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Zaxby’s, Oklahoma City, OK (NWX)

10 March 2016

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I read on Facebook Tuesday that a Zaxby’s had opened in NW OKC. I like fried chicken, so Raegan and I drove out there Tuesday evening after working at St. John’s a couple hours.

Zaxby’s sells chicken, and their own Zax sauce. I got a large plate (7 pieces), that came with slaw (undistinguished) and fried (not so good). The chicken was the star of the show. The breading was thin and flexible, like you would get on sweet and sour chicken at a Chinese place. The chicken had great flavor. The larger pieces were moist on the inside. Raegan had a Nibbler meal, which is essentially chicken sliders. She said they were OK. We also got (fried) cheese bites, OK.

All of the staff was super friendly. Our check was $25.97. If I was running errands and hungry, I wouldn’t mind hitting another Zaxby’s if I drove past one. I don’t know that I would go far out of my way, though.

A note about the staff. They were friendly. One of my bugaboos is saying “thank you” and getting a response of “no problem”. I didn’t hear that once at this restaurant, it was always “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure”. I like either of those much better.

Sinbad Rotisserie Chicken, Broken Arrow, OK

22 February 2016

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Ian and I are headed home from a day of work in Muskogee, and we stopped at Sinbad as it is near the interstate and I like roast chicken.

Ian got a Shawerma and thought it was OK. The beef was a little chewy. I got a half rotisserie chicken with rice. The bird was a touch overcooked, with a roasted flavor, but a bit dried out deeper in.

We had DP for drink (very good) as the tea was not brewed there (too bad). Service was counter and very friendly. Our check was $16.78. I would not mind a return visit.

Golden Chick, Richardson, TX

15 July 2011

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I like fried chicken. Fewer and fewer restaurants offer it, instead offering baked, roasted, or chicken-fried chicken (not that any of those are a bad thing), but I occasionally like breaded and artery-clogging fried.

I have passed a number of Golden Chicks in the Metroplex, and Wednesday decided to try one, especially since it was near work. I got there around 1935 and left about 2000.

I got the #4, which is three pieces fried. The pieces were a wing, a leg, and a thigh. They were not the largest pieces of chicken I have had. They were thinly breaded, which made the skin very crunchy, and didn’t leave large chunks of fried breading. The chickens were not terribly meaty. The flavor was pretty good, though.

The meal came with a small container of average mashers and some gravy; the gravy was fairly peppery.

They serve both sweetened and unsweetened iced tea, that was pretty good.

My order was $7.73. Not a bad price for the meal. Overall, an everage meal. You get what you pay for. I would not mind going back to a Golden Chick again, and maybe next time getting a breast piece, or two.