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Victoria’s Diner, Boston, MA

4 August 2016

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This was the best meal I have had in the Boston area, ever.

We started out with some excellent iced tea. Great stuff. I had a bowl of beef stew that I would have been happy to get anywhere. Big chunks of braised beef, veg, and wonderful broth, all tender and highly flavorable. YUM!

Raegan had baked haddock, and ate all of it, reporting it excellent. Erin had a bowl of mac and cheese, it was great, as I had about 10 bites of it. She liked it too. I had steak tips with mashed potatoes, gravy, and baked beans. All excellent! The steak tips were tender and had great beef flavor. I loved the mashers and gravy. The beans were good also. I could finish the tips, but between the stew, Erin’s mac and cheese, and the tips, I left a small pile of taters and 80% of the beans.

We finished the meal off with a huge piece of very good chocolate cake.

Service was very friendly and fast. The food was excellent. The iced tea was welcome. Our check was $80.14. Recommended, I would go back any time.


Papas Roast Beef and Pizza, Boston, MA

7 February 2013

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My buddy Ron and I were taking a stroll through breezy and cold Boston, and needed dinner. We had walked by Papas earlier, and needed dinner, so we decided to give it a try.

We both got a Super Beef and a drink. The beef was thinly-sliced and coarsely chopped medium-rare roast beef. The beef had a bbq-like sauce and mayo on it (fry sauce!), on a bun that I think was an egg bun with toasted onions on it. It was pretty good, albeit quite messy. Ron went after his with a fork, and I tried to treat it like a sandwich, although there was a lot of rebuildiing going on.

They advertised fresh brewed tea, but there wasn’t any while were there (about 1745). Service was fast. My check was $9.90. Good stuff.

Some Cool Things From The Air, and The Ground

8 March 2010

I took a trip last week to Boston, my first substantial trip there ever. I had checked the flight routing, and there might have been a chance to get aerial views of DC, Philadelphia, and New York, but a big offshore storm and clouds from central TN on screwed the chances for that. I did see a couple neat things.

My flight left OKC at 0600. Zzzz…. When we departed DFW, there was a fairly thick layer at about 400ft that the tall buildings in downtown Dallas poked through.

We climbed out and headed ENE. After a bit, off in the distance to the north I saw Little Rock and the former SAC base NE of downtown.

But what really caught my eye was a large number of oxbows along the course of the Arkansas River.

This picture is a melding of two shots I took a minute or so apart. I am guessing the picture area is a hundred or so square miles. Little Rock is dimly visible in the upper left of the picture, and the Arkansas River flows down left of center. The number of oxbows is amazing! Some have water, some have eroded and filled in somewhat. The power of the flowing water is amazing.

A bit later we flew just to the south of downtown Memphis. The big pyramid is visible next to the Mississippi River. The first shot is from almost due south, the next from about 10 more miles east.

We ran into (well, over) thick clouds about five minutes later, I would guess somewhere near Nashville.

The really cool thing about this was the abrupt nature of the west edge of the cloud bank. Most of the time, cloud edges are not well defined, and sort of thin out. Not this one, you could see vertical definition in the edge. I would have loved to see this structure move in time-lapse, but the flight crew probably would not have obliged me by flying around in circles for a while.

We flew over solid clouds, until (I think) over West Virginia. There was a similar structure on the eastern edge, but not as well defined.

There was not a lot to see the rest of the way in to BOS. After arriving, my work buddy Ron and I checked into the hotel, had lunch, and decided to make the short drive out to Cape Cod. It took about three hours. One of the things we started noticing was the snow!

One of the things I am really fascinated by is road connections. Things like US 50 and US 6 go a long ways east to west. US 6 in particular had connections for me as it runs right through Omaha!

Ron and I took numerous detours. Turns out there was an honest-to-goodness nor’easter going on. We saw some amazing waves. At at couple points we were wiping salt off our faces and out of our eyes. I ended up taking a shower after we got back to the hotel.

We saw waves that were 10 ft high.

That’s snow blowing past the camera lens.

This was a big house right above the beach.

It’s hard to see, but these were some serious sand dunes.

On the way out of Boston, we ate lunch on the way to the airport. This bridge was cool.

There were a number of bridges along there, Some were conventional drawbridges, and one was a rotating bridge. This one was mounted on what looked like long rail car trucks, which were in turn on rail tracks. The bridge opened by rolling at a 45deg angle to the flow of car traffic. I don’t think it operated any more since the bridge-to-road joint was sealed, but it was an interesting piece of engineering.

It was getting dark as we pushed back at BOS. I got this nice shot of the Boston skyline.

I’m a sucker for sunset/sunrise shots. It’s really hard to capture how pretty these are, especially from the air. This one isn’t very good, but it was beautiful IRL.

That’s it!

The Barking Crab, Boston, MA

7 March 2010

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OK, so I am not a seafood fan, but friends of mine are. So after visiting the New England Aquarium, the Barking Crab was on the way back to where we had parked the car, so we decided to eat here for lunch.

We got there around 1300, and the place was pretty much full. It looks like a dump, BTW.

Ron got crab cakes and pronounced them excellent. His came with some onion rings that were excellent; they had to been made fresh. I liked them.

I got shrimp scampi, but with sauteed chicken since I’m not a huge fan of shrimp. The chicken was OK, it was in a couple biggish slices, and it was in a bowl of thinnish noodles and a very thin broth. It was not terribly tasty. I ate all of it, but it just wasn’t impressive.

We got iced tea. The sever said they brewed it there, but it had a significant coffee aftertaste to it. I tried to mask it with sugar, but it wasn’t enough. I switched to Coke instead.

We left around 1450, and the place was still packed. My check was $21.13.

If I went there again, I’d try a cheeseburger. One a couple tables away looked pretty good.