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Delta Cafe, Shawnee, OK

3 June 2016

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I generally like the Delta Cafes. Ian and I were driving back to Muskogee one evening back on 10 April, and we were hungry after working most of the day in Muskogee, and Delta Cafe was open.

He had a chicken fried steak, and I had pot roast. It wasn’t very good. His CFS was tough. The pot roast was also.

Service was OK, and the iced tea was good. Our check was $30.77. It just wasn’t very good.


Calico County Restaurant, Amarillo, TX

25 February 2016

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You can probably tell that I’m in serious catch-up mode today, as I’m bouncing around all over the place.

Back over Thanksgiving, we were headed to Santa Fe on the way to Pagosa Springs for a ski trip. We managed to get out of OKC around 1600 and pulled into Amarillo at 1930 (hooray for the 75mps speed limits in Texas). Calicos was a great find!

I had the pot roast: perfect. The potatoes and gravy in particular were fine. Ian had a CFS: perfect. The cream gravy was excellent, the CFS hand breaded, thick meat, great flavor, and fork tender. Erin had CFC: perfect. Raegan had catfish: perfect.

You might get the impression we liked the place. I think it’s like Cracker Barrel used to be when they were sorta local. Every food item was clearly cooked right there with good ingredients.

Service was extraordinarily friendly. The iced tea was excellent. We would have had dessert but we were stuffed, and about to climb back in the car for another four hours. Our check was $56.12. I look forward to going back, this place could be our go-to restaurant in Amarillo.

They do breakfast. One gripe: when we came back through, we stayed in Amarillo due to an ice and snow storm in the eastern panhandle and western Oklahoma. We got out of the hotel mid-morning Sunday (we were in after midnight), and got to Calico’s at 1045 Sunday, the exact time they shut breakfast down. I would suggest that maybe Calico’s does breakfast a little earlier on the weekends at least. Maybe noon? Regardless, we will make it there for breakfast at some point.

Red’s Southern Diner, Edmond, OK

17 March 2012

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I saw that Red’s was ranked #1 in the OKC area on Urbanspoon, and anything that’s a Diner I like, so we headed over there last Tuesday evening. We got there around 1745 and left about an hour later. Red’s was about 20% full when we got there, and getting full when we left.

The meal is served sorta family style. Everyone orders, it’s all piled on a platter, and the platter and sides are plunked down for everyone to dig into. Our sides were mashers (pretty good) and gravy (wow, excellent!) and creamed corn (excellent also).

Our main courses:

Fried chicken: Excellent. Four pieces that didn’t last long. Not greasy, great flavor, a wonderful crunchy skin.

BBQ chicken: Excellent! A quarter chicken, perfectly seasoned and baked with BBQ sauce, tender and delicious.

Fried catfish: Excellent. Corn meal breaded, perfectly fried, and flaky catfish. I am not a big fish eater, but I liked that catfish.

Chicken fried steak: OK. A huge cut of cutlet, clearly hand breaded and fried up on site. It had good flavor, but was tough and hard to cut into and chew.

The meal was $11 per person, drinks were extra. The tea was excellent. Service was pretty good; we ran out of drinks a couple times. Our check was around $50 (can’t find the receipt for now). It was a pretty huge amount of food. The only stuff we left was a bit of mashers and about 1/3 of the CFS. The rest was devoured. Red’s is pretty darn good, I’d go back any time.

Southern Recipes, Richardson, TX

8 July 2011

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I have driven by this restaurant numerous times, and decided to check it out this evening. I got there around 1900, and left around 1945. The place was uncrowded.

I ordered a Texas Chicken Fried Steak. They have two on the menu. The “standard” CFS is cube steak, and the “Texas” version is claimed to be ribeye. I think that it’s a blend of ribeye and cube steak, and it’s pretty good, and about $1 more. It’s worth it.

The meal comes with soup or salad. I got chicken noodle soup and liked it. The noodles were thick and firm, and there was a good balance of noodles and chicken. The broth was really good also. The iced tea was good.

The CFS was not the best I have had, but it was far from the worst. It was about 90% fork tender. The breading was nuetral taste, but the beef had really good taste, and it was pretty tender. The gravy was plain. It came with two veg (I got mashers and gravy, good, and Blue Lake green beans, very good).

My check was $11.56, and service was good. I would not mind eating here again.

22 September 2011 Update:

I ate lunch here today with a group of seven others. We got there around 1215 and left 1315. Service was very good given the group of eight.

I had the chopped steak, with mashers and green beans. The chopped steak was cooked well, had great flavor and consistency, and was covered with onions and mushrooms. The onions could have been cooked just a touch longer, but they were sweet and not noxious. The green beans were OK.

Our server brought me an entire pitcher of tea, which was very nice of her (and I put the entire pitcher down during the meal, also!).

My check was $10.48, good value for the quantity and quality of the food. This place is very good.