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Sidewalk Bistro, Denton, TX

9 March 2016

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This evening, we are going to two metro areas with long-delayed reviews. I start in the north Dallas area.

On 03 April 2015, which was Good Friday, Raegan and I headed down to the Dallas area for no reason that I can remember. We hit the Target in Denton as it carries some stuff Raegan likes to collect, then we hit lunch at the Sidewalk Bistro.

I got the CFS while Raegan got a BLT. Her BLT was OK, but the CFS was OK at best, pre-fabbed in some nameless factory.

The iced tea was OK but service was spotty at best. For this, we had a check for $29.18. I don’t get to Denton often during meal times, and this place will not be on my list of preferred spots.

This Iz It, Oklahoma City, OK

4 March 2016

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This place is tucked in almost out of sight of 23rd. Ian and I had lunch here in June 2015.

We both had double cheeseburgers, and both were darn good. Ian had fries, I had tots. The burgers were nothing special, just a couple 1/8th lb patties fried up. But the beef was decent and well cooked.

Service was fast and friendly. We will go back. Our check for two was $15.00. Good stuff.

Favorites Cafe, Oklahoma City, OK

4 March 2016

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Another site on my tour of southside OKC. I had lunch here in April 2015. I was pleasantly surprised to find fried chicken on the menu. It was a four-piece meal, and it was not good. Stringy, small pieces with little meat, and seriously overcooked. I don’t think I will be back.

Jimmy’s Cafe, Oklahoma City, OK

4 March 2016

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Oh, this post is late! Last Spring, I had been taking a food tour of OKC between I-240 and downtown. Jimmy’s was one of the places I tried. Curiously enough, I was directed to the place by a persistent Facebook ad.

I hit Jimmy’s at 25 February 2016. I had the Chicken Fried Steak (LARGE!), with mashers and mac and cheese. I have to say, I was underwhelmed with the entire meal. The CFS was huge, it was clearly made there, but it had very liitle flavor. Same with the mashers, gravy, and mac and cheese. I would rate the CFS as a 6 out of 10. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good.

Service was very friendly. The place was crowded, and it smelled wonderful. I would like to go back and try some other stuff based on what I smelt and saw. I just can’t recommend the CFS. My check was $14.39.

Hornback’s Shawnee Restaurant, Muskogee, OK

28 February 2016

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Ian and I were in Muskogee overnight, and this morning we didn’t like the look of the Hampton’s breakfast, so we hit up Hornback’s as it was very close.

Ian got sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and hash browns. He liked all of it, but his only complaint was that the biscuit was so crumbly it needed a structural integrity field to hold it together. I had two eggs over easy, ham (and it was a huge slice of ham!), grits, and biscuit and gravy. The eggs were fine, the ham excellent, I think smoked, and very tasty. I liked the gravy in particular. The biscuit was somewhat crumbly but went well with the gravy.

We both had iced tea that was good. Service was friendly and very fast (less than five minutes from order to delivery). Our check was $20.58. Very good.

Tally’s, Tulsa, OK

27 February 2016

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At the moment, Ian is driving us to Muskogee via Tulsa, so I decided to play another round of blog catch-up, Tulsa-oriented. 🙂

Raegan and the kids and I had lunch at Tally’s back on 30 May 2015. We were headed towards NW Arkansas on a weekend family trip.

Tally’s had just a bit of a wait at 1300, there was an entire busload of tourists being fed in addition to the usual customers.

I had the CFS, it was OK. The sides were mashers and green beans. The gravy was OK. Ian had the CFS also, and rated it OK. Erin had CFC, it was pretty good. Raegan had a club sandwich that had more bacon on it than a sandwich deserves, and pretty darn good bacon.

The iced tea was pretty good. Service was very spotty, but it was very busy. Our check was $64.62, kind of expensive for café food. I don’t know that would go back.

Norma’s Cafe, Addison, TX

29 January 2016

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Back in early December, I was in the north Dallas area for meetings.  On Friday around noon, I headed back towards OKC, and remembered there was a Norma’s around there somewhere.  A quick Google Maps search brought me there.  I got there at 1245, and was seated immediately.

I had a bacon double cheeseburger and fries, just about as straightforward as you can get.  The fries were pretty good.  The cheeseburger was EXCELLENT.  Great beef, grilled with a nice crust on it, the thing even looked good!  The way a burger should be.

Service was very friendly and fast, even though the place was fairly crowded.  My check was somewhere around $12.  The iced tea was very good, and kept refilled.

I will be happy to go back to Norma’s.

First Watch, Oklahoma City, OK

6 May 2013

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Raegan and I were looking for breakfast in a new location this morning, and I noticed First Watch on Google Maps. There are a number of locations in Tulsa. We decided to give it a try, and got there around 1000. There was a 15 min wait.

We both ordered a variation of the “Tri-Fecta”, which is a pair of eggs (we both got over easy), some meat (we both got bacon), and either a Belgian Waffle or a pancake (I got the BW, and she got a blueberry pancake). In order: while her eggs were right on the money, mine were right on the border of over hard. The bacon was good. Both the waffle and the pancake were very good, but I do think that the pancake could have used some more texture (Raegan adds some wheat germ to hers, and that’s really good). The pancake was HUGE. I had part of it, and we didn’t finish it. We also shared the Muffin Of The Day, banana. It was a bit crumbly, but good.

The iced tea was good. Raegan got hot tea, and they brought her a large carafe that she got two mugs out of (she brought her own tea bags, which was good as First Watch only provided herbals). Service was pretty good overall, but a bit slow on occasion (they were *very* busy, so there really is no reason to complain).

Our check was $23.26. I think it was a good visit. It’s not a typical diner-style breakfast. The menu is somewhat limited and healthy-oriented. The only gravy option I detected was turkey sausage gravy. We would like to go back and try some of the other food options.

Sunny Side Up, Moore, OK

7 August 2012

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This is a catch-up post; I found the receipt in my backpack. Raegan and the kids and I ate here 13 July when we were in Moore.

I got a pretty darn good chicken friend steak. Ian got biscuits and gravy with sausage patties and loved them. Raegan got french toast and enjoyed it. I can’t remember what Erin got, but she ate all of it. The place wasn’t very full, but service was very good. I had iced tea that I liked a lot, and drank a lot.

Our check was $41.57. I would gladly eat here again.

Around The Corner Restaurant, Edmond, OK

18 August 2011

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I found the receipt from this meal in my bag this evening, and realized I hadn’t written about it.

Raegan and the kids went to Around The Corner at some point this summer and liked it, so we went here after running some errands in Edmond. We got there around 1215 and left around 1315.

I got a chicken fried steak – large, tender, and good. An eight out of ten. Raegan got a burrito, and liked it. Ian got chicken fingers, I think, and Erin got a cheeseburger. Both were good.

Service was good and friendly. Our check was $39.56.

One thing: the place was full of decorations. A lot of the stuff was pretty cool; there were some menus and such on the way from Beverly’s Chicken in the Rough. The menus and table tops reminded me of Ron’s Hamburgers, and I wonder if there is a relationship between the two.

The Chatty Squirrel Cafe and Bakery, Omaha, NE

27 July 2010

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We were cruising along Center Street in west Omaha last Saturday afternoon looking for someplace to eat. When we drove past the Chatty Squirrel, we said with a name like that, we just had to try it.

It turns out that the Squirrel had been open in this location since Monday! They had been on Giles in Papillion and had move here for more business.

The Chatty Squirrel has a pretty healthy menu. It is largely sandwiches and soup.

Raegan and I got turkey sandwiches on wheat. It was good, except that the sandwich was served on a roll instead of wheat bread. Good turkey, though. We also got some mushroom and potato soup, it was good.

Erin and Ian got grilled cheese sandwiches. Ian also got a smoothie that he really liked.

Raegan and I got iced tea. It was a little weak, but not bad.

The adult meals come with a sweet. Raegan got a butterscotch brownie, and I got a cake brownie. Both were really good!

So overall, the food was good, if a smaller serving size than you get at most places. That, of course, is not a bad thing on several levels.

So I can recommend the Chatty Squirrel. It’s family owned and operated. The staff is friendly. The cost is reasonable (our check was $31.51). There were three tables out of about ten occupied when we got there around 1230, and five out of ten when we left about 45 min later.