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Granny’s Kitchen, Huntsville, AR

8 September 2016

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This wasn’t the only restaurant in town (in fact, there are a couple others that look worth checking), but it’s good.

We cruised through Huntsville on the way to the Ozarks last Saturday on our NW Arkansas drive. There’s a creek right below the place that I really liked.

I had chicken fried steak. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was FAR from the worst. I rated the CFS a 9 out of 10, mainly because a 10 is 100% fork tender and just bursting with flavor. There were a couple tougher places on this one. I had a cup of chili also, it was OK. The green beans and mashers with gravy were OK.

But… Raegan and Erin got pulled pork sandwiches. Oh my gosh, that was the best pulled port I’ve ever tasted. Fortunately, I got to eat about a third of Erins sammich. Wow, that stuff was tender and had amazing flavor. I liked the fries as well.

The iced tea was excellent, and the service was very friendly. Our check was $41.56. Good stuff.


Red’s Southern Diner, Edmond, OK

17 March 2012

Red's Southern Diner on Urbanspoon

I saw that Red’s was ranked #1 in the OKC area on Urbanspoon, and anything that’s a Diner I like, so we headed over there last Tuesday evening. We got there around 1745 and left about an hour later. Red’s was about 20% full when we got there, and getting full when we left.

The meal is served sorta family style. Everyone orders, it’s all piled on a platter, and the platter and sides are plunked down for everyone to dig into. Our sides were mashers (pretty good) and gravy (wow, excellent!) and creamed corn (excellent also).

Our main courses:

Fried chicken: Excellent. Four pieces that didn’t last long. Not greasy, great flavor, a wonderful crunchy skin.

BBQ chicken: Excellent! A quarter chicken, perfectly seasoned and baked with BBQ sauce, tender and delicious.

Fried catfish: Excellent. Corn meal breaded, perfectly fried, and flaky catfish. I am not a big fish eater, but I liked that catfish.

Chicken fried steak: OK. A huge cut of cutlet, clearly hand breaded and fried up on site. It had good flavor, but was tough and hard to cut into and chew.

The meal was $11 per person, drinks were extra. The tea was excellent. Service was pretty good; we ran out of drinks a couple times. Our check was around $50 (can’t find the receipt for now). It was a pretty huge amount of food. The only stuff we left was a bit of mashers and about 1/3 of the CFS. The rest was devoured. Red’s is pretty darn good, I’d go back any time.

Bandana Red’s Grill, Choctaw, OK

6 March 2012

Bandana Red's Grill‎ on Urbanspoon

I have been to Bandana Red’s once before and really enjoyed it. It’s a bit of a drive from work, but it’s worth it. A group of seven of us went there back on 07 Feb. We got there about 1140, and were seated at a table in the back room. I got a chicken fried steak dinner. It came with a LOT of gravy, three sides (I think I got mashers, green beans, and pinto beans), and bread that I gave away. That CFS was excellent. It was tender, great flavor, the breading was perfect. That CFS was a 10. The gravy was really good also, made right there (you could taste the flour). The pintos were excellent. The mashers and green beans were OK. The tea was excellent.

Service was pretty good, especially given that our server was working a couple other tables, and we had seven people. The food got there pretty fast, and it was hot. We got out about 1245; my check was $10.74. Outstanding value, I’d eat at Bandana Red’s any time.

Boss Hogg’s, Pagosa Springs, CO

24 November 2011

Boss Hoggs on Urbanspoon

We ate at Boss Hogg’s last year during our Thanksgiving ski trip to Wolf Creek Ski Area. We liked the place enough that it displaced our previous favorite, Junction.

We ate there last evening. Raegan got a burrito and loved it. I got a pork tenderloin, it was excellent. Erin got chicken fettuccine alfredo, and both she and Raegan liked it (Erin could not eat it all, so it was lunch for Raegan today). Ian got a chicken fried steak on my recommendation.

The meal came with a loaf of wheat bread and honey butter; both were really good.

The salad bar was really good; it had excellent clam chowder on it.

Service was a little slow; our server seemed to be focused on several other tables. Our check was $52.27. Recommended.

Cotton Patch Cafe, Lewisville, TX

18 October 2011

Cotton Patch Cafe on Urbanspoon

I stopped here for lunch last Friday while headed home. I had put the search term “cheeseburger” into Google Maps, and this place popped up.

I got there around 1345 and left about 1420. The meal came with two really good loaflet of bread, with cinnamon butter; I ate both, one before and one after the meal. I ordered the chicken fried steak (yes, I know, a bit more than a cheeseburger!), and I was darn glad I did. It was a lunch sized steak, and was perfect. Breaded there and fried up just right, flavorful, and fork tender. The gravy was also excellent. I got green beans (with onion and bacon) and kernel corn for my sides, and they were also very good, the beans in particular. The tea was great, I took some with me.

Service was a bit slow but stuff got there. My check was $11.10; great value. I’d eat at one of these anytime.

Two Rows Classic Grill, Allen, TX

7 October 2011

Two Rows Classic Grill on Urbanspoon

Last night, after a really fun volleyball match, I stopped here for dinner. I was there 2100 – 2150. The place was mostly empty, except the bar was fairly full.

The meal started with chips, queso, and salsa. All were excellent. The queso in particular was really, really good. The salsa was very smooth, and had the perfect amount of bite to it, great stuff.

I ordered a chicken fried steak. That was one fine CFS, I rated it a 9.5 out of 10. It was fork tender everywhere, the breading was perfect, the beef flavor was excellent. The pepper gravy turned out to be barely peppered (a good thing), and it had a lot of flavor itself. It was a good size as well, not so huge as to make me feel about to explode. You have a choice of sides – I got garlic mashers and merlot mushrooms. The mashers were good, and had the gravy on them, but I didn’t finish them as it was extra volume I didn’t want. I ate only a couple of the mushrooms; they weren’t bad, it just that the wine sauce they were in was strong, and wasn’t something that appealed to me (I prefer fruity wines like Zins). So if you like Merlot, the mushrooms will be good. I should have had the onion rings instead. Next time I will.

Service was pretty good, although my tea ran out a couple times. I wasn’t in any hurry, though. My check was $14.38. I would gladly eat here again.

Ozona Bar and Grill, Dallas, TX

5 October 2011

Ozona Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

I ate at Ozona a couple times a couple years ago. It had an outstanding chicken fried steak, reported #1 in the Metroplex from D Magazine, and I pretty much had to agree. I do not get down to that area very often, though. So Monday evening, I wanted something different, and decided to head down to Ozona again.

I got there around 1830 and left around 1930. The place was about 70% full, and the Rangers playoff game was on the TVs everywhere. I got iced tea, and ordered the CFS with onion rings, and extra gravy.

That was a perfect CFS. It was breaded perfectly, cooked all the way through, was fork-tender, and had amazing flavor. The size was good also, in that it filled me up just right. The gravy was really, really good also. Not too pepperly, you could taste the flour and milk, and it was a wonderful complement to the CFS. The onion rings were perfect, thin-sliced, tender, well breaded.

Service was really good, the tea was excellent, just a great restaurant experience. My check was $16.46.

It’s probably better that Ozona isn’t in Richardson or Plano, that would be too close…

Libby’s Cafe, Goldsby, OK

7 September 2011

Libby's Café on Urbanspoon

This was a great find! I got a late start out of OKC headed south to Dallas, and decided to stop here for lunch.

I got a chicken fried steak, with gravy, mashers (they call them Real Mashed Potatoes), green beans, and tea. It was a perfect meal!

The CFS was hand breaded, with a light breading that had just the amount of crunch, it was fork-tender all the way across, and had great beef flavor. The mashers were former bakers that had been mashed, and the green beans had bacon and onion in them. The gravy, which was advertised as home-made, was wonderful, with a distinct flour and sausage taste. Everything was excellent! The CFS was only $8. I also got iced tea, it was great. Service was perfect, fast. I was out of there in less than 30 min.

My check was $10.85. This place is good, I look forward to going back.

The County Line, San Antonio, TX

25 August 2010

The County Line BBQ on Urbanspoon

I started off this evening not terribly hungry, and very sweaty after my hike. A quick shower left me hungry, so I drove out to find something close and fast.

I drove past The County Line and thought I would check it out. It’s decor is an old saloon. Now, there is a County Line in Oklahoma City, and I thought from the different decor that they were not related. After checking the website, turns out they are the same place. Another location that I have eaten in is at Austin, with friends Jamie and Jim.

So since I had BBQ for lunch yesterday, I thought I would get a steak. I settled on a chicken fried steak. It was excellent! The basic CFS is $9.99, and the large is $12.99 (the large is TWO of the basic CFSs!). The CFS was mostly fork tender, but I had to cut through a couple tough places. There were also a couple voids in the breading, but not too big. The breading was not too sweet like it is a lot. I did have to ask for extra gravy. The gravy was interesting. It had some garlic in it, but you could also taste the flour, so it was made locally.

The meal came with two sides. I got mac and cheese, and it was cheesy and yummy, Erin would have approved. I also got pinto beans, and they were pretty basic. One thing about the sides – they were in a big soup cup.

I got iced tea – it came in a big plastic glass and was kept aggressively refilled.

I got there about 1810 and left about 1848. They have wifi (it’s WPA, the key is “Barbeque”). Service was good. The place was probably 50% filled the entire time I was there. My check was $12.95.