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Black Bear Diner, Salt Lake City, UT

24 March 2016

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I had dinner here with work friends Monday evening. It was close to my hotel.

I had the roast beef dinner, with the standard sides. It was decent, mostly fork tender, and had decent flavor. It wasn’t the best roast beast I’ve had, but it was good for dinner that night. I had chicken soup instead of a salad.

The iced tea was OK. Service was really spotty. We didn’t get flatware until the meal was tabled, and getting drink refills was on the slow side.

My check was $17.88. I am on the fence here. I have been to a number of the Black Bear Diners in various parts of the West. I think that quality has been dropping, and I wonder if the BBD is falling to prepackaged food as a result of expansion. I hope not.


Black Bear Diner, Sacramento, CA (Natomas)

2 February 2014

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I have been to several Black Bear Diners, and they are good enough that I keep going back. Thursday evening, my friends Ron and Eddie and I were looking for dinner, and the Black Bear was nearby, so we headed that way.

I got the fried chicken. Four pieces, not huge, but cooked like fried chicken should be. It came with mashers and decent gravy, and mixed veg, all of which was consumed. A solid meal.

Service was fast and friendly, and the iced tea was very good. My check was $22.10.

Black Bear Diner, Colorado Springs, CO

28 September 2011

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When I was driving from Sacramento to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park, I stopped at a Black Bear Diner off of I-5, and liked it. I drove past this diner when I was tooling around Colorado Springs Monday, and realized that I had eaten in the Diner here about five years ago.

I went there for dinner Monday evening. The meal started off with a very good chicken noodle soup. Thick and hot and not too salty, and very good. The soup came with a very good cornbread, that was hot from the oven, and served with warm, sweet butter. Yum.

The only downer part of the meal came when my entree was served while I was only about half done with the soup.

I ordered pot roast. It was huge!

The pot roast was OK. Most of it was tender, but a couple pieces required some effort to cut apart. The flavor was OK, not spectacular. The pot roast came with mashers. Both roast and potatoes had a decent brown gravy over them; more gravy was requested and delivered. The meal came with green beans. These were very, very good, and had some onion and a significant amount of chopped up bacon. The plate had a lot of celery (not so good) and a couple (ONLY) carrot pieces. Should have had more carrot and less celery. There was also some red/purple onion that needed to be cooked more.

I decided that some cobbler would be good. It came hot, and had a largish scoop of ice cream on top.

The cobbler was huge. It was baked like a chicken pot pie – a complete shell, filled with peaches. The peach was flavored with cinnamon. It was really good, and hotter than heck when it was served. The ice cream was good for cooling it down, and adding some more flavor.

I got iced tea, it was strong and kept refilled.

I got there around 1715 and left around 1830. My check was $19.30. There was a lot of food there. I probably could have split my pot roast with Raegan and we both would have been happy about it. Same with the cobbler. Service was excellent.

I’d eat here again, and not wait five or so years.

Black Bear Diner, Willows, CA

18 August 2010

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I was cruising up I-5 yesterday on the way to Lassen Volcanic National Park, and I saw the sign for Black Bear on the side of the road, so I stopped in to get some lunch.

When I was seated, I had the thought form in the back of my mind that I had been in the place before. I looked up the locations, and it turns out that I had eaten in the Black Bear Diner in Colorado Springs, CO, several years ago. I think I liked it.

It wasn’t a very good start. While the host brought me iced tea, I was not seen by my server for almost 15 minutes. At best, she was curt. Not unfriendly, but never stopping at the table for more than a few seconds. My iced tea ran out twice, and it took a bit to get my check. It was probably just her.

They serve breakfast all day, so I got the chicken fried steak and eggs. The CFS was really good, breaded on site, and the beef was nice and fork tender and tasty. The eggs were good. The “hash browns” were really shaved, thin strips of potato. They needed to be cooked a little more, and could have used some onion or something for some more flavor. The gravy helped! It was really good. The meal came with an ENORMOUS biscuit. The biscuit was pretty dry and a bit hard, but was clearly baked on site.

I got there around 1220, and left at 1320. My check was $12.10. I liked the food and would eat at another Black Bear.