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B’s Restaurant, Chandler, OK

8 September 2016

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As we headed out of OKC last Friday, we needed dinner, and Chandler was just up the road. B’s is in a hotel right off I-44, nice and close.

Erin had a cheeseburger that seemed to have decent flavor, but it was overcooked a bit and charred. Raegan had catfish, and while she enjoyed it, it was a huge amount of food that she couldn’t finish. I had a ribeye steak that was outstanding. That steak was about 3/4″ thick, perfectly cooked medium, and was darn near fork tender. It was seasoned a bit (they say right on the menu that they love to season), but the seasoning didn’t overwhelm the beef.

Sides were OK. The iced tea was very good, and service was OK overall. Our check was $58.29, that included the very good pecan pie that Raegan had to go, mostly right there in the place :).

Hiking Bell Cow Lake, Chandler, OK

16 February 2014

As part of our Hiking Merit Badge program at Troop 15, a couple Scouts and a couple Scouters headed up to Bell Cow Lake to take the Red Trail, which is a 22-mile trail from the south side of the lake, around the dam, and then up and around to the northwest side of the lake.

Photos are at:

We got started at 0800 after driving in from OKC. We walked steadily until just after noon, when we stopped for lunch at the 10-mile point. We got started again around 1245, and walked again until about 1745, for a 20 mile hike.

The trail was really nice, well laid out, and a mix of dirt, rocks, and grass. We were able to vary the path a couple times. The trail is a mixed use trail that was originally laid out as an equestrian trail. We saw a total of three horse and riders on the trail.

There was an amazing variety of wildlife. We saw lots of bluebirds, jays, mockers, geese, a couple herons, flickers, juncos, and sparrows. There were no less than three armadillos. We saw three places where birds were had for dinner, and a variety of owl pellets, a couple of which we took apart.

The trail passes through most of the public areas of the park. Most of the restrooms on the north side were closed, but the water was on to refill our bottles.

Surprisingly enough, we got a couple ticks off of us.

The fee to hike the trails is $3.00/person.

This was a great hike, mostly level, but there is some up and down in the rolling terrain typical of eastern Oklahoma. Great park. Try it out!