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Pepperoni Grill, Edmond, OK

4 July 2016

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Raegan and Erin and I had dinner here last evening. We have been to the location in Penn Square Mall several times, and had expectations for this location. They were met.

We started with a very good Caesar salad. I had chicken parmesan (with a side of fettuccine al fredo), Raegan chicken fettuccine al fredo, and Erin tortellini florentine. All of this was excellent. The chicken parm was plump and perfectly cooked, and the al fredo was excellent. The only real complaint I would have is that the chicken with Raegans al fredo was sliced and grilled, instead of being diced, sauteed, and tossed with the pasta. It was also a bit overgrilled.

The place wasn’t very crowded. The iced tea was pretty good, and service was quite attentive. Our check was $71.21; a bit on the expensive side for three, but OTOH, we all went home with a lunch for today (very unusual, if you know my appetite! 🙂 ).

Johnnie’s, Edmond, OK

12 June 2016

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Raegan and Erin and I had late lunch here today.

Very straightforward: each of us had a cheeseburger. Mine was a double with chili. The burger was very, very good. It was cooked with a nice crust for texture, and had great beef flavor. I usually ask Johnnie’s to go light on the shredded cheddar they pile on.

Erin got fries (and this was the only down, the fries were a touch undercooked), and we also had onion rings, perfect!

The meal was topped off with a big slide of chocolate pie. The iced tea was excellent. Our check was $44.60. Not bad at all for the quality of the burgers. Great stuff.

Moni’s, Edmond, OK

24 March 2016

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I know this was our second visit, but I also know it had been more than a year since out first. My friend Mark recommended Moni’s, and it was a good rec.

We got four copies of chicken parm this time. Three of them substituted fettuccine al fredo for the standard spaghetti with marinara. These were uniformly very good, and were all completely eaten except for part of Raegan’s, which went home and then to school for her lunch the next day.

The iced tea was great, and service was spot on (which is to say, not fast service like fast food, but relaxed). Our check was $74.40. A bit on the high side, but the food was good, so I would go back if I were in the north OKC/west Edmond area.

Blue Moon, Edmond, OK

3 March 2016

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This is not the Blue Moon in Ada, rather the Asian restaurant in Edmond.

We had dinner at Blue Moon back on 28 July 2015. I started with Egg Flower soup, which was egg drop. It was very good.

For our meals, Raegan got Boneless Chicken, which was sorta the kind of breaded and deep fried chicken used in sweet and sour, but instead tossed with veg. She liked it. Erin had sweet and sour chicken and thought it pretty good, although she was not hungry enough to finish it. I had curried chicken and liked it a lot. The default is with bell peppers, I had that taken out.

The iced tea was good, but the glasses were kind of small and we ran out a couple times. We don’t eat a lot of asian food, but I think we would like to. This was pretty darn good. Our check was $49.40. We’ll be back.

Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe, Edmond, OK

25 February 2016

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As I went through my fistful of receipts, there were three from Alfredo’s, ranging from 11 December 2014 to 29 May 2015 to 07 February 2016. I know we’ve eaten there at least six or seven times. It’s pretty darn good.

I always get the Pork Guiso Verde. Just the right spice heat, tender pork, great flavor. The most recent time, Ian had it also and liked it a lot. The only issue we had is that on the big plate, it was about 3/5 beans, 1/5 rice, and 1/5 guiso. Maybe they were running short. Regardess, we got filled up. Raegan and the kids get enchiladas and chimis and fajitas, all excellent. I really like the salsa and the queso, and we’ve had nachos several times.

Our check this most recent visit was $60. The iced tea is excellent, and service is always fast and friendly.

This place is very good, and I think in many ways it is better than Ted’s. Recommended.

Upper Crust Pizza, Edmond, OK

25 February 2016

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We had dinner at this Upper Crust location back on 21 June 2015.

I ordered some meatballs that were in some very good marinara. The meatballs were a little on the untextured (is that a word?) side. I think they needed a bit of crust on them from the baking process. Regardless, they were pretty good, and mostly meat with a little filler instead of the other way around. We also had a Caesar salad that was pretty good.

Ian and I split a pepperoni and sausage pizza that was excellent. We left nothing. Raegan and Erin both had small pizzas, one al Fredo and one Mediterranean, and ate all of each.

The pizza was followed by a large cookie, which was extremely chocolately and very good. Raegan also had a creme soda.

Service was a bit on the slow side, which is to say our server was gone for long periods, then would zoom in and bomb the table quickly then blazing off.

Our check was $73.97, sorta expensive, but we did get a lot of stuff we don’t usually get. The meatballs were $10, and the cookie $8.00. Good pizza, though.

Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe, Edmond, OK

12 December 2014

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Raegan and I were looking for dinner last evening, sans kids, and we decided to try Alfredo’s. It was very good.

Raegan got a pair of enchiladas, one chicken and one cheese. She could not finish the meal, so I had the remainder of the chicken enchilada, and we both agreed it was very good. I got the pork chili verde: excellent. The pork chunks were tender, and the verde was perfect, hot temperature and medium spice. I liked it a lot.

Service was fast and friendly. Our check was $27.57. I would be glad to eat here again.

ETs BBQ, Edmond, OK

29 October 2014

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Back on 26 September, I was up at the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo with the St. John’s crew. I left right around noon. I remembered two very positive referrals to ETs, and since I was just east of the place on I-35, over I went. It’s actually in Logan County, I think, but still has an Edmond address.

I ordered a two-meat combo of smoked chicken and ribs. Except, they were out of chicken. I went with chopped brisket and ribs. That was some darn fine BBQ. The ribs had great smoke flavor, were tender, and had the smoke ring and bark that I like. Very tasty and tender. The brisket was tender and not as smoky, but tasted great. I got fries and green beans. Both, excellent; in fact, perfect.

The iced tea was great, and service was pretty good (one server, lots of customers). The iced tea came in a quart Mason jar (I like that a lot). My check was $14.85. I would gladly go back; I want to try the smoked chicken.

Marco’s Pizza, Edmond, OK (East)

26 July 2014

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In the inevitable comparison to Hideaway, Marco’s holds their own. It’s good!

We wanted pizza last evening, and decided to hit Marco’s. I checked the website for the location, and it said dine-in, so off we went.

Dine-in, BTW, means *one* four-top table.

We got two pizzas. Raegan had a small with ham, mushrooms, and green olives. Erin and I split a medium; hers was chicken, mine pepperoni, hamburger, and sausage. Both were thin crust. These pizzas were VERY good. Erin and I finished our pizzas, and Raegan brought part of hers home for lunch today.

We also got 10 BBQ wings. Also very good, and completely consumed.

They don’t have a traditional soda fountain, so we scored two bottles of water, and a 2-liter DP, from the cooler.

Service was super friendly. The pies took about 20 minutes to cook (not unreasonable). Our check was $39.23. Very good pizza at a decent price. Marco’s is legit.

China House, Edmond, OK (2nd St)

24 July 2014

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OK, so occasionally we take a while to learn. We had dinner at Great Wall in OKC back in April, and ended up with waaaaay too much rice. It was even so last night. We decided to get some sweet and sour chicken from China House in Edmond, as I had liked the China House in MWC.

We got three orders of sweet and sour chicken and a chicken fried rice. The S&S came with a plate of white rice, so we ended up with FOUR plates of rice. On top of that, since our order was over $35, we got a free chicken fried rice, so we had one more plate of rice, which I asked for to go.

Reality check: we could easily have split two of the S&S chicken plates between the three of us, and I should have asked if we could sub the fried rice for the plain rice.

Now, all of this was pretty darn good. We couldn’t eat half of it, so a hell of a lot of food came home with us. Service was fast. The check was $35.13. That included two bottles of water and a can of Dr. Pepper; that’s pretty much it for drinks.

At H&R House this evening, we popped the S&S chicken in the oven to heat it up, and Erin chopped up some of the chicken and some napa cabbage, combined the white and fried rice, and fried it up some more. It was pretty darn good.

And we still have a LOT of rice and chicken left. Lunch for me tomorrow. So that’s three meals for three people for $35. Not bad value, and the food was pretty good also.

Alvarado’s Mexican Restaurant, Edmond, OK

23 May 2014

Alvarado's Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We had dinner at the Alvarado’s on 2nd street a couple years ago. They moved to this location on Broadway several months ago, and we decided to try it last Tuesday.

We started with beef nachos that were pretty darn good, lots of beef and cheese.

Erin chicken soft tacos, and liked them. Raegan had sour cream chicken enchiladas, and thought they were OK. I had carnitas that was very good, albeit on the spicy side. My meal came with the guacamole, and as usual I gave it to Raegan. She said it was so spicy that it made her mouth painfully uncomfortable.

So not a bad meal at all. Our check was around $32.50. Service was pretty good, and the iced tea was good. I liked the carnitas well enough I wouldn’t mind going back.

Italian Jims Restaurant, Edmond, OK

2 February 2014

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In a trifecta of posts about Edmond restaurants, we hit Italian Jims last night.

I had fettuccine and chicken al fredo. It was decent, not terribly rich. The chicken was grilled, sliced, and carefully placed on top of the noodles. It should have been diced, sauteed, and tossed. Next time… Reagan got a decent chicken parm, and Erin an appetizer.

Service was OK, and the iced tea was OK as well. Our check was $48.36, sort of expensive for the quality. I don’t know that we will go back.

The restaurant is attached to a glass blowing shop. We stopped there on the way out and watched a team work a huge vase. That was pretty interesting. I watched the guy holding the vase swoop it right in back of another guy with what looked like a foot to spare. It wasn’t glowing red hot, but it was still probably 800F. Whoa…

Al’s Cafe and Grill, Edmond, OK

2 February 2014

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A week ago Saturday, I was looking for a fairly quick lunch in Edmond, and I remembered I had been wanting to try Al’s. I got there about 1215 and was out at 1250.

I got a double cheeseburger with light fried onions, and fries. First, the fries were excellent, perfect, hot and crispy. Yum. The burger was pretty darn good. It was juicy and had great flavor, with a nice crust on it (except where the onions were).

Now, I have an unreasonable fondness for onion burgers. Not burgers with onions, but burgers where the onions are cooked on the grill right with the meat. At least, I thought I had an unreasonable fondness for onion burgers. I ordered them “light” this time, and that’s the way the burger came. And at the end of the meal, I decided I really don’t like onion burgers. I think that if there were a couple grilled onions on top of the burger, that would be OK. But I think I finally realized that the pile of onions for an onion burger are just too much, a lot of times too tough to bite through, and strong enough to mask the beef flavor, which is the reason I like burgers.

So… the next time I am at Al’s, I will get a cheeseburger. It was very good. Service was friendly and fast. The iced tea was OK; next time I would probably get a Coke. My check was $12.96.

One funny thing: Al’s has a bunch of drive-in memorabilia on the walls. One is a replica of a Beverly’s Chicken In The Rough, which would be a competitor. I know I’ve seen that on another restaurant in the OKC area, maybe Around The Corner.

Great Wall, Edmond, OK

2 February 2014

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Last evening, after we had picked Erin up from a school field trip, my very cute and occasionally unpredictable roommate announced She Wanted Some Fried Rice. Well, cool. We did a quick UrbanSpoon and Google check, and headed to Great Wall. We got there about 1730, and it was empty.

We ordered a plate each of pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, and a bowl each of egg drop soup. All of this was very good. The soup was perfect, hot and thick and tasty, and right on the money given the cold temps outside. The sweet and sour was in a light breading, tender, and tasted great. The fried rice was very good as well.

They have decent iced tea, service was fast. Our check was only $22.11. I would be happy to eat here again.

Rocky Mountain Grill, Edmond, OK

23 January 2014

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I noticed this restaurant, which is in the former Purple Burrito location, back in December. I got to try it for lunch on Tuesday while I was running an errand. It was pretty good!

I got a double-meat cheeseburger with bacon. It was well cooked, had a nice crust on it, and decent flavor. There was a bit much seasoning salt (I think it was), but the bacon was perfect. I liked the fries as well. I got a sample of the chili verde, and it was very good.

I was given a breakfast burrito (which I had for dinner!), and it was excellent! A tortilla stuffed full, with just the right spiciness. Again, it was pretty huge.

Service was right on the money and the iced tea was great. My check was $13.08. I look forward to a return visit.

Denny’s, Edmond, OK

20 January 2014

Denny's on Urbanspoon

Friday evening, we had dinner here. Erin and Raegan both got a build her own Grand Slam with eggs and such. I got a Lumberjack, which is essentially a big breakfast. All of it was pretty darn good. The only problem is that the fruit Erin ordered didn’t show, and we didn’t realize it until the end of the meal, so she took it to go.

Service was super friendly and fast. Our check was $33.85, not bad.

Mackie McNear’s Steakhouse, Edmond, OK

13 January 2014

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Back in early December, we had an ice storm come through OKC. It took me about three hours to go from Tinker, to pick up Raegan at St. John’s, and then get to Edmond to pick up Erin, who had stayed after school for a school club meeting. The roads were icy, the travel slow. By the time we had Erin, we were quite hungry.

I picked Mackie McNear’s since it was close, and it has a variety of foods. I ordered a ribeye, and Raegan and Erin got buffets. At best, their meals were “meh”. My steak was not very good. It was pretty tough, and had little flavor. The baked potato was small. Raegan and Erin had little good to say about their meals.

Service was pretty good. Our check was $48.65, for three meals, poor value. We will not be back.

Outback Steakhouse, Edmond, OK

28 October 2013

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I had dinner here with Raegan and Erin back on 19 September. Not impressed.

First of all, I guess at some point Outback dropped their baked potato soup. Too bad. We started out with some french onion soup (Raegan reported that it was OK at best) and chicken quesadillas. These were pretty good, but I asked for some extra butter for the bread (twice) and we never received it, and I asked for some ranch dressing for the quesadillas, and never received it, either.

Erin got a burger, medium well. It came medium rare. Raegan got tilapia and said it was OK, and a bit too spicy. I got a ribeye and baked potato, with butter (nope) and bacon (nope). The steak was OK, at best.

Most of the Outbacks are pretty decent; this one, well, I was unimpressed. The servers were just forgetful. My iced tea ran out frequently as well. Our check was $64.44. I doubt I would be back. You can get a much better steak at Longhorn or Texas Roadhouse.

Hideaway Pizza, Edmond, OK

26 June 2013

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We were in Stillwater the past couple days, but didn’t get a chance to eat the original Hideaway, so we went to the Edmond location this evening for dinner while we were out running errands. Very good!

We started out with a large caesar salad (with extra dressing on the side, instead that added it to the salad, it was STRONG!). Ian and Erin split a medium thin crust, half alfredo with canadian bacon, and half marinara with sausage. Raegan and I split another medium thin crust, hers with canadian bacon, mine with pepperoni, sausage, and hamburger.

All of this was excellent. Raegan and Erin took one slice of their halves home, Ian and I demolished our halves.

The iced tea was very good (this location has started serving sweet tea), and service, while a little delayed at the start, improved quickly. Our check was $42.35, not bad value for the quantity of food we received. Great pizza.

On the Border, Edmond, OK

25 April 2013

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We don’t go to OTB as a rule; it’s just not something we think about. Last Thursday, we were being indecisive, and the OTB in Edmond was suggested, so we decided to give it a try.

We started out with the bowl of queso, with some seasoned beef added. Very good, I liked that stuff a lot.

Three of us got a “choose your own combos”, with various enchiladas, tacos, and the like. Raegan got a chicken chimi. It was all pretty good. I really liked my enchiladas, all with ground beef. The kids ate all of theirs, and Raegan left some as it was big.

One kind of drag: sopapillas cost a buck each. Really?

The iced tea was good, but drink refills were occasionally slow. Our check was $60.40, which isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t mind eating at an OTB again.

The Cow Calf-Hay, Edmond, OK

25 April 2013

The Cow Calf-Hay on Urbanspoon

Ian and I had dinner here two weeks ago. It was pretty good! He and I both got burgers, his a plainish cheeseburger, mine a western BBQ burger. Ian got fries, I got onion rings. I also got an appetizer of fried pickles. Those were excellent; they came with a very nice ranch dressing to dip the fried pickles into.

The burgers were pretty good; they had a nice crust and texture, and very good flavor. That was some good beef. They were cooked medium well as requested. Not a scrap was left.

The iced tea was very good. Service was super friendly and prompt. Our check was $29.50. I look forward to another visit.

Mazzio’s, Edmond, OK

7 March 2013

Mazzio's Italian Eatery on Urbanspoon

We haven’t been to a Mazzio’s in a long time; it’s been four years at least. It was pretty good. We went to the location on Broadway in Edmond.

We got two medium pizzas; Raegan and Erin split a medium canadian bacon on a thin crust. They liked it just fine. Ian and I split another medium; it was a Ken’s Pizza, half “all meat” and half sausage. One change: one of the meats was chicken; I had hamburger substituted, as I don’t think chicken belongs on a pizza. I really enjoyed that pie, though. The pizza sauce was spicier than most, just the right amount. The thin crust was also very nice, and the toppings were of the right proportion. Great stuff. Maybe not the best pizza I’ve ever had, it was also far, far from the worst.

We also got some garlic bread and marinara, yum! Raegan took a trip to the salad bar as well. The iced tea was good, the pizza was served up fast. Our check was $40.37, not a bad value.

City Bites, Edmond, OK

7 February 2013

City Bites Subs on Urbanspoon

I was getting a new tire for Raegans car back on 25 Jan, and needed lunch, so I dropped the car off and ran across the road to City Bites for lunch. It was, as expected, very good. I got a BBQ beef (less the bell peppers) on wheat, with chips, a large drink, and a peanut butter cookie. All of this was very, very good. The only thing is that there were still a couple large pieces of bell pepper in the sandwich (I *really* don’t like those things). I had the sandwich while enjoying the wifi in the restaurant.

The tea was excellent (I note for the record that they run Luzianne tea, which was great stuff). Also, they don’t have the BBQ sandwich on the menu any more, but they made it for me with no sweat. My check was $14.57. Service was characteristically friendly. Yum.

Jason’s Deli, Edmond, OK

17 December 2012

Jason's Deli on Urbanspoon

We had lunch here today, and it was the expected good experience for Jason’s.

We got there about 1430 and left an hour later. Erin got a big baked potato and chili; Raegan got a california club, French onion soup, and fruit; Ian got the chicken fetticcine; and I got the club royal (turkey on a crossaint) and stew. I LOVE Jason’s beef stew. It has some bell pepper in it (but SHOULD NOT!), but not so much as to be annoying taste-wise. I wish Jason’s would not have them at all, it was be perfect stew. The club royal is very good. Everyone demolished their food.

We all enjoyed a couple of their muffins, and the iced tea was excellent. Our check was about $45.00.

Othello’s, Edmond, OK

15 December 2012

Othello's on Urbanspoon

We had an early dinner here tonight to celebrate Erins 14th birthday. The kids got chicken parmesean with a side of fettuccine al fredo, I had fettuccine al fredo with chicken, and Raegan had manicotti. The kids chicken parm was OK, and Raegan liked her manicotti. My CFAF was good, but not spectacular.

Service was very good. There weren’t many people when we got there, but it was starting to fill as we left so Raegan could make another engagement. Our check was $89.35. The iced tea was good.

We have wanted to try Othellos for a long time, as it has very good reviews. While the food was good, I don’t think it was worth the price. We get better al fredo from several other places, for less money. The parms were small, but were almost $16 each. Might try it later.

Old School Bagel Cafe, Edmond, OK

6 December 2012

Old School Bagel Cafe on Urbanspoon

We had lunch here Sunday afternoon. Raegan and Erin got bagels (ham and cream cheese and pizza, respectively). Ian had a cowboy club on wheat, and I had a sooner club on a croissant. We had chips and cookies as well. These were excellent sandwiches, good bread and bagels. The only thing I didn’t like was the China Mist iced tea, which is rarely decent.

We got there at 1340 and left about 1430. Our check was $36.34, pretty decent value. Recommended.

The One Cafe, Edmond, OK

6 December 2012

The One Cafe on Urbanspoon

We’ve driven by the location of The One Cafe about a million times over the years, and a couple months ago I noticed the place was a restaurant. Last night we decided to try it. We got there about 1830 and left about an hour later.

Raegan and I started with *excellent* chicken noodle soup. I got the bacon ranch chicken club on wheat. It had something new for me, garlic aioli, which I liked. Raegan got a cafe panini. Ian got a roast beef (absolutely plain). I don’t remember what Erin got; I will find out later. The meals came with drinks and chips. Raegan got a cheesecake crepe for dessert, and Erin got a smoothie.

All of this was really good. I really enjoyed my sandwich, it was perfectly tasty. Our check was $43.74, which I think is a good value for the food we got. I would gladly go back for another meal.

The Garage, Edmond, OK

25 November 2012

The Garage on Urbanspoon

We’ve passed The Garage several times since it opened. We decided to try it for late lunch this afternoon. We got there just before the OSU-OU Bedlam game started, so it was LOUD in there.

Raegan got a fish sandwich, while the kids and I got cheeseburgers. We also got some beef nachos (hold the jalapenos!) that were excellent! My sandwich was a “Big G”, a double, which one of the patties cooked onion burger style. I didn’t think the onions were well cooked, so I took them off after a couple bites. But the beef was very good and cooked very well. I also took the center bun off mine. Pretty much a very good burger. They offered BBQ sauce as an option for the homecut fries, which was nice. Raegan got sweet potato fries with hers. The iced tea was pretty good.

We got there around 1425 and left about 1530. Our check was $52.28. Decent place, I wouldn’t mind going there again.

Ted’s Cafe Escondido, Edmond, OK

7 November 2012

Ted's Cafe Escondido (Edmond) on Urbanspoon

We had dinner here this evening after voting. We have eaten at this Ted’s many times. Tonight I got a ground beef chimi, and it was one of the best I have had! They brought it with some chili con carne, and after I dumped that and some of that wonderful Ted’s queso, it was sublime. Raegan got a pair of enchiladas, ate one, and is taking one for lunch tomorrow. Erin got a chicken chimi and ate most of it; the rest came home.

Service was excellent as expected. The tea was great and kept refilled. Our check was $34.57, good value. One small thing: Raegan really loves the Ted’s salsa (I’m not a huge fan of it, but it’s not bad, just not my taste). She thinks that the salsa had a change that was noticeable in the taste. I think we will have to go back and verify!

McAlister’s Deli, Edmond, OK

21 October 2012

McAlister's Deli on Urbanspoon

This McAlister’s is the closest location to our house. We tend to have lunch here when we are shopping in the Edmond area. Today we had a takeaway for lunch as we are doing lots of stuff around the house. I got a chicken ceasar salad, it was perfect. The greens were crispy, the dressing just tart enough, and huge flavor. The chicken was thin sliced and had good flavor. Raegan had a Savannah Chopped Salad, and she reports it is most excellent. Ian got a Memphian and left not a scrap, and Erin got a French Dip. Nothing was left. We all had that wonderful McAlister’s tea (except Ian, who had Coke). The order was 100% correct, and prompt. The cost for the four of us was $34.00.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Edmond, OK

8 October 2012

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers on Urbanspoon

I had dinner at a Cane’s in Richardson, TX, some time ago. I liked it. About a year later, the family and I ate at the location in Norman. We didn’t like it. There was a night and day difference between the two experiences, from the staff (bad in Norman), the food (burned tasting), to the restaurant (dirty).

So when a Cane’s was announced for Edmond in a former Steak and Shake, I didn’t exactly slaver at the possibilities.

We had lunch there today. It was a very good experience (so we are not 2 for 3 where Cain’s is concerned).

First of all, it was crowded! We got there about 1240 and left about an hour later. It was packed, and at first we had to sit at two two-tops. Right before we were called, we jumped onto a four-top. Ian and Erin and I got various meals with the signature chicken strips. Our meals included small texas toast, some Cain’s special sauce, slaw and fries. Raegan decided to get a chicken sandwich. Her sandwich was made of chicken strips, texas toast, and Cain’s sauce, with a piece of lettuce. So in spite of the sameness of the meals, it was all pretty good. The chicken was high quality stuff, the breading was light and tasty, and the stuff was tender and juicy. Hotter than heck, which is appropriate. The Cain’s sauce was OK, just a tiny bite to it.

Our check was $33.46. I think that is decent value for the four of us. The iced tea was excellent.

I would like to see Cain’s add a BBQ sauce for dipping also. I look forward to my next visit.

Boulevard Steakhouse, Edmond, OK

5 September 2012

Boulevard Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

So we make money to spend it. I like saving, but I’ve a 401(k) for that. For dinner with Raegan, especially on our anniversary, I don’t mind a bit of extravagance. Yesterday was our 24th anniversary, and we decided to splurge a bit, and Boulevard Steakhouse fit the bill.

We got there at 1730 (on time!) and left about 1940. Most of the menu is ala cart (I got one of the dinner specials, it came with stuff, but the cost ended up the same).

Raegan started off with a bowl of lobster bisque. She said it was very, very good. I got a steakhouse salad, which was a standard salad, but it had been cut up very fine. I liked it a lot, it had good flavor.

Raegan got the farm raised salmon. It was a very large steak, and she could not eat but about half of it. She reported it was excellent. Raegan also got some steamed broccoli with cheese sauce on it; that was good stuff.

I got the beef special, which was a 16 ounce bone-in strip steak. I had asked for it medium, but it came rare (growl). I let it rest a bit, and it got mostly up to medium rare. That steak was very tender; it was pretty much fork tender, and the rest was butter-knife tender. It had excellent flavor as well, and was more than an inch thick. The meal was supposed to come with roast veg (broccoli, finger potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms), but the mushrooms were missing. The other stuff was really, really good, although I think the carrots needed a bit more roasting. When I asked about the mushrooms, they came quickly, but were sauteed in wine instead of roasted. I didn’t leave a scrap of that meal.

We got dessert also. Raegan chose a fruit and pastry dessert that was huge! I got bananas Boulevard, which was a variation of Bananas Foster. It was excellent also. When the restaurant found out we were celebrating our anniversary, they made one of the desserts complementary, which we thought was nice. These are our desserts:

The iced tea was good and kept refilled. Raegan got some hot tea, and the variety was a strong tea, not the usual Lipton bags a lot of places use. Service was prompt, friendly, and professional. It was dark in there.

The mushrooms that were forgotten with my meal ended up getting put on as a charge. I would have griped, but they didn’t charge us for Raegans soup, so it was probably a wash.

Our check was $136.97. Now, I think that our meal was extremely tasty. My steak was better than the most recent ritzy places we’ve been to, Ranch Steakhouse and Jamil’s. We don’t eat at places like Boulevard that often, but I wouldn’t mind going to Boulevard again.

I need to start thinking of something really special for our 25th.

Humble Pie Pizzeria, Edmond, OK

12 July 2012

Humble Pie Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I noticed this pizza place on Urbanspoon, and that it was more popular then Hideaway. We checked it out last night.

When you come in, you notice that the ceiling is covered in bills.

The bills (some of which are artworks) are collected and donated to charity. A good thing.

We started with

We ordered two pizzas. Raegan got the small (essentially one or two person) pizza, the “Greek Goddess”. Ian and I spit a larger New York style pizza. My half had pepperoni, sliced sausage, and canadian bacon. Ian had sliced sausage and light marinara. The pizza came with almost no marinara. I asked for a side of the stuff, and used it. The marinara was excellent. The pizza was very, very good. If it had had proper marinara, it would have been an outstanding pizza. The crust has a yeasty flavor that is very good; it’s kind of chewy.

The place was pretty busy when we got there. The menu says it takes something like 40 min to make a pie; that’s about what it took for us. We got there around 1800 and left around 2000. Our check was $34.15, a good value. The tea was good (they only do sweet tea on the weekends). Service was good.

I would gladly go back. I want to try the Chicago style pizza, and also get a New York prepared with marinara. Great stuff.

Hiking Arcadia Lake, Edmond, OK

1 July 2012

Yesterday I led a group of Scouts from BSA Troop 15 on a 10.15 mile hike at Lake Arcadia, in Edmond, OK. This hike had two purposes: it was a shakedown for some of the folks that are going on a five-day backpacking trip in July to the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico, and it was an opportunity for the Scouts to earn one of the five required 10-mile hike segments for their Hiking Merit Badge (something I think every Scout should earn).

We got started about 0820 and got off the trail at 1320. That works out to about 2 miles per hour overall, including walking, breaks, and lunch. The temp was around 75F when we started, and 97F when we got off the trail. Significant sweating was had by all!

We started at the Dam/Project Office trailhead. There is parking there, and a nice walk to an overlook for the lake, but I don’t think there is water there, so fill up before you start. There is water at several places on the trail. There is a fee to hit the trail: $2 on weekdays, and $3 on weekends, per person.

Here is our hike path on a topo and terrain.

The trail has several places where it will split. We generally took the red segments outbound, and the blue segments inbound (or vice versa, whatever). The trail is mostly in shade on the eastern parts, and has some open areas on the western part.

As you walk west, you cross a road but there isn’t anything there. The second road you cross is right by an entrance fee station. The station sells ice and drinks and stuff. There is a water spigot right where the trail emerges, so that’s a place to fill up if you need to.

Proceeding west, you walk through the rolling terrain under cover, with 2nd Street/Route 66 to your right. The trail crosses the third road here. There is water down by the RV station.

Now you are mainly hiking in the Sun, and it was pretty hot yesterday. Sunscreen is needed for certain. Eventually you turn more south, and come back under cover at Opossum Hollow. The trail bends SE at this point, and runs into Spring Creek.

The last time I was on this trail was with Ians Cub Scout Den. It’s been a while. There used to be a bridge over Spring Creek, but I couldn’t see anything that looked like a bridge. I just quite a bit of Google Earth review, and so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a water crossing. The water looked to be about 18 in deep. I suspect that later on in the summer, this area is probably dry.

We turned back at this point, at almost exactly the five-mile point. We had lunch under a shady area back to the west, then headed back. We took the opposite trails coming back. One of the turns leads back through the primitive camping area of Arcadia Lake. The trail passes a head, and has a very low-flow water spigot here. You are fairly near the main part of the lake here.

The rest of the hike was pretty much walk it out. It was starting to get hot, and the breeze had died off, so we were all sweating. The last segment gets to within about 20 yards of the lake, and so goes down in altitude a bit, but then you turn around and walk back up again shortly. The drop and gain is about 50 feet each.

Everyone was glad to see the parking lot again. 10 miles is quite a bit for most anyone, especially adults with trail backpacks, and 11-year-old Scouts that haven’t done any serious walking. But it was a nice walk in a beautiful wooded area. Recommended.

Interurban, Edmond, OK

15 June 2012

Interurban Classic Grill on Urbanspoon

We were looking for someplace we had not been to in a while, and decided on Interurban. We got there around 1845 and left close to 2000.

We started off with onion rings. They were mass-produced generic rings. OK at best.

Raegan got babyback ribs, Ian got a CFS, and Erin and I got cheeseburgers. I didn’t try her ribs, and the bite of CFS I got was generic as well. My cheeseburger had some hard-charred places on the edge. Most of the burger was OK. The tea was unremarkable.

Interurban used to be excellent. It is bland and boring now. I don’t know that I will ever return. Our check was $60.90. Service was excellent.

I reviewed another Interurban about a year ago. Bland and boring seem to have been the issue then as well.

Pepe’s Mexican, Edmond, OK

3 June 2012

Pepe's Mexican on Urbanspoon

Last evening, my very cute and usually specific-location-challenged roommate announced that she would like some tex-mex. I had Ian call Ted’s to see what the wait was, but the number Google provided was busy. Since that’s not a good sign, we went looking elsewhere, and settled on Pepe’s.

We got there around 1930 and left around 2030. Pepe’s was 10% or less occupied the entire time.

We started out with a plate of ground beef, bean, and cheese nachos. Raegan and Erin got a chicken chimi, I got ground beef enchiladas delux, and Ian got three beef soft tacos. Iced tea all around. The queso was OK, but the salsa was thin and watery.

The meal was bland. There was no flavor to any of the ground beef, or the chicken. The salsa had no heat whatsoever. The beans and rice were bland. So it wasn’t a bad meal, it just wasn’t a good meal.

Service was outstanding, the tea was kept refilled. Our check was $45.24. Not bad, until you consider that fully $10 of that was the nachos. Take that away, and the check was in the low $30 range, which is a really good value.

But the food needs to be jazzed up a bit. The ground beef and chicken were likely cooked plain and then built and cooked and served. It needed to be cooked in a bit of spice first.

So would I go back? Probably. But if the next meal is as bland as this time, there will not be a third.

Slim Chicken’s, Edmond, OK

25 May 2012

Slim Chickens on Urbanspoon

I was sort of hoping this place would have fried chicken. It’s really mainly tenders and some wings. It’s not bad, though. We stopped in this evening, and even ate outside on the patio.

I got a 5 and 5 Platter, which is five tenders and five wings. Raegan got the 3 and 3. My wings were BBQ, hers were buffalo. The meal comes with dipping sauces (we got ranch and BBQ) and fries. The tenders were really good. The wings were decent, but on the small side.

Ian and Erin got tenders and liked them. Raegan and Erin also fried pies (peach for Raegan and chocolate for Erin). The peach was very good, the chocolate OK.

We also got some fried pickles. Those were pretty good, although quite salty.

The tea was OK. The meal was $50.03. For fast food, in paper baskets, it wasn’t all that good a value.

Purple Burro, Edmond, OK

1 April 2012

Purple Burro on Urbanspoon

We’ve been by the Purple Burro a couple times and thought about trying it. We decided to hit it for dinner this evening. We got there about 1840 and left about an hour later.

Now, the Burro isn’t Tex-Mex. It’s more New Mexican and in the style of a place like Joseph’s in Santa Rosa, NM. Ted’s, it isn’t.

Erin and Ian ordered soft tacos, Raegan enchiladas, and I got a burrito. There was a mix of chicken and ground beef. All of this was pretty good. My burrito was huge and hard to finish (I ended up eating about 2/3rds of it, and then scooped the guts out of the tortilla to finish. It came with green chili sauce. Raegan’s was just a touch warmer than she normally gets, but she still went after it. Everyone reported that the food was very good.

The iced tea was a little weak. Service was very good. Our check was $50.61. The place only had about three tables occupied while we were there. We would be glad to go back.

Red’s Southern Diner, Edmond, OK

17 March 2012

Red's Southern Diner on Urbanspoon

I saw that Red’s was ranked #1 in the OKC area on Urbanspoon, and anything that’s a Diner I like, so we headed over there last Tuesday evening. We got there around 1745 and left about an hour later. Red’s was about 20% full when we got there, and getting full when we left.

The meal is served sorta family style. Everyone orders, it’s all piled on a platter, and the platter and sides are plunked down for everyone to dig into. Our sides were mashers (pretty good) and gravy (wow, excellent!) and creamed corn (excellent also).

Our main courses:

Fried chicken: Excellent. Four pieces that didn’t last long. Not greasy, great flavor, a wonderful crunchy skin.

BBQ chicken: Excellent! A quarter chicken, perfectly seasoned and baked with BBQ sauce, tender and delicious.

Fried catfish: Excellent. Corn meal breaded, perfectly fried, and flaky catfish. I am not a big fish eater, but I liked that catfish.

Chicken fried steak: OK. A huge cut of cutlet, clearly hand breaded and fried up on site. It had good flavor, but was tough and hard to cut into and chew.

The meal was $11 per person, drinks were extra. The tea was excellent. Service was pretty good; we ran out of drinks a couple times. Our check was around $50 (can’t find the receipt for now). It was a pretty huge amount of food. The only stuff we left was a bit of mashers and about 1/3 of the CFS. The rest was devoured. Red’s is pretty darn good, I’d go back any time.

New York Pizza and Pasta, Edmond, OK

17 March 2012

New York Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon

We saw this restaurant last Sunday when we stopped at Steak and Shake for a quick dinner. New York Pizza and Pasta is in the strip shopping center directly behind the freestanding Steak and Shake. We decided to stop here for dinner on Wednesday evening when we were running errands. We got there about 1845 and left about 45 minutes later. The place was never more than 25% full, but there was a steady stream of traffic the entire time we were there.

The kids both both got a couple slices of pizza (Ian, pepperoni; Erin, cheese). Raegan got manicotti. I got fettuccine and chicken alfredo. All of this was uniformly very good. I tried a bite of the pizza and the manicotti, and enjoyed both. The alfredo was not the very best I’ve ever had, but it was far from the worst. The only thing I would count my dinner down on, for some reason it had chopped up bits of raw purple onion; these were a little strong and distracted from the alfredo. Raegan, who loves manicotti, pronounced hers excellent and that she would come get more any time.

So overall, this was a very good experience. We love Italian, and this is pretty close to the house, so it’s added to the rotation. Our check for four was $38.32. Service was pretty fast. Good stuff.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Edmond, OK

6 March 2012

Freddy's Frozen Custard on Urbanspoon

We tried Freddy’s shortly after they opened a couple years ago. I think I liked it, but we never managed to go back. Last Saturday, Ian and I were on a mission to buy some stuff, it was near dinner, so we stopped and checked Freddy’s out again.

It was good! I got a double cheeseburger with bacon (they are smallish pattys), mayo and lettuce, with onion rings and iced tea (brewed fresh and very good). Ian got a single cheeseburger with k****** only (BORING!). The beef was excellent, with great flavor and lots of texture. It was cooked to the point of just a bit of juice oozing out, but not enough to saturate the bun. Excellent cheeseburger. The fries were thin sliced and just the right amount of crunchy. The onion rings were bland; I didn’t eat all of them.

All that being said, Ian mentioned something during the meal that rang very true: the Freddy’s meal was a clone of a Steak and Shake meal! Buns and patties were the same size, the beef was cooked the same way, and the fries were the same as Freddy’s. Hmmm….

We got there around 1820 and left around 1900. It was uncrowded. Our check for two was $15.39. A bit more expensive than Steak and Shake, but very good. If there were a Steak and Shake next door to a Freddy’s, I would probably choose the S&S just based on cost. Otherwise, I’d have no problems going back to Freddy’s.

Billy Sims BBQ, Edmond, OK

6 October 2011

Billy Sims BBQ on Urbanspoon

OK, with Raegan and I both being OSU people, I have to say BOO! to all the OU stuff on the walls of the restaurant. That being said, it’s some damn fine BBQ!

We drove by the Edmond location and had dinner there about a year ago, and I’ve been to the location in Midwest City a couple times since. The BBQ has certainly not gotten worse.

We ate there last Saturday night. I got a two meat plate (I *cannot* say their name for it without choking… try S**ner M*gic), with ribs and chicken. Simply outstanding. The ribs were so tender as to be amazing, with great smoky flavor, no tough spots, and that red-brown-black crust that shows that care was taken. The chicken, which is served deboned, was juicy all the way through, and was wonderful, full of flavor. For my sides, I got… two more ribs, and some green beans. Ribs as a side item, that is a great idea!

Raegan and Erin also got the same meal, with ribs and chicken and turkey, and it was all just as great.

Ian got a half rack of ribs. Well, that’s what he ordered, I got one of them!

The tea was excellent, service was fast and friendly. The food was as good at JTs, including the ribs, and *that’s* saying something!

Our check was $62.59. Superior BBQ, recommended.

The Los Arcos, Edmond, OK

26 September 2011

Los Arcos Mexican on Urbanspoon

We were headed for Ted’s in Edmond Friday evening, hungry, but in a bit of a hurry as we needed to get Erin to Luther around 1900. We tried calling Ted’s about four times to find out what the wait was, but in each case, they did the old hang-up-and-drop-you-back-to-voicemail-hell. We drove past Los Arcos (“The Arc”, as translated by Babelfish), and decided to try it.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Ian finally got through to Ted’s, and someone told him they had plenty of tables and no wait. If the manager of the Ted’s in Edmond reads this, you lost four dinners that night because the people answering (really, ignoring) the phone were very rude.

So we got to Los Archos around 1800, and left right at 1900. The place was about half full when we got there, and pretty much full when we left.

We started with some good queso and decent salsa, along with chips and tortillas (our choice, we got flour). We also got a large order of beef nachos, and those were very good! Especially when you put a little salsa-enhanced queso on them!

Raegan and I got a double order of mixed chicken and steak fajitas with no peppers, Ian got a chicken and cheese qesadilla, and Erin got a cheese quesadilla. All of this was pretty good. I’ve had better fajitas, but I’ve had far, far worse. Both the kids scarfed their entire meals down. All of us had tea, which was good, except Ian, who had Coke.

We ended up with sopapillas, and those were small and tasty. One gripe – they put honey sauce on the table instead of real honey.

Service was good, even though the restaurant was filling up. Our check was 62.61. A little high, but we did have the big nachos on the order. We would go here again. You could do far worse.

Around The Corner Restaurant, Edmond, OK

18 August 2011

Around the Corner on Urbanspoon

I found the receipt from this meal in my bag this evening, and realized I hadn’t written about it.

Raegan and the kids went to Around The Corner at some point this summer and liked it, so we went here after running some errands in Edmond. We got there around 1215 and left around 1315.

I got a chicken fried steak – large, tender, and good. An eight out of ten. Raegan got a burrito, and liked it. Ian got chicken fingers, I think, and Erin got a cheeseburger. Both were good.

Service was good and friendly. Our check was $39.56.

One thing: the place was full of decorations. A lot of the stuff was pretty cool; there were some menus and such on the way from Beverly’s Chicken in the Rough. The menus and table tops reminded me of Ron’s Hamburgers, and I wonder if there is a relationship between the two.

Katie’s Country Grill, Edmond, OK

26 June 2011

Katie's Country Griddle on Urbanspoon

I have heard of Katie’s many times over the years, it’s been in the Oklahoma Gazette. I saw from the online reviews that Katie’s closes at 1400. I was going to eat there back in April when I took the kids to the local piano competition at OCCC in Edmond, and when we got done at 1355, I griped that I’d missed a chance to try Katie’s.

Well, that’s BS. The sign on the door of the place says they are open until *2100* most days, including Saturday. Grrr…

We went there today after Erin finished a Girl Scout workshop at the Edmond Library (which is another thing altogether, that’s a very nice facility). We got there around 1220 and left around 1335.

We all got iced tea, and it was very good. Raegan got a club sandwich and pronounced it one of the best she has had. That’s high praise. She did have to have cheese added to the sandwich.

Erin got a chili cheeseburger. She ate the burger part of it, but she didn’t like the chili. I had ordered a cup of chili (which is explicitly called out as chili with beans), but never got it (and I never got charged for it either, our server probably just forgot to write it down). I tried the chili on the burger and thought it wasn’t very good. Not bad, please understand, but not good either. So I guess I’m glad that the chili I ordered never showed. The fries she got were really good.

I got a chicken fried steak. That was a very good CFS, I called it an 8 out of 10. The breading was a little sweet, but the CFS was fork-tender all the way, and clearly hand-breaded there. The beef had decent flavor also. It came with a very good gravy, and two sides. I got mashers and more gravy and green beans. While the mashers were OK, those were EXCELLENT green beans, with some onion and bacon cooked in, really tasty.

Raegan finished up with a slice of pecan pie (the server said it was not baked right there, but it was very good), and Erin got a good root beer float that we shared.

Our check was $31.00. This was a good meal overall, I would not mind hitting Katie’s again. The menu said that Katie’s had started in Guthrie, and the Edmond location is an outpost (my words), and they have been in place since the late 80’s. I might try to hit the Guthrie location also.

Flat Tire Burgers, Edmond, OK

2 April 2011

Flatire Burgers on Urbanspoon

Ian and I stopped here for lunch Friday afternoon. We got there around 1300 and left around 1400.

I ordered a #5, cheeseburger with hickory sauce and mayo, double meat. While I liked the burger a lot, next time I am going to get it with just hickory sauce. The hickory/mayo mix was close to Utah-style fry sauce. The burger had a nice crust to it, and was done medium well, with a wonderful flavor to it. Ian got a cheeseburger with catsup only.

I also got a small chili. It came with a bunch of tortilla chips. The chili had a great medium-thick consistency, had decent flavor, but little spice heat. It comes by default with cheese, onions, and jalapenos, all of which I asked to be left off so I could check out the chili.

Service was good. The tea was good. Our check was about $22, which now that I think about it was a bit high. The burgers were $6+, as was the small cup of chili. Everything was ala carte, so even the fries Ian got were $2.

So overall, the burgers were pretty good, but Flat Tire seems to be a bit more expensive than I would want to hit regularly. If I brought the family there, my cheeseburger dinner would be almost $50.

Alvarado’s, Edmond, OK

6 February 2011

Alvarado's Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Friday evening, we had run a bunch of errands, and didn’t really want to cook, so we headed up to Edmond to hit the Ted’s there. It had a 90-min wait (!), so we headed south, and Alvarado’s was there on 2nd Street. We had eaten at the Alvarado’s on 63rd many, many years ago, and I think we liked it, so we decided to give them a try (it should be noted that the location on 63rd has been gone a couple years ago, the land was eaten by the Chesapeake Energy expansion).

We got there around 1845 and were seated immediately. The restaurant was about half full. Our orders were taken quickly. The iced tea was really good, a good start.

Small bowls of queso and salsa are individually served. The queso was pretty good, it had just the right amount of flavor. The salsa had a strong tomato taste, and it was much more spicy than most, right to the edge of my comfort level. It was very good.

Raegan and I split an order of mixed beef and chicken fajitas, sans peppers, as usual. The fajitas were… not that good. They seemed to be charred somewhat. The chicken was tasty enough, but the beef was pretty tough. I had to fight the beef out of the tortilla. I also thought that the ratio of beef/chicken/onions was a bit more biased to the onions than it should be.

Erin had some cheese nachos, she wasn’t very hungry, and Ian had chicken quesadillas, he said they were good.

We got sopapillas to end the meal. Raegan and I got our glazed in brandy butter sauce at the servers recommendation. It was interesting, but didn’t really add to the flavor.

So the meal was… OK. Not bad, not spectacular. I was a little annoyed that the sopapillas were not part of the meal (the “standard” one was $0.99, and the two with the sauce were $1.29 each). The total ticket was $47.64. We left about 2015. Service was pretty good.

I would go back, in the same situation, but Alvarado’s would not be my first choice.

Coltrane Cafe, Edmond, OK

14 November 2010

Coltrane Cafe/Virginia's Cozy Kitchen on Urbanspoon

This is a real-time post. We drove past this cafe today and wanted lunch, so we checked it out.

This was pretty much a perfect cafe experience.

I got a chicken fried steak, as did Erin. I wish I could cook these at home like this. It was as good as the best I have ever had. Tender, lots of flavor, perfect breading. It came with three sides, I got corn, mashers, and pinto beans. Turns out you can get cream gravy or sausage gravy, I got sausage and it was perfect.

Raegan got a grilled ham and cheese, it was a thick piece of very tasty ham, and was excellent.

Ian got a cheeseburger, it was also excellent, great flavor.

Service was very good, the tea was great, and it was only $28.90.

Perfect experience, I’m already looking forward to a return visit.

Colby’s Grill, Edmond, OK

12 November 2010

Colby's Grill on Urbanspoon

I was cruising up Broadway Extension yesterday and starting to get hungry. I drove past Colby’s and decided to give it a try. They are open for breakfast and lunch only, until 1430. I know they are open Monday-Friday, but don’t remember about Saturday and Sunday.

There were a few people there at 1330. The iced tea was excellent.

I got a chicken fried steak. It was breaded in a very fine breading, like mainly flour. The need was 100% fork tender. It was not the most flavorful need I have had, but it also far from tasteless. I rated it an 8.5 out of 10. The CFS came with kernal corn (average), green beans (with bacon, very good), and mashers (also very good, and clearly hastily made from baked potatoes). The gravy was average, and there was not much of it since it was near the end of the work day.

I also got some vegetable need stew. That was some very tasty stew. The broth was wonderful. It did need a bit more beef in it. The potatoes and carrots were great.

Service was great. All-in-all, a good cafe experience. My check was $9.68.

Charleston’s, Edmond, OK

6 November 2010

Charleston's (Edmond) on Urbanspoon

Charleston’s used to be one of our favorite restaurants, especially after the Interurban restaurants started getting weird. There was a location on NWX just west of MacArthur that we spend a lot of money at. They have the best creamy garlic salad dressing I have every had. They also used to make on the best ribeyes around, but stopped having them on the menu (no explanation ever given). The cost of the meal also went up quite a bit, so we don’t often go.

We did go last Thursday. We got there around 1715, and left around 1900.

R2 got soup and salad. It was good, but there was a LOT of salad. The baked potato soup was excellent. Ian got chicken fingers. They were OK, he didn’t leave any. Erin got mac and cheese (a side note, she was kind of surprised that they were long noodles and not what comes out of the Kraft box). I got a roast chicken (a 1/2 bird) that was excellent. The tea was really good, and the service was also.

Our check was $65.47. That’s kind of high, I think, even with a bowl of soup. The food was good, though. We will go back every once in a while.

Billy Sims BBQ, Edmond, OK

12 October 2010

This was a great BBQ place! I had heard of this restaurant in the Oklahoma Gazette, and it showed up on Google Maps, so we gave it a try. We ate there last Saturday.

Ian ordered a half rack of pork ribs – real short ribs. I looked at them, and upgraded his order a a full rack. They were GREAT! I think these were some of the best ribs I have had this side of JTs. I graded them 9.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs. They didn’t have the same full, smoke flavor that JTs ribs have, but they had a nice red-brown crust, and they were tender and just juicy enough. They were also well populated with meat. Great stuff!

Raegan got a chicken caesar salad. It came with a packet of Ken’s caesor dressing, which was pretty good. The smoked chicken on top of it was excellent.

Erin got a frito chili pie. The chili was very good, even with a couple beans in it.

I got a two-meat dinner with chicken and brisket. The chicken was perfect, juicy (not dry in the slightest), and tasty. The brisket was moist and tender, and had a lot of beef flavor. My sides were BBQ beans (good) and green beans (OK).

The manager came around and asked if all was OK. We told him it was, and when he found out it was our first time, he recommended getting turkey the next time, and brought us a slice. It was also excellent – and will be ordered next time. Great stuff.

Tea was good and refill-yourself.

We got there around 1820, and two tables were occupied. We left around 1920, and three tables were occupied. This was a superior BBQ experience, I recommend it. Our check was $47.99.

As a side note, we were driving through Midwest City Sunday morning, and drove past another Billy Sims BBQ! It was either just opened (south of 15th on Air Depot) or is close to opening. This location is way too close to the office!

Delta Cafe, Edmond, OK, Redux

10 October 2010

Delta Cafe on Urbanspoon

We ate at the Delta Cafe a couple months ago, and were impressed.

We just completed another meal. I had a hamburger steak with mushrooms and muchroom gravy, and it was excellent! The beef had great flavor, and had been seasoned with something akin to Worchester Sauce. Really good. It came with corn and Mac and cheese. I also got a good vanilla milkshake.

Raegan got chicken and dumplings, and thought it was not quite as good as it should be. There could have been more chicken, and there was a lot of black pepper in it, too much.

The tea was excellent, and the wheat rolls with butter and honey were a nice start to the meal.

Delta Cafe is growing on us. I like it better than Cracker Barrell.

This was a real-time blog post using my WordPress for BlackBerry app.

The Delta Cafe, Edmond, OK

19 June 2010

We wanted to eat somewhere that had vegetables this evening after some time in Dallas without them. We had not been at the Delta Cafe in a long time (probably 10 years).

Ian and I got iced tea, and Raegan got milk. The tea was excellent, the milk cold.

Ian ordered a chicken fried steak, with applesauce and corn. I had a bite of it. It was great! It was fork-tender and very flavorsome. Really tasty, better than the last couple I have had. The gravy was also excellent.

Raegan got a small portion of breaded and fried catfish. She liked it. She got applesauce and green beans with it. One thing she said was that she really appreciated the fact that most of the meals had smaller portions available.

I got pot roast. It was really good! I had applesauce, mac and cheese, and the veg of the day, fried potatoes and onions. Although the mac and cheese was kind of thin sauce-wise, the entire meal was excellent. I really liked the roast and beef gravy and the fried potatoes.

We decided to have dessert. Ian had a brownie, and Raegan and I split peach cobbler with ice cream.

All in all, this was an excellent meal, and we decided that we would go back again. Our check was $41.51. Service was excellent.

Something Cool In Edmond

27 February 2010

Today, as Erin and I left a gas station in Edmond, she noticed this:

Wind Generator in Edmond, OK

The tower on the right is a vertical wind generator. It was spinning at a pretty good rate this morning in the 5-10mph breeze. The tower looks to be about 70ft tall.

This is very cool, I think. Right now we largely have a distributed power generation and distribution system. I have thought for some time that the generation function should be as local as possible. Something like this would be a good thing for a business, or a neighborhood.

I did a little Googling. The business is Eco Express Car Wash. The generator is a Windspire wind turbine, which is a 30-foot tall (has to be just the spinning part) vertical-axis wind turbine, which produces about 1 kilowatt, and costs $9-12K (retail), not including a 30 percent federal small wind tax credit.

Some More Cool Stuff From The Air

2 January 2010

In late December, I took a trip to Omaha, NE, and on the way back, I saw some cool stuff from the airplane.

We flew over Fort Riley, KS. I looked at the base boundaries using Google Maps, and so I do not know if these structures are part of the Fort. When I first saw these, I thought they looked like ordnance storage bunkers, but on looking at the photos I am not so sure. I wonder if they are driving practice areas, or part of a firing range. They area is either the NW part of the post, or NW of the post proper.

We also got a good look at Milford Lake. It has a causeway most of the way across it, and the ice has piled up north of the causeway.

Just a bit farther south, we flew over the boundary of the large snowfall that had happened a week before. The picture doesn’t do it full justice, but the patterns of remaining snow was really pretty.

We flew just to the east of Wichita, and got a good look at the Boeing modification facility that shares a runway with McConnell Air Force Base. I was on the lookout for an E-4B that is in modification at the facility. There is a white aircraft on the ramp, but I think it’s more 737 sized. There is a large greenish airplane nearby that looks B-52 sized.

Farther south, we flew over downtown Edmond, OK.

We had good views of NW OKC (this is where St. John’s is located), Lake Hefner, the State Capitol, and downtown OKC.

On the leg from DFW to OKC, we flew near a number of fairly new mines in southern Oklahoma. I do not know what the mine product is.

Finally, as we came in to OKC, I got a good view of the new Native American Museum just SE of downtown OKC. That’s a lot of dirt piled up.

Jo’s Famous Pizza, Edmond, OK

13 November 2009

Jo's Famous Pizza on Urbanspoon

This place was recommended to me by a work friend, as having the best pizza he had ever had.

This evening I took Raegan and the kids there for dinner. Even though the parking lot was pretty full, we were seated immediately.

The evening started out with the server plopping down round pieces of cardboard in front of us. These were to be our plates.

We ordered a couple sets of cheese-covered garlic bread with marinara and ranch dressing to dip them in. The bread was good, but was less than hot.

I ordered a salad. The salad has a lot of stuff on it, including finely chopped up Canadian Bacon, olives, and the like. I asked for all that stuff on the side, and Raegan ate a lot of it. The salad was a mix of spinach and two exotic lettuces, including a purple variety. The ranch dressing was excellent, and it made the salad excellent.

The girls each got a small pizza with various stuff on it. The boys ordered a large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, and canadian bacon. The pizza got there in about 20 minutes, and IT was hot! Raegan reported that her pizza was OK, and Erin liked hers OK. The guys pizza, I thought, was really, really good.

There are some things that are absolute in terms of “good, better, best”, but for other things, there is a range of “perfect”. A pretty girl walking by, or pizza, come to mind in this category. I am a huge fan of Hideaway, but Jo’s was right there in the same league. After I thought about it, Jo’s pizza reminded me a lot of the Pizzaria Uno that we got in Chicago a couple years ago. I think that it could have used a bit more pizza sauce, but the crust was wonderful (thin crust) and the loads of meat were excellent.

The iced tea was good, even though it was served in a syrofoam cup. The cardboard “plates” were a little annoying, they made it hard to cut the pizza (yes, I usually cut my pizza to eat it instead of gnawing it, for several reasons).

It was a bit expensive, but mainly because we got no less than three pizzas, and the drinks, salad, two orders of garlic bread, and both kids got an ice cream sundae. The check was $54. The service was goAod.

I would go back here again. Jo’s in Edmond is supposedly an outpost of Jo’s in Purcell. I will make it a point to try the Purcell location also.

Chuck House restaurant, Edmond, OK

30 September 2009

Chuck House on Urbanspoon

OK, we ended up here in a most pathetic way. After school, we were all hungry and wanted to eat NOW. Since three of us were in NW OKC, and Ian was at home in NE OKC, it was either pick something up and take it home or drive home and get Ian and head to an eatery. We had no agreement except that Dad’s three suggestions were all shot down by the female wing of the family, so we pointed the car towards home and picked up Ian. We headed towards Edmond and drove down 2nd street, while nothing appealed to us (which is to say, Dad made suggestions and the rest of the family shot them down; notice a trend here?). We turned down Broadway and eventually drove past Chuck House, which I’ve noticed several times in the past. So I said, how about that place, and out of general apathy we turned into the parking lot.

Now, I must say that any place with the slogan “Best Chicken Fried Steak In The Universe” has some proving to do. Chuck House is in a former KFC location, but the parking lot was pretty full, even at 1745.

A side note, the menu said that the Edmond location is the second Chuck House location. I checked Google Maps, and the original location is at 10th and Meridian. I remembered seeing that location over the years, as I used to do a lot of driving around that part of Oklahoma City, but not so much recently.

Anyway, we ordered. I got (what else?) a Chicken Fried Steak dinner. I also got a bowl of chili. That chili was really good, no beans, and decent flavor, not too spicy. The CFS came with mashed potatoes and gravy. The mashed potatoes were, well, bland. I really like potatoes, the taste and texture can be wonderful. These were just bland. The gravy was good, a bit thick, but had a good flavor and wasn’t peppered out. The chicken fried steak was pretty darn good. It was tender and had a good beef flavor. It didn’t have too much breading. The real test was that I could cut it with a fork without any effort.

Raegan got a steak sandwich. I nipped off a bite of the CFS and it was just as good as my dinner. She ate most of the sandwich and took the rest home for lunch tomorrow.

Ian got chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and corn. He ate about half the chicken and the corn, and none of the mashed potatoes. His appetite has not come back since his encounter with H1N1, and we are not really encouraging him to go into power-eating mode.

Erin got a grilled cheese and ate all of it.

We also got a chocolate cake dessert that was very good.

I got iced tea, and it was OK, but there was a bit of aftertaste. Just a bit. A touch of the sweet tea added to the glass erased that aftertaste.

So is it the best CFS in the universe? No. I still find the CFS at Ozona in Dallas to be better, along with the CFS at Cheddar’s, and at The Embers in Nebraska City, and a couple other places. But it was pretty darned good! I’ve had plenty of CFS that was way, way worse than the Chuck House CFS. I now have a personal action item to hit the Chuck House original location soon.

Chuck House was also pretty reasonable price-wise. Our check for four was $35, and that included my bowl of chili and the dessert.

Edmond Memorial High School and Technology

11 September 2009

This evening there was an open house at son Ian’s school, Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS), so we went up there to check it out.

We had made several visits and walked through of the building during the enrollment process, and we admired the computer labs with their flat panels, and the Smart Boards and projectors in the classrooms. However, the Open House was our first chance to talk to Ian’s teachers.

Now, a bit of a baseline. I think that the technology infrastructure as St. John’s is pretty good, especially given that we have zero budget for technology. We have the following capabilities:

  • Every teacher and staff member for both school and church has a workstation, email, and web access.
  • Every classroom from Kindergarten on up has at least two computers with age-appropriate software. Two of the classrooms have FOUR workstations.
  • School management software and parish management software.
  • A redundant server with our own email, world-class Internet filter (DansGuardian), the school “internal” web server, a total of 10 network shared directories. a killer firewall, real-time virus scanning, and remote access. This includes an on-line grade reporting system that is fed from the teachers electronic gradebook (Fedora Linux kicks serious tail).
  • We stream two video feeds through the building; one is from Cox Cable for TV, the other is for the building security camera system.
  • So we come back to EMHS. Two of the six teachers had PowerPoint presentations, which was cool. There are seven or eight computer labs in the building, and the library has about 20 machines just there. The aforementioned Smart Boards. Most of the classrooms had overhead projectors with remote, driven by a dedicated computer. It looked like most of the rooms had TV access, and of course each had a teacher workstation. The teachers talked about what they do in the classroom. Two of them use online course management software where all the notes for the class are stored, along with all the assignments (one uses the Smart Board to capture the notes and directly upload them to the course management software). Half of the teachers use online versions of the book(s) for the kids, so they don’t have to haul paper copies of the books around. The math classrooms has networked wireless-enabled calculators (!). In fact, the math classroom has a virtual calculator that runs on the Smart Board. The cafeteria and snack bar run on what are essentially debit cards tied to a virtual account for each student. One of the teachers blogs about the daily classroom activity and assignments.

    This is all a much higher level of technology enabling than I thought I would see. I was impressed. Of course, EMHS is awash in money in a way St. John’s isn’t. They have an IT department. It’s more than one highly skilled (if I do say so) geek who volunteers as a labor of love and service.

    I am trying to put some similar capability in. Blogs from the classroom are easy – Open Source! I am modifying our Online Grades (OLG) software to track classroom assignments in a more granular way of initial assignment to final grade. If I had time this could be done in a matter of days, but I do have to earn a living, so it stretches out in the time domain.

    The Oklahoma State Department of Education hosts a yearly conference called EncycloMedia. I am going to it next week to scope out some more ideas and resources for St. John’s. We might take a while to get to the level of EMHS (in terms of capability if not population), but hopefully we will get there.

    Steak and Catfish Barn, Edmond/OKC

    29 August 2009

    Steak & Catfish Barn on Urbanspoon

    I have driven past this restaurant about 10,000 times over the years, but had never stopped. It really doesn’t look like much. It is on the NE corner of I-35 and Waterloo Road, so technically it’s not even in Oklahoma County. The building looks kind of like a bait shop.

    Earlier this summer, I took my very cute and culinarily observant roommate and our kids on a trip to Omaha. As we drove past right at noon, Raegan noted that the parking lot was full, and said we needed to go eat at the place. We made a mental note and pressed on.

    Yesterday, we were able to leave school early, and Raegan suggested that we head to the Barn to eat. We picked up Ian at home and off we went.

    I was amazed at the amount of traffic that was exiting Waterloo and turning west towards the Edmond/Guthrie Miniplex (just made that up, pretty good!).

    We got to the Barn around 1730. The place was only about 10% full. The inside looks like a combination of a fishing shack and an Elvis shrine. Raegan remarked that it smelled kind of like the Galveston beach, and it did (not in a bad or strong way, there were a couple tanks of tropical fish). We had complementary hush puppies, they were good. The iced tea was not strong but it was tasty.

    I got a chicken fried steak. At first, I was not impressed. There was a lot of breading (which was actually fairly tasty) and little meat. As I got farther into the CFS, the situation improved. The breading was thinner and there was good meat. In fact, it was a decent CFS. I would rate it as an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. The gravy was good. The mashed potatoes and green beans were also good. I got a peach cobbler ala mode for dessert (the server noted without my asking that it was not home made, but it was still good).

    Raegan and Erin got the house specialty, deep fried catfish. Both said it was very good. Ian ordered a ribeye steak. When it came I cut a big chunk off for sampling (hey, I paid for it!). It came in a perfect medium. The steak was good but not outstanding; it looked good on the outside, and had good marbling, but the taste was less then I might have expected. I was kind of surprised.

    So the verdict on the Barn is that if I were cruising north or headed south on I-35 around a meal time, I would not mind stopping in at the Steak and Catfish Barn for a meal. Our check for four was $61, which in retrospect seems a little high. Ian’s steak was about $20 of that, and given how it tasted I am not sure that it was good value for the money. My CFS was only $10. We did get two desserts, but they must have been kind of expensive. The service had slowed down significantly toward the end (in fact, I had empty iced tea for the entire dessert).

    When we left around 1745, the place was pretty much full. For it to be that popular, either it’s the only restaurant around, or they are serving something that brings people back. Maybe it’s the catfish, a lot of people were getting it. I’m not much into fish, but I will have to try a bite next time.

    We drove back home by heading east on Waterloo until we found a likely road south. We ended up a mile west of Pops in Arcadia, were we stopped and bought some… pop. They have Dublin Dr Pepper and Coke from Mexico with cane sugar, and lots of Jones Soda. We continued home east of Lake Arcadia.