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City Bites, Oklahoma City (Western)

10 July 2014

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Raegan and Erin and I had dinner here last night after a meeting at the Girl Scout office. Raegan got a baked potato with ham, bacon and cheese; it was good, but huge, so she took half of it home for lunch today. Erin got a mesquite chicken sandwich, pizza bites, and ate all of both. I got something new for me, a beefeater on wheat, subbing the sour cream for a bit of ranch dressing; it was pretty darn good. I liked the fried potatoes in the sandwich, and the beef was tender and tasty.

We got the usual assortment of chips and the always-excellent City Bites cookies. The iced tea was brewed and pretty darn good. Our check was $36.47. Good meal, fast.

City Bites, Oklahoma City, OK (May and 60th)

25 June 2013

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Raegan and Erin and I had lunch here Saturday while we were out running errands. Erin got a baked potato and ate most of it, and Raegan got her usual, a Turkey Club (her only comment was that there wasn’t a heck of a lot of turkey). I got the BBQ beef (hold the peppers), which was pretty darn good (in fact, I got the big 12″, and it was an effort to consume all of it). The cookies were good, the drinks were good.

The tea was great (brewed Lusianne!), and service was pretty fast. The only problem we had was that they missed one of our cookies, and they rectified that as soon as I let them know. Our check was $34.67. Good and fast.

City Bites, Edmond, OK

7 February 2013

City Bites Subs on Urbanspoon

I was getting a new tire for Raegans car back on 25 Jan, and needed lunch, so I dropped the car off and ran across the road to City Bites for lunch. It was, as expected, very good. I got a BBQ beef (less the bell peppers) on wheat, with chips, a large drink, and a peanut butter cookie. All of this was very, very good. The only thing is that there were still a couple large pieces of bell pepper in the sandwich (I *really* don’t like those things). I had the sandwich while enjoying the wifi in the restaurant.

The tea was excellent (I note for the record that they run Luzianne tea, which was great stuff). Also, they don’t have the BBQ sandwich on the menu any more, but they made it for me with no sweat. My check was $14.57. Service was characteristically friendly. Yum.

City Bites, OKC area

19 June 2009

We like the City Bites chainlet in the OKC area. They make darn good sandwiches and soups. While I usually get either a ham and turkey sandwich, or a BBQ-like sandwich, I’ve also had meatball sandwiches and baked potatoes. All were good. City Bites always has had great iced tea, and a wide range of soft drinks, including both Pepsi and Coke.

We last ate there Monday, at the City Bites on 59th and May. Major change – the former drinks area is gone! They went to a single drink machine serving Coke products (OK by me, but not so much for son Ian, who grumbled mightily). I got tea – uh oh, slight coffee taste. I griped to the guy running the register, then drank the tea anyway, and refilled with Coke. THAT tasted weird. I drank that, and refilled with Dr. Pepper. It also tasted weird. Maybe it’s the new stuff, and it has plastic taste or something. We’ll try it again later.

The sandwiches and cookies were still great!