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Hilton Hotels Premium Internet, Again

24 August 2016

I recently looked at the relative increase in bandwidth you get by paying for premium internet access in Hampton Inns in the Boston area.

This evening, I’m at an Embassy Suites in west Omaha, and here is the updated data:

Standard and Premium Hilton Internet

The Embassy Suites data is on the right, and you can see that the effective bandwidth is doubled, from under 3Mbps to 6Mbps+.  However, in every case from the Hampton Inns, the cost of premium service was $4.95, and here at the Embassy Suites, it is $12.95.

While the Embassy Suites premium is a lot more expensive, it’s not a proportionate increase from the Internet offered by the Hampton Inns.  Yes, it is a larger hotel, but then again, they have a lot more rooms to fold costs into.  I’m not sure a more-than-double cost that doesn’t net a significant increase in bandwidth is worthwhile.

LodgeNet, Again

17 August 2011

I am on an extended deployment to the DFW Metroplex this summer. I am spending a corresponding amount of time in a hotel. It has given me the opportunity to look at a lot of LodgeNet.

I previously talked about LodgeNet here.

In summary, LodgeNet still sucks.

The hotel I am in has a 40-channel system. Nine of those (that’s just about 25%) are non functional in one way or the other (barker/advertising/dead air).

Almost every channel is overrun with ads that LodgeNet inserts into the video stream. They mainly advertise their pay-per-view movies, but also other stuff like cartoons that I imagine you have to pay for also. They also have a large number of PSA-type ads that I imagine they run to get tax credit for.

The room I am in has two nice Sharp TVs. The LodgeNet remotes still suck. I brought a universal remote, programmed it to the Sharps, and channel switching blazes. The LodgeNet remotes literally take 2-5 seconds to change channel.

The TVs boot to the same barker channel, and it is set very loud! I have to immediately hit the volume down when the TV starts. My universal remote is already running the TV volume down as it is booting, but the LodgeNet remote takes 5-15 seconds to start running the volume down.

I have griped about the TV situtation to the hotel, but wonder if anything will be done about it. I just wish that LodgeNet would go away.