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We Can Recycle At The House Now!

24 December 2011

A couple of years ago, I wrote a gripe about how even though we pay the same taxes as everyone else in OKC, we couldn’t participate in curbside recycling.

Over the summer, our neighborhood association sent out a newsletter that talked about how we might be getting curbside recycling, then over the fall we got another that said that we wouldn’t be getting it.

Then, weekend before last, blue recycling bins were distributed throughout the neighborhood. Cool, I thought!

So now we down to two recycling actions. We put everything but paper in the recycling bin, and it gets picked up and taken to wherever recycle stuff goes in OKC. We keep the paper, and take it off to St. John’s since the school gets a tiny bit of money for the paper we recycle there.

So I’m happy about this. I didn’t mind hauling our stuff to the city of Nichols Hills, but having OKC do it for us means one less side trip ever couple of weeks.

Now, if we can just get fire hydrants…