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The Black Raven, Choctaw, OK

7 February 2016

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One of our friends is a musician, and he plays a couple times a month at the Raven. I do not think we have ever eaten in Choctaw, and we decided to go hear him sing and have a meal. It was pretty darn good on both counts.

The Raven is Irish themed. We started with Celtic Rings (onion rings) that were pretty standard, nothing special. Ian, to my surprise, got Bangers and Mash, demolished it, and pronounced it excellent. Erin and Raegan got classic fish and chips, and both liked them, even though in both cases, it was too much food for them to finish. I got Shepherds Pie, which I very much enjoy. This was excellent, I didn’t leave a scrap.

Overall, an outstanding meal. Service was friendly, but there was only one server for the whole place, so occasionally tea (which was good) ran out. Our check was $67.89, which I think was pretty decent value. This is a good place to eat if you are in the mood for British/Irish/Scottish food and/or beer.

And the music was very good as well.

Sonic, Choctaw, OK (I-40 and Choctaw Road)

14 September 2013

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OK, sometimes I just don’t learn. Erin and I were headed out to St. Crispin’s 03 Sep to work on her Silver Award project, and we needed lunch in a hurry. We stopped at the Sonic on I-40. Mistake.

I tried a double meat cheeseburger. It was filling. That’s the best I can say for it. There was zero flavor, except for the cheese. Erin got popcorn chicken, that was OK. Our check was around $12.

Sonic used to be so good.

Bandana Red’s Grill, Choctaw, OK

6 March 2012

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I have been to Bandana Red’s once before and really enjoyed it. It’s a bit of a drive from work, but it’s worth it. A group of seven of us went there back on 07 Feb. We got there about 1140, and were seated at a table in the back room. I got a chicken fried steak dinner. It came with a LOT of gravy, three sides (I think I got mashers, green beans, and pinto beans), and bread that I gave away. That CFS was excellent. It was tender, great flavor, the breading was perfect. That CFS was a 10. The gravy was really good also, made right there (you could taste the flour). The pintos were excellent. The mashers and green beans were OK. The tea was excellent.

Service was pretty good, especially given that our server was working a couple other tables, and we had seven people. The food got there pretty fast, and it was hot. We got out about 1245; my check was $10.74. Outstanding value, I’d eat at Bandana Red’s any time.

Bandana Red’s Grill, Choctaw, OK

6 November 2010

OK, after the election “ack” as worn off, back to blogging in catch-up mode.

Yesterday, a work friend recommended Red’s for lunch. It was about a 15 minute drive from Tinker. It is on 29th two miles east of Anderson Road. We got there about 1150 and were seated after a couple minutes. There were five of us. The restaurant was about 1/3 full, but all the tables that could seat all five of us were taken so they opened up the back room.

One of the reasons we went there was the reputation of the fried catfish. Mr. Ron got it and declared it excellent.

I ordered a chicken fried steak, which comes with *three* sides. I got mashers, corn, and pinto beans. The sides were all very good. The start of the show was the CFS! It was pretty large, clearly hand breaded right there, and deep fried. The breading was good, not too sweet, and not burned. The beef was really good, tender (fork tender, even, for the vast majority), and had really good flavor. It was not of uniform thickness, which again tells me that it’s not machine made. The gravy was not the best I have had, but it was also far from the worst. That CFS was about a 9.5 out of 10. The iced tea was great, and was kept refilled.

We left about 1245. Service was outstanding. My check was $10.74. I would go back anytime.