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Casa Perico, Oklahoma City, OK (Northside)

22 February 2014

Casa Perico Mexican Grille on Urbanspoon

A couple weeks ago, we hit Casa Perico on the west side of OKC, and had a wonderful meal. Thursday, we needed dinner, so we decided to hit the northside location, which is much closer to our house. Another wonderful meal.

We started the meal off with shredded beef nachos; that’s the way nachos should be made. The “chips” were taco shells, and there was a lot of cheese and beef. Next time, we will get them with some sour cream. For our dinner, again, I got puerco verde; pork in green chili sauce. It was simply excellent. I think this version was just a touch spicier then I got at the westside location, but the pork was tender, and the meat and green chili sauce had amazing flavor. There wasn’t a bit left when I was done. Raegan got a chicken chimi this time, and thought it was pretty good. Erin got chicken soft tacos and enjoyed them.

Service was outstanding. The iced tea was excellent. Our check was $52.50.

I’m not a food expert by any means, but for me, getting away from the standard enchiladas and such has been a refreshing change. I still like enchiladas and fajitas, but the mexican stews seem to have the edge on flavor.

Casa Perico, Oklahoma City, OK

25 January 2014

Casa Perico Mexican Grille on Urbanspoon

This was great! We were looking for a quick dinner near St. John’s, and literally saw Casa Perico from across the street, and decided to try it.

Erin got a taco salad that she liked OK. Raegan got chicken enchiladas. She ate 1.5 of the 2, and I had some of the rest; they were pretty darn good. I got puerco verde; pork in green chili sauce. OUTSTANDING! That stuff had a bit of spiciness, but flavor that was just wonderful. I asked our server, and he said it was essentially guisada. Wonderful stuff.

The queso and salsa was pretty good. Service was excellent. The iced tea was really good. Our check was $37.89. I look forward to going back, I think this place has real potential.