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Charleston’s, Oklahoma City, OK (NWX)

23 May 2014

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Raegan and I had late lunch here yesterday. It was pretty good.

She got the chicken club sandwich with okra for a side. While it was pretty good, she couldn’t finish all of it. The okra was pretty darn good. I had a bite of the chicken, and it was just a tad on the spicy side. I got the chicken salad with creamy garlic dressing (and that’s some darn good dressing), and it was excellent. Ate every bit of it.

Service was pretty good. The iced tea was a bit on the weak side. Our check was $31.47. A bit expensive, but good food and nice atmosphere.

Charleston’s, Oklahoma City, OK (I-240)

20 February 2014

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We were in south OKC back on 25 January, and decided to hit this Charleston’s for dinner.

We started with a brace of their excellent croissants, and baked potato soup all around. For our meals, Erin had mac and cheese, Raegan had a chicken salad, and I had a house salad (with the excellent creamy garlic dressing). All of this was completely eaten and was very good.

Service was very attentive, and the iced tea was great and kept refilled. Our check was $54.19, a little expensive as usual, but the quality was right about that level.

If you are with Charleston’s, I would like to suggest that you consider expanding your menu just a bit. Charleston’s used to have excellent ribeye steaks, and an outstanding BBQ chicken, but these disappeared from the menu years ago. Bring them back, with the same quality as before.

Charleston’s, Norman, OK

8 June 2013

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Very mixed bag here for dinner this evening. Charleston’s as a chainlet is getting more disappointing.

We met Ian here for dinner last night when we arrived back in the Metro area. The place was crowded, but we were seated very quickly.

We started off with a plate of the croissants. They are good, and Raegan and Erin love them.

Ian and I started with Charleston’s standard baked potato soup; excellent as usual. Raegan had some of the Friday offering of clam chowder; she wasn’t very happy with it; there were too many potatoes.

She had the dinner salad for her meal and liked it just fine. Erin had a bowl of baked potato soup and devoured it. Ian got a chicken fried steak. Except for managing to neatly remove 80% of the CFS from the surrounding breading, he ate most of it. I got the 14 oz prime rib, medium. It came medium. But it was a disappointing meal. I don’t eat prime rib often, but I know it is supposed to be fairly tender; this wasn’t. I had to cut it into small enough pieces that I wouldn’t spend five minutes chewing each bite. There wasn’t just a whole lot of flavor there either.

There are times (like this meal) that I wish I wasn’t philosophically opposed to sending food back. I just hate waste. But I probably should have in this case. The meal came with a baked potato that wasn’t too bad, and my other side was a small house salad with creamy garlic dressing that was the best part of the meal. But for $24, that prime rib just wasn’t worth it.

I’ve written before that Charleston’s has become more disappointing over time. We don’t often go, and this meal won’t help me decide to go there in the future. I would have to recommend either the chicken tenders, or the roast chicken, but not a lot else. I also like to get their soup and salad, when the combination is baked potato soup and the house salad with the creamy garlic.

Service is never a problem at Charleston’s. The servers are constantly moving around getting new tea and checking on guests. Our check this time was $80.64. High for the value received.

Charleston’s, Oklahoma City, OK (Meridian Avenue)

6 December 2012

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We had early dinner here last Saturday, after the family picked me up from the airport.

We’ve been eating at Charleston’s for a long time, all the way back to the mid-80s. They use to have some of the best steaks around, and a wonderful BBQ chicken. Both of those disappeared for some reason, and we stopped going to Charlestons regularly. We go every once in a while still.

This time, we all started with the wonderful baked potato soup. We got a house salad (with the outstanding creamy garlic dressing), a CFS, baby back ribs, and a platter of chicken strips. The salad and strips were great. The CFS was a bit too peppery, and a bit tough. The baby backs were OK. We got some extra croissants, which are great.

Service was very good, as is typical. The tea is great and kept refilled. We got there around 1630 and left about 1730. Our check was $97.54, kind of expensive. The soup was $12.00 of that, and the baby backs $19. I don’t think the baby backs were worth that price.

Charleston’s, Edmond, OK

6 November 2010

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Charleston’s used to be one of our favorite restaurants, especially after the Interurban restaurants started getting weird. There was a location on NWX just west of MacArthur that we spend a lot of money at. They have the best creamy garlic salad dressing I have every had. They also used to make on the best ribeyes around, but stopped having them on the menu (no explanation ever given). The cost of the meal also went up quite a bit, so we don’t often go.

We did go last Thursday. We got there around 1715, and left around 1900.

R2 got soup and salad. It was good, but there was a LOT of salad. The baked potato soup was excellent. Ian got chicken fingers. They were OK, he didn’t leave any. Erin got mac and cheese (a side note, she was kind of surprised that they were long noodles and not what comes out of the Kraft box). I got a roast chicken (a 1/2 bird) that was excellent. The tea was really good, and the service was also.

Our check was $65.47. That’s kind of high, I think, even with a bowl of soup. The food was good, though. We will go back every once in a while.