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A Cool Photo Capability

13 June 2012

I bought a new camera a couple months ago. It’s a Sony Cybershot DSC-W690. Very light, but with a 16MP sensor, amazing low-light capability, video, and a 10x optical zoom. All for $170. Amazing. And very easy on the battery also.

I took a lot of photos on a backpacking trip this past weekend. A number of the photos I took were “sideways”: I turned the camera 90 degrees on some of the photos. I did this because the camera field of view is wider than it is tall, and I wanted to show more up and down for some photos than left and right. This is an example.

I dumped the photos to Picasa, which I have previously written about in admiring terms. It was a quick and easy upload as before.

First, I used the camera to take a couple auto-panoramas. This is a cool feature itself. I screwed up a couple of the panos, and had left the right side of the panos blank (they were black). I would usually have used the GIMP to crop out the black part of the photo, and then uploaded it again. But I realized that a crop function was available right on the Picasa site, and it was just as easy to use as the crop-to-selection function in GIMP. So that was cool.

But I knew that I had taken the rotated photos with the camera, and when I looked for them on the upload, there were none. Hmmm, I thought.

I looked at the directory of photos on my hard drive. In thumbnail mode, I saw there were about six of them that were rotated as expected. I double-clicked one to preview it, and… it came up “properly” oriented, in other words, the same way I had rotated the camera to take the photo.

This took me off to look at the EXIF metadata stored with each photo, and sure enough, there is a flag in there that shows the camera rotation. So far, Paint and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer don’t rotate the photo. GIMP 2.6 notes the rotation and asks me if I want to auto-rotate it. Picasa (both local and online) auto-rotate it without asking.

So this is pretty cool. My camera apparently has a tilt sensor or accelerometer in it. I like it, it’s a pretty amazing camera.