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China House, Edmond, OK (2nd St)

24 July 2014

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OK, so occasionally we take a while to learn. We had dinner at Great Wall in OKC back in April, and ended up with waaaaay too much rice. It was even so last night. We decided to get some sweet and sour chicken from China House in Edmond, as I had liked the China House in MWC.

We got three orders of sweet and sour chicken and a chicken fried rice. The S&S came with a plate of white rice, so we ended up with FOUR plates of rice. On top of that, since our order was over $35, we got a free chicken fried rice, so we had one more plate of rice, which I asked for to go.

Reality check: we could easily have split two of the S&S chicken plates between the three of us, and I should have asked if we could sub the fried rice for the plain rice.

Now, all of this was pretty darn good. We couldn’t eat half of it, so a hell of a lot of food came home with us. Service was fast. The check was $35.13. That included two bottles of water and a can of Dr. Pepper; that’s pretty much it for drinks.

At H&R House this evening, we popped the S&S chicken in the oven to heat it up, and Erin chopped up some of the chicken and some napa cabbage, combined the white and fried rice, and fried it up some more. It was pretty darn good.

And we still have a LOT of rice and chicken left. Lunch for me tomorrow. So that’s three meals for three people for $35. Not bad value, and the food was pretty good also.

China House, Oklahoma City, OK

13 January 2014

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I was south of Tinker at lunch today, and did a Google Maps search of the area, and decided to hit China House as it has been a while since I had any Chinese food, and it was close. I got there a couple minutes after noon, and left at 1240.

It was pretty good. I got sweet and sour chicken, which comes with a side of rice, and a biggish bowl of egg drop soup. The main dish was pretty good, nothing spectacular, but good. There was a goodly amount of chicken. Most importantly, there was none of the odd feeling I occasionally get when eating Chinese food (I generally have a cast-iron stomach). The egg drop soup was really good! It was hotter then heck. I like stuff like that when particularly when it gets cold, so I might go there again just to get the soup.

Service was fast, my check was only $7.52. Drinks are by the bottle out of a cooler. Good stuff. I look forward to going back.