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The Whole Republican Problem in One Sentence

9 October 2016

I was watching Meet The Press this morning, and the feckless Mike Lee was being interviewed by Chuck Todd.  Lee is one of the problems with the Republican Party.

He made a statement that sums up why Republicans can’t go away fast enough:

“That’s what unites us more than anything else as Republicans is the fact that the Washington political establishment is broken and Hillary Clinton needs to be defeated.” – Mike Lee

The Republican Party is not united by any common policy, or support for the middle class, or anything else like that.

Take a closer look at the first part (the second part is just stupid and not worth consideration):  The fact (questionable) that the Washington political establishment is broken is an indictment of all national level politicians, including Republicans.  I think that the vast majority of the cause of the breakage is Republicans, starting with Gingrich in the early 90s, to the policy of total obstruction by Boehner/McConnell now (Lee is a large part of that, as well).

The entire Republican Party at the national level is based on cowardice.  The playing to the fear of low-information voters is part of that cowardice.

News Reporting and Perception

26 September 2010

I heard a new item this past week on MSNBC. It seems to be to be indicative of the fact that the mainstream news media really isn’t biased to one political party or the other (which the righties take as an article of faith).

Chuck Todd, a seasoned and generally level headed reporter, had this to say (I’m paraphrasing a bit, I did not write the quote down since I was driving):

More bad news for the Obama Administration. Every indicator is negative. GDP is headed in the wrong direction. It was 1.6% growth instead of the expected 2.6%.

Now, no matter how you slice it, growth is, well, growth. So Todd’s statement that every indicator (of which GDP is one) is negative, is factually wrong, since growth is not a negative. It would be easy to argue that his statement that GDP is headed in the wrong direction is BS, since GDP up is good. You can argue it might not be enough, but that’s a different argument of philosophy, not direction.

There are other factors to this. The constant reporting about the supposed anti-incumbent fervor has resulted in something like seven incumbent Congress members losing their seats in primaries, and all but one have been Republicans. That’s out of something like 200+ members of Congress; not exactly a tidal wave.

This morning on KFOR Flashpoint, Kirk Humphreys kept hammering this over and over, the Dems are going to lose the House and Senate. He may or may not believe this (I remain convinced that a Republican is more likely to speak lies in public, just for political gain), but he is riding the wave generated by the supposedly biased mainstream media.

So I guess that the normally level-headed Chuck Todd was taken by a wave of sensationalism, for whatever reason. Unfortunately, it is detrimental to the Obama Administration, who inherited a Republican disaster, and (to steal a phrase) it emboldens the Republicans who got the entire country into the mess, and hurts the Democrats, who are trying to fix the problems.