That's Amore on Urbanspoon

My friend Clark and I were looking for a late dinner this evening. We drove by Stella’s, but there was a line out of the door. Instead, we drove to downtown Bellevue and checked out That’s Amore.

We started off with a plate of BBQ chicken wings. Yes, BBQ wings at an Italian place. They were great! Plump, tasty, the BBQ sauce was very good, and with very nice homemade ranch and bleu cheese dressing to dip them in. I liked those wings.

The meal came with a very nice mixed greens salad with more of that ranch dressing. Good stuff.

I got fettuccine and chicken al fredo. I can’t say this part of the meal was bad, but I will say it was bland. There wasn’t just a huge amount of al fredo on the dish, but what was there wasn’t rich or overly flavorful. The noodles were OK. So I think that the meal could have been somewhat more tasty.

Service was super friendly and outstanding. My check was $21.94 (the wings were $7.50 of that). So not a bad meal, but could stand some improvement. I’d like to go back and try the meat sauce.

Panera Bread, Bellevue, NE

29 March 2013

Panera Bread on Urbanspoon

I had a late snack today at this Panera. I like the food at Panera in general, but I find myself stopping by for snacks more than anything. Today I worked through lunch, and was quite hungry around 1700, so I had a peanut butter cookie and iced tea. The PB cookie was really good, and the tea was pretty darn good as well.

Yesterday I did the same thing, except it was really cold, so I had a a large hot tea and a chocolate chip cookie. One thing about Panera: they will give you very nearly boiling water out of their steamer, and that extra hot water certainly helps the tea steep in all it’s goodness.

Service was a little slow today, but they quickly brought two more cashiers to bring the line down. My check was only $4.47. Great place for a snack and a place to read the paper, or catch up online.

Ixtapa Mexican Grill, Bellevue, NE

28 March 2013

Ixtapa Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here this evening with my friend Clark, on the recommendation of my friend Karren. It helped that it was only about a block from the hotel.

First of all, I loved the salsa; it was a perfect consistency, and just the right amount of heat. I think the chips could be a little thinner and crispier.

I got mixed chicken and beef fajitas. They were pretty darn good. Kind of heavy on tomatoes. I was concerned the onions might not be fully cooked, but it turned out to not be an issue. The fajitas had very good flavor, and both meats were nice and tender. I crushed a couple pieces of lime over the plate just after the “sizzle” stopped. The sides of beans and rice were decent.

The iced tea was outstanding, strong and dark. Service was very good. My check was $14.70. I would gladly go back to Ixtapa.

Famous Dave’s, Bellevue, NE

20 February 2013

Famous Dave's on Urbanspoon

I’ve been to this location several times over the past couple years. It is consistently decent BBQ. Last night I had dinner here with my friend Ron.

I ordered a dozen wings to start. They were OK, but a little on the small side, and had little meat. I had a two-meat special with brisket and BBQ chicken. Both of the meats were excellent. Both were tender, had great flavor, and were just the right amount. I particularly liked the chicken, it was moist all the way through.

I had beans (very good) and fried potato wedges as my sides. The iced tea was great, and kept refilled. Service was perfect, very friendly and always available. My check was $29.39 (the wings were almost $10 of that).

I generally do not get the ribs at FDs, but the rest of the menu items are pretty darn good, especially for a chain.

Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, Bellevue, NE

28 March 2012

Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Clark and I ate at Mi Casa Monday evening. It was very good. We got there about 1915 and left about an hour later. One note: this is probably the only Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant I have been to that does not automatically bring chips and salsa.

We started off with beef and bean nachos. LOTS of beef and bean! Really good stuff.

The menu is limited. I order a #6, which is three beef enchiladas. I got them with ground beef. They were unusual. It was more like there was a bottom tortilla, with a LOT of ground beef and enchilada filling in it, and then overlaid with another tortilla, which was sealed to the bottom one and baked. It was good, though. Just not what I expected (not always a bad thing). The beans and rice on the side were pretty much as expected.

I got a dessert. It was flan, which was kind of a custard. Really good. I can’t find my check, but it was on the order of $8. The tea was really good, service was really good. This was a really good local place, I will be glad to eat here again.

Karray’s Cafe, Bellevue, NE

23 March 2012

Karrays Cafe on Urbanspoon

I ate at Karray’s more than a year ago, and liked it. I didn’t have the opportunity to return until today, when I walked to Karray’s from my hotel for breakfast.

And a good breakfast it was! I had chicken fried steak and eggs (over easy), with hash browns and toast. It was all excellent. The hash browns in particular were perfect – cooked all the way through and yet not scorched, with a nice brown crust on them. The CFS was very good (I’d give it a 9.5 out of 10), fork tender and with decent flavor. The gravy that came with the CFS was a great addition. I asked for more, and ate all of it on both the CFS and for the hash browns. The eggs were cooked just like I like them.

The iced tea was excellent. Service was pretty much perfect, the tea was kept full. I got there about 0815 and left about 30 minutes later. My check was $11.75. There are other interesting breakfast items on the menu that I would also like to try. Recommended.

Stella’s, Bellevue, NE

16 February 2012

Stella's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

Stella’s is a Bellevue institution. I first ate here probably ten years ago, when Stella’s was in a building that could be charitablly described as a dump. It got rebuilt a couple years ago, and enlarged a bit in the process, but the burgers are the same – excellent.

I went to Stella’s today with three other guys. We got there around noon and the place was packed (we got the last table), and when we left at 1300 the place was still packed, with a couple people waiting for a table.

I got a double cheeseburger. The thing is proably more than 2/3 lbs of meat. Very good meat. The burger has some of the best flavor to be found in a restaurant. There is a little bit of black pepper cooked in to the meat. The bread is a good, fairly dense and tasty in its own right. The burgers are served on a napkin. I got mine with mayo and pickles. That cheeseburger was a 10!

I got onion rings with the burger. They were excellent. The onion was cooked all the way through and was sweet. The breading was just the right thickness and adhered well to the onion. Great stuff. I got iced tea as usual, it was perfect.

My check was $13.38. Great price for a great meal. Stella’s is a keeper for anyone who visits Bellevue.

La Mesa Mexican Restaurant, Bellevue, NE

14 February 2012

La Mesa on Urbanspoon

La Mesa is a chainlet in the Omaha area. I have to say up front that La Mesa has the best fajitas I’ve had anywhere. This evening Clark and Brad and I hit La Mesa for dinner after work.

I got the fajitas as usual, mixed chicken and beef. They were wonderful, all the meat was tender, the onions were cooked completely, and the tomatoes added a nice flavor. I used the included lemons to add lemon juice during the sizzle phase still happening after the food was delivered.

The iced tea was good. The chips were a bit thick and hard, but the salsa was, as usual, perfect. Service was very good; our iced tea never ran out.


Sinful Burger, Bellevue, NE

14 February 2012

Sinful Burger Sports Grill on Urbanspoon

I love cheeseburgers. So when Clark suggested trying out Sinful Burger, which was very near my hotel, I was happy to check it out.

We got there around 2110; the place was empty. We were the only two customers.

I ordered a basic Sinful Burger, with onion rings. I also ordered a side of chili to check out. The burger was OK at best. The “deal” about Sinful Burger is that the cheese part of the burger is inside the patty. So they form the patty around the cheese, and then grill it up. When you bite into the burger, the cheese oozes out. So the burger really had little flavor to the beef. The cheese was good. The burger was very juicy, but the flavor was just not there. I ate the thing, but it wasn’t good enough to make me want to come back.

The onion rings were excellent. Clearly breaded there, thin sliced, and wonderful flavor. The chili had a lot of beans in it, and was trying to be a sorta-southwestern chili. I won’t get it again. The tea was OK. I think it was Gold Coast tea, and just off tasting as usual.

Service was very good. Our check for two was $21.38 (essentially two basic burgers, fries/rings, and tea). Would I go back? Maybe. If someone else wanted to go, I would go. But if I have my own choice, I would head to Smashburger on the other side of the building, or to Five Guys a bit farther away.

DJ’s Dugout, Bellevue, NE

6 May 2011

DJ's Dugout on Urbanspoon

DJ’s used to be in a strip shopping center a block north of the freestanding building it is in now. I dimly remember having a meal there many years ago. Some work friends suggested it for lunch today, and it was pretty good.

We got there around noon and left around 1300, the place was crowded but we were seated immediately.

I got iced tea; it was from concentrate but wasn’t too bad. We went there for the special of the (Thurs) day, it is a ribeye with potato for $7.99. Mine was a perfect medium, pretty tender, and had good flavor. For an $8 9-oz steak, not too bad. I got fries, they were OK. The meal also came with a decent salad.

There are lots of TVs all around, and a Keno area if you are into that. My check was $11.29 with the drink, and service was good. This is not a bad option for a Thursday lunch. My companions reported that the rest of the food on the menu is good also.

Smashburger, Bellevue, NE

18 March 2011

Smashburger on Urbanspoon

OK, I’ve noted before that I like cheeseburgers. I have heard of Smashburger over the past couple years. The last time I was in the Omaha area I noticed that one had opened up just a block from my usual hotel there.

I had dinner there this evening. One thing I overheard was one of the managers tell another customer that they were not “fast food”, but they were “quick dining”, or something like that.

I got a “classic big smash”. For a side, I got haystack onions, which most any other place would call onion straws. The onions were excellent, crispy and flavorful, and the onion was fully cooked. These came with a dipping sauce that had some catsup, and some horseradish, and maybe ranch dressing in it; it reminded me some of fry sauce from Utah. It was OK; the horseradish dominated the flavor. Next time I will ask if they have plain ranch, or BBQ sauce.

I got there around 1700, and left around 1745. My check was $10.45.

The burger was… huge. It had to be a 2/3rds pound of beef. It was cooked medium rare, which I was surprised was not disclosed. I will be sure that I ask for it to be medium well next time (and there will be a next time). The burger had a nice crust, good texture, and decent taste. I did add just the lightest sprinkling of salt to the last half of the burger. I got it with pickles (thick bread and butter pickles), lettuce (a largish leaf, and their Smashsauce (or something like that), which is a mix of mayo, mustard, catsup, and something else (the manager described it as similar to deviled egg filling, and I concur with that). This was messy burger, enough grease dripped off that it worked through the wax paper and on to the table. I went through four napkins; there was a lot of Smashsauce as well.

The tea, surprisingly, was Tazo black, and as such was very good, even iced. They have self serve tea and Coke and such.

Smashburger was not the best burger I’ve had, and it was far from the worst. I don’t know that it is in my top ten, but it’s pretty darn good regardless. You could do far worse than to eat a Smashburger.

Stella’s Bar and Grill, Bellevue, NE

3 December 2010

This is about the “new” Stella’s. The “old” Stella’s was a rathole by any standard, but made darn fine cheeseburgers. The old building was torn down, and another built in it’s place. The burgers are just as good.

We got there today around 1215. We had to shoehorn three of us around a two-top, since the place was about 95% full. We got our orders in pretty quick, though.

I got iced tea, a double cheeseburger, and a bowl of chili. The tea was good, the burger outstanding. It has wonderful beef flavor, and was hotter than heck right off the grill. Not to greasy, but nice and juicy. The chili was OK. No heat, and a lot of kidney beans and bits and pieces of non-meat. Good flavor, though.

We left around 1300. My check was $13.11. Service was good in spite of the large number of people. Great cheeseburgers!

Swine Dining, Bellevue, NE

3 December 2010

Swine Dining BBQ on Urbanspoon

This place has real potential. The history I got is that they used to sell their BBQ out of a truck at various locations in Bellevue, mainly along Galvin Road. They recently opened up in a newish building just east of downtown on Highway 370.

A couple friends and I went there for lunch today. We got there around 1230. The place was about empty.

The ordering concept is a bit odd. There is a paper menu and a bunch of pencils, and you check off what you want. It looks like pretty much sandwiches only for lunch, and I think you can get dinners in the evening.

I got “The Whole Hog”, or something like that. It’s a hoagy roll with a fair amount of chopped everything they have, including sausage. That was some pretty darn good meat! I didn’t have much of the bread, there was so much meat. I tried both the mild and hot sauce. The mild was OK, little taste or heat. The hot had some good flavor enhancement and wasn’t too spicy at all.

It came with two sides; I got baked beans (decent), and cole slaw (creamy, also decent). The tea was self serve and good.

We left about 1310. My check was $7.10. I look forward to going back, that’s some of the best BBQ I have had in Omaha.

Karray’s Cafe, Bellevue, NE

3 December 2010

This place is just a block away from my favorite hotel in the Bellevue area. It’s open 0630-1400 everyday but Sunday. I dropped in there for lunch yesterday since I had a longer-than-normal lunch.

I got there around 1145, and was seated immediately. There were about five tables occupied out of about 25. I ordered iced tea, and the lunch special – shepard’s pie!

The tea got there quickly. It was not that good, but it wasn’t so bad that I sent it back. I think it was a concentrate like Gold Coast, which is highly variable.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Restaurants ought to brew their iced tea (in dedicated containers) instead of buying concentrate or using instant (which is a dining crime, in my opinion). It has to be less expensive, and it tastes better.

Moving on. The shepard’s pie arrived shortly. It was pretty good. I think they made some of the filling by using ground beef and a spice and seasoning mix, mixed in some corn, then topped it with clumps of mashers, and stuck it in the over for a couple minutes to crisp up the mashers.

it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t true shepard’s pie. It should have had carrots and peas in it, and it should have been completely covered with mashers and then baked until hotter than heck and with a crust on the mashers.

But I would get it again! I ended the meal with an excellent piece of chocolate pie.

I left around 1245; the restaurant was about 40% full. My check was $11.70. Service wasn’t bad. I’d like to try Karray’s for breakfast.

Culver’s, Bellevue, NE

13 April 2010

Culver’s is a chainlet that has a decent variety of food. They are best known, I guess, for their “Butter Burgers”, and those are pretty good.

On this visit, a group of work fiends and I went for lunch to the Culver’s in Bellevue, NE, since we were at a meeting at a nearby Large Defense Contractor.

They had a sign out front: “Return Of BBQ Brisket”. How could I resist that? So I ordered it. It came with a decent amount of sliced beef with some sort of hickory/BBQ sauce slathered on top. Smoked – no way. Roasted, somewhat. Brisket? Nope. It tasted good, but it should be labeled “Sliced Roast Beef With BBQ Sauce”. It came with fries (pretty good), and I got iced tea (not so good, it had a strong coffee flavor contamination, so I switched to Dr. Pepper). I also got a cup of chili. Not that much meat, but the spice heat was nice for the chilly day out.

We got there around 1300, and the place was pretty much empty. My check was $10.63. We left close to 1400, and the place was pretty much empty.

One thing I like about this location is the airplane models and drawings used for decor, including an E-4A and an EC-135.

Lansky’s, Bellevue, NE

8 April 2010

Lansky's Pizza Pasta Philly on Urbanspoon

This place is just off NE 370 in Bellevue. I’ve eaten here a couple times over the past couple years. I suggested it to a group of work friends this evening, mainly because it is close to the hotel a number of us were staying in.

We got there around 1915, and the place was mostly empty.

I had tea (good) and Alfredo Chicken. The tea (and salad bar) are self serve. The chicken alfredo was good. The alfredo had a certain taste to it, the same taste as the alfredo as Johnny Corrino’s serves. It’s not bad, it’s just different. The meal was noodle-heavy, but had enough alfredo and chicken to make it a good meal.

In the past, I have had pepperoni pizza and cheesesteak. They were good.

We left around 2100. The place was actually a bit more full than when we arrived. My check was $10.14.

Varsity Sports Grill, or Roman Coin Pizza, Bellevue, NE

11 February 2010

Varsity Sports Cafe and Roman Coin Pizza on Urbanspoon

Two names, take your pick. I have no idea why. I will use Varsity to refer to them here.

This place is about a block away from my favorite hotel in Bellevue, the Hampton Inn. I have had several recommendations for the Varsity over the past year or so. I’ve looked at the menu online before, and it seemed OK. Tonight, I was not terribly hungry, and I wanted to walk to clear my head, so I headed over there on foot.

It was not a good start. I sat at a table and was roundly ignored for about 15 min. I read my Omaha World Herald and waited. Eventually, a very busy server that moved fast and frequently dropped a menu and took my drink order, my usual, iced tea.

The tea sucked. Later, I looked at my bill, and the bill said “Nestea” (which at first I misread as “Nasty”). I personally think that the Nestea corporation should be disallowed by law to say they make tea. That stuff sux. I had the server change it to Coke, and she even said it wasn’t very good.

I ordered a double bacon cheeseburger. It came without bacon. I didn’t complain. The burger had potential. It had some good beef flavor, but the two patties were just a bit scorched on one side.

I got onion rings. They were an extra charge, but the extra charge didn’t show on my bill, so I took that as fair trade for the lack of bacon on my cheeseburger. They were OK. The onion was pretty tough. I had to gnaw through it. The breading was clearly machine-made. A bright spot – the onion ring dip was a combination of mayonnaise and chipotle sauce, and it was pretty good.

Since it’s a sports grill/bar, there are a lot of TVs playing sports. The place has WiFi. It is lit enough to be able to read a paper or work a puzzle. The music started out as rock, but changed to rap. It wasn’t too loud to totally overwhelm.

The service, which started out pretty bad, got better over time. When I got there at 1820, about a third of the tables were occupied. When I left around 1940, it was about 60% full. My check was $12.26.

Would I go back? Maybe, especially if I was just looking for appetizers (except for the onion rings). This place supposedly has killer pizza; I would try it next time.

China Buffet, Bellevue, NE

18 December 2009

China Buffet on Urbanspoon

I have eaten at this place several times in the past year or so. It’s on Highway 370, just to the east of 36th street.

This particular evening, the air temp was about 8F. When I got to the place, I had three cups of egg drop soup to warm up a bit. It’s a thick soup with lots of egg white floating around, and hotter than heck. Just want was needed for the cold temps outside.

China Buffet has a standard super buffet of food. I usually get a lot of fried rice, and sweet and sour chicken (or pork, sometimes). It’s good, hot, and plentiful.

China Buffet also has (included) a Mongolian Grill. You go through a line and pick out one or more meats (I like beef and chicken, but they also have pork, shrimp, and other seafood), then load up on veggies and sauces. Then whole lot of it is dumped on a huge flat-top stove and essentially sauteed until everything is cooked.

I’ve gone through the line twice here a couple times. The iced tea is good, although the servers are sometimes a little slow in refilling.

My check this time was $11.98. I think that the value provided here is outstanding. The place was about 70% full when I got there at 1900 on a cold Nebraska night (did I hear Michael Murphy in the distance?), and about 90% full when I left around 2030. Really good.

Lil Burro, Bellevue, NE

18 December 2009

Lil' Burro on Urbanspoon

This little place is on Capehart Road about a mile west of Offutt AFB, NE. It’s been there for years.

I ate there this week during my latest trip to the Omaha area. This time I got a two-enchilada dinner, with one ground beef and one shredded chicken enchilada. The whole thing is covered with cheese and enchilada sauce, and comes with rice and refried beans. There was something off about the meal; the enchilada sauce seemed a bit sharp. The meal was Tuesday and I haven’t died, so it must have been OK. The rice seemed a bit different also, the orange coloration was really vivid. The enchiladas were excellent.

I got a cup of the gringo chili (chile con carne), and it was pretty good. Not hardly spicy at all.

I have had a number of things here over the years. In particular, they make a really, really good half-pound cheeseburger.

They have good tea. One caveat – they do not take American Express. Visa and MC, and cash, OK. My check was $10.97.

Mama Alvinos, Bellevue, NE

23 July 2009

Mama Alvino's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I have a policy that I will not write about restaurants in this blog that I have not been to recently. Otherwise, I would spend all my time writing and playing catch-up, since I have been to literally hundreds of good restaurants over just the past five years.

That being said, I’ve been waiting to write about Mama Alvinos in Bellevue. I have been eating at this place since about 10 years ago. My usual meal is a large Meat Eater calzone, that that’s what I got for lunch yesterday. One thing that Mama’s does is put a bit of marinara into the calzone; it really adds some flavor to the thing as you start eating it. Lance got a Big Momma, and he agrees that if he lived in Bellevue then Mama’s addiction would cost him in put-on pounds.

I have the family up here also. At the end of the work day, I went back to the hotel and got them for dinner, and my very cute and pasta-loving roommate announced she would like to go to Mama’s for dinner. Sure, said I.

Raegan and I split a pizza. She got half with Canadian bacon, black olives, and some other stuff. I got mine as a Meat Eater – pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, and Canadian bacon. The pizza was excellent. It has a doughy, yeasty crust that is firm but flavorful. The meats went right along with the rest of the pizza. I could even say that they could have put a bit more pizza sauce on the pizza, but they brought some extra and I used all of it.

Ian got a Chicken Parmesan. We both tried it, and agreed that it was one of the best we had ever tried. Unfortunately, Ian ate every bit.

Erin got a personal cheese pizza and liked it a lot.

We got an order of cheese covered garlic bread for an opening, and three dinner salads. All were really good.

The tea is always really good, and I checked out Erin’s lemonade and it was good also. Highly recommended.