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Carl’s Jr, Midwest City, OK (Well, Really About Cheeseburgers in General)

7 June 2016

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This isn’t really about the Carl’s location. It is a commentary on the sad state of fast food cheeseburgers.

I was looking for a cheeseburger today, and thought to hit up The Garage in MWC.  The place was crowded, and I was wanting to get back to work, so I headed across Crutcho Creek to the Carl’s there.  They used to have good burgers.

I got a Super Cheeseburger.  It was…  OK at best.  It had an actual crust on it from flame grilling, so there was some texture.  But the patties were small, and they had no flavor whatsoever.  I could taste the cheese (a little), the lettuce, and the mayo, but no beef flavor.

Fast food places that do cheeseburgers (I’m looking at you, Sonic, Braum’s, Burger King, McD, Whataburger, Jack In the Box, and the like), please stop serving us up meat with no flavor.  I don’t mind paying six or seven bucks for a fast food burger combo, but I want it to have some flavor and some texture.  LIKE YOU USED TO HAVE.

Burgers that were good were common.  I remember my friend Harold kidding me in 1985 that I had eaten cheeseburgers for dinner something like five days in a row, with no issue (day 1, Braum’s, day 2, BK, etc.).  One thing I remember with some fondness is the bacon cheeseburger at BK, and the Ultimate Cheeseburger at JITB.  Sometime in the past 5-10 years all that has just gone away.  The last JITB burger I had was about five years ago, when a location opened in MWC.  I went in there after it opened with high hopes, and didn’t even finish the burger, it was that nasty.

There are still good burgers.  Chili’s, The Garage, Irma’s and a host of other places come to mind.  Five Guys and Smashburger are two relatively new entrants that are very good.  But most of these places are sit-downs, and a lot of times I want to get and take back to the office quickly.

But Sonic and Braum’s should be ashamed.  Sonic did something different recently, but since I’ve been to five or six locations, it’s not consistently better.  Some are still just as crappy as before (59th and Sooner, MLK and I-44, 122nd and I-35 all come to mind).

If you are in charge or have influence at some of these places, please break your mold of thinking and get some better beef.  Please?

To finish, my check at the Carl’s was $7.32.  Service was very friendly and fast.  I like the breakfast items they serve.  Burgers, not so much.

Is it too much to ask for an El Pollo Loco in the area?